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  1. Okay, I finally got it to work. I had to setup the server on my Desktop and run the client on my laptop. I also had to disable IP checks because it was preventing me from getting the proper connection. I know that isn't the safest option but I'll figure it out if I plan on running it in a more permanent fashion later on. Thank you for all the help!
  2. I'll try a couple different things when I get home tonight. I'll try the things you suggested and I will also try making my desktop the server instead of the laptop being the server
  3. I've added both the server, and the client through the firewall on each respective PC. The connection completes now, but I keep getting the "425: Can't open data connection for transfer of /" error. I have been using local IP to attempt the connection and that's where I get stuck at is the 425, and subsequent 421 disconnect error.
  4. I'll give that a try later tonight once I get out of work. I really appreciate all your help so far. I've kinda been wanting to set up and FTP server for a while now but I never thought I would have to do it just to transfer some files to another pc on my network. So far, I've tried to set up the server on my laptop, because that's where the files are, and running the client on my desktop. I think tonight I'm going to do the reverse and set up the server on my desktop instead and use my laptop as a client and see if I can get it to work that way. Although I'll have to go change my
  5. I finally got the connection up, but now I'm left with the 425 error saying it can't connect to the directory
  6. So I've tried to use Filezilla and after watching your tutorial and about 6 others, I can't seem to get it to connect. Originally I was getting "Connection Refused" errors, but now it just times out when I try to connect and I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong here.
  7. I'm looking to do this without spending money since I should have a wide variety of tools at my disposal, I just can't seem to get any of them to work correctly. Laptop is a Dell XPS 13, I don't know if the storage is even removable in it, and if it is it's probably an M.2 Drive, so I would have to take my boot drive out of my PC to plug it in for file transfer. I don't get any errors when I plug in the USB drive. Windows plays the notification sound that I plugged in a new device, but the drive doesn't show up on "This PC" nor does it show up in Disk M
  8. So I'm not sure if this will be in the right thread or not. Its kind of a network issue but could be a Windows issue. So I have some files on my laptop that I'd like to try to transfer over to my desktop. It's about 60gb worth and I have slow internet at home so I'm trying to avoid using any type of cloud service for this. (10:1 DSL connection) I read conflicting information about transferring files between PC's using a USB-C to USB-C cable, and couldn't find a definitive guide so I abandoned that idea. For some odd reason my 32gb USB 3.0 flash drive cannot be used by
  9. That is a great suggestion, thank you for the help!
  10. So, currently, I have my DSL modem fully bridged, with my Archer C7 handling everything instead. To cut back on interference should I just disable the radios on my Archer and place a UniFi AP in a central location, while still using my Archer as a network switch? I do have a powered 5 port switch, but I don't know how that configuration would work with a switch, then an AP. I don't know if UniFi can setup PPPoE to continue my bridge and just cut out the C7 completely.
  11. Only issue here is, my apartment is kinda like one long hallway with rooms branching off the side, so the most central location would be in the hallway and there are no electrical outlets in the hall. I would have to run Ethernet and power somehow along the ceiling/walls/floors into the hall for my Archer C7, and then double back the Ethernet to my PC. I may try to run my 50ft Cat 6 cable under the carpet with a PoE injector and pick up a UniFi AP AC Lite to mount somewhere in the middle of the unit. Wireless repeaters would be an issue because the only choices that would be close
  12. Unfortunately there are about 6 cable hookups in the apartment, but I have DSL included in my rent and can't justify paying for cable internet at the moment, so I only have 2 DSL hookups in poor locations. I am in the U.S. I would try to run and outdoor rated Cat6 outside along the runs for the cable hookups but I don't have a way to get up that high without management seeing and wondering why I'm making modifications to the building. I think I might try running cable under the carpet, I didn't even think about that. I just have to see how strongly tacked down they have it, I may not have an o
  13. Just realized the AP AC Lite comes with an injector
  14. I'm not too familiar with powerline adapters, do they need to be on the same breaker for them to work? I'm kinda skeptical because my apartment is actually in a historic building from the 1800's, I'm not sure exactly how old the lines are, but with the age of the building I kind of question the integrity of the wiring in the building as a whole. I suppose running that would end up being better than not having signal at all however.
  15. So I'm looking to extend my Wi-Fi range in my apartment. The fact that I'm in an apartment limits some of my options right from the start. (I.E. running new lines, wall mounting anything) I have a DSL connection and there are only two phone jacks in the unit, one in the living room, which is on one side of the apartment, and one in my bedroom, which is at the opposite end of the unit. So placing my modem/AP in either room kinda limits my range in the opposite side of the building. I currently have my PC wired into my router in the living room, but the range doesn't reliably reach my bedroom.