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    Intel i7-6700K
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    MSI Z170I AC
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    Corsair Vengence LPX 32GB (16GB sticks)
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    EVGA GTX 980 SC
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    Fractal Designs Core 500
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    Samsung 850 Evo 250GB
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    Cooler Master VS 550W
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    LG 24in 1080P
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    Windows 10 Pro
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  1. The 5900X is out of stock and elevated prices on eBay are $750... It's passmark score is around the same as the 3950X, but obviously down 4 cores... I'm replacing a dual E5-2667v2 setup (16c/32t), not sure how I feel about going down in core count with the 5800X, although it does leave an upgrade path (but the 3950X kind of does that too). I mainly want games to run above 25-45 fps, and I don't care about games running above 60fps. Though single core performance is probably good for 4X games like Civ6 and Stellaris and that's a genre I like...
  2. It seems like 5950X is around 10-15% better but right now realistically it costs $1100 where as you can get a 3950X for $600 on eBay. I will do a little gaming and a little work on this PC (running VMs, CAD, light scientific computing (all cores)).
  3. Thanks, those are intakes on the top of the case. Going to maintain positive pressure at all costs. The set up is that air is supposed to go from the top intakes through the CPU to the GPU region. I thought about setting them up vertically (rotated 90 degrees), but then you'd have one CPU blowing air into the other CPU (not that'd be too much of a problem) and more importantly the stream of air wouldn't go to the GPU. The Xeons don't kick up that much heat anyways (60C during 100% load) so the air isn't that much hotter going to the GPUs, and the GPUs need as much cooling as they c
  4. I've rebuilt my PC recently, put in a new power supply, GPU, RAM and stripped out/reconfigured a bunch of stuff. Here's a screen shot: And with the panel closed: And at night: I'm not sure how to get rid of the marks on the acrylic case panel where the CPU heat sinks are unfortunately... Specs: CPU: Dual E5-2667v2 (3.3GHz base, 4.0 boost, 16c/32t) Mobo: EP2C602-4L/D16 RAM: 256GB PC3-14800R PSU: 1000W Superflower Leadex Platinum Expansion (top to bottom): PCIE 4x USB 3.0 card with
  5. O....k but why though.... RTX 2060 SUPERs are like $400, that's double... https://www.newegg.com/p/pl?N=100007709 601341616
  6. So I recently got back into modded Minecraft, and some of my FPS are abysmal. My rig isn't a particularly gaming-oriented rig, but gaming performance has always been "fine" in the past (i.e. >60 fps in most games at 1440p) until I started to run minecraft. Current setup: 2 x E5-2667v2 (3.3 base, 4.0 boost) 256 GB DDR3-1866 LRDIMMs GTX 980 This is running Proxmox, 16 threads (8 cores + ht) and 24GB RAM and the GPU (along with a USB card and NVMe SSD) are passed into a Windows 10 VM and that's where most of the gaming/general computer use ha
  7. Try Rainway or Parsec, discover how shitty it is, then give up on it.
  8. This is weird but it fixed itself... I did nothing and Prime95 (all the options smallest FFT to blend) runs fine for at least a minute and no shutdowns... I'll run MemTest85 and if it doesn't come up with anything I'm just going to chalk this up to unclean power and hope it doesn't happen again.
  9. It's as if someone pulled the power plug. It does turn back on by itself I think I have that on the BIOS. Crashing like if someone pulled the power plug. No blue screens no errors, everything's fine then it's suddenly off. I've also tried running furmark and that doesn't seem to crash it, at least not yet. Machine specs: CPU Intel i7-6700K Motherboard MSI Z170I AC RAM Corsair Vengence LPX 32GB (16GB sticks) GPU EVGA GTX 980 SC Case Frac
  10. Hi, I have a machine that was stable for 5 years, recently it began shutting off by itself. I started with running Prime95 and after a few seconds it'll just shut off. I tried underclocking and undervolting from 4.2GHz to 3GHz and 1.3V to 1V and it ran Prime95 for longer (a minute or so) before shutting itself off. Is this indicative of PSU malfunction or is something else broken? Thanks, P.S. I ran HWinfo along with Prime95, thermals are fine.
  11. I don't think so, to be honest I only tried the 4 corners and found that one to be the least intrusive. It also has the added benefit that I can see what the screen is showing sitting behind the TV since the screen is right above the TV. The middle left could also be a potentially good spot that I can see that doesn't cover up the 2nd CPU heat sink, though it could be weird because it will cover up different components based on if you're looking at it from above or below. But I haven't experimented with that yet. My dream for that display would be for it to be a transparent LCD bac
  12. Thanks! I'm kinda jibed that the screen is covering the 2nd CPU cooler, but my choices are either to cover up the CPU cooler or the GPU and I have 2 CPUs but only 1 GPU... Thanks! I thought about epoxying the case to the arcylic case but that's a bit too permanent for my tastes right now, and the tape holds it up OK, though it's a bit jank.
  13. This build is currently my everything-machine. I've built this over a period of 2 years, upgrading parts and adding in things as I went along. It currently hosts 10 LXC containers and 4 KVM VMs. This machine runs: pfSense router Web/SQL Hosts for various projects Minecraft host NAS with Plex DVR Work VM for when the work cluster is too slow Gaming VM with USB3.1 Gen2 and GPU PCIe passthrough (couch gaming) With all that being said, here's my parts list, with prices that I bought at, prices new (at launch, approximated for some) and current price i
  14. I'm using KVM through Proxmox 5.4 There are 10 openVZ containers and 3 KVM VMs on the box total.
  15. Hmm I had thought virtualization overhead is actually quite low these days with VTx and VTd. I don't think modern day VMs emulate everything in software, but I can look into the overhead. I thought it was CPU limited since the only thing that changes between playing 4k@30 vs 4k@60 is CPU utilization. In any case, even if it's inefficient, the extra 50% performance from the new processor I think should help. Unless it's because the older Xeons are missing QuickSync or other hardware decoders, in which case they wont. Even without the 4k video argument I think the other points still stands. It j