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What Web Browser do you use?

What Web Browser Do you use?  

25 members have voted

  1. 1. What Web browser do you use

    • FireFox
    • Chrome also Chromuim based browsers
    • Opera
    • Microsoft Edge
    • Internet Explorer
    • Safari
    • Netscape Navigator
    • Mosaic

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Personal use, Firefox all the way.

Work use, still Firefox.


--I still have Edge/Chrome/IE available on my work machine for testing purposes. I also build our work computers with both Firefox and Chrome to give the end users the choice of what they prefer, even if they don't know the difference.

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I am a web developer, i refuse to test or target anything except latest edge, chrome or ff quantum. IE only for enterprise customers with big budget.

Do you want Sites to work or not, you choose.


On my Laptop Chromium and FF, on my Gaming Rig FF (lower RAM usage, near feature parity - also supports webp finally). Chrome has best support for web standards imo.

I am NOT a native english speaker and use translate a lot, please do not take it literally and bear with me.

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  1. Chrome - Most of the time
  2. FireFox - When I need an application that relies on Javascript
  3. Microsoft Edge - To download Chrome :3
  4. Internet Explorer - For testing purposes

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chrome because uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I don't see a need for me to switch to firefox

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Safari on my MacBook and Chrome on my desktop. I’ve heard that Firefox is less intrusive, I’m just too lazy to switch.

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I only use FireFox. I may use Chrome to test if a particular site is working or not, but that's really it. There is nothing Chrome can do that FF can't (at least to my use case). Plus I don't like Google ever since they removed their motto "Don't be evil". I still use Google maps, drive, translate, and search but that's because I don't like anything else that's out there.

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Firefox for daily use.

Chrome or Firefox; whoever has the development tools I need at work. Sometimes both simultaneously because the same tools have different quirks in both browsers.

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I use chrome, haven’t really found a need to use a different browser, it’s hooked to all my devices (yes I know all this privacy bs) but I don’t really have anything to hide and I use different passwords on all web based apps, and my banking app has its own secure login that google can’t ask to remember.

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psu: cooler master mwe 650w

case: masterbox mbx520

fans:Noctua industrial 3000rpm x6



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Firefox - Regular Use

Ungoogled Chromium - Backup - https://github.com/Eloston/ungoogled-chromium

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