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    Grad Student


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    i7 9700k @4.8ghz
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    ROG Strix Z470-I
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    16gb Corsair Vengeance RGB 3600mhz
  • GPU
    EVGA 2080s xc gaming
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    Streacom Da 2
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    Samsung 970 Evo 1tb
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    Corsair 650w sfx platinum
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    LG UltraGear 34GK950F-B 34"
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    CPU: Corsair h50
    GPU: NZXT x42 with a Kraken G12
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    Corsair K63 wireless
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    Logitech G903 Wireless
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    2014 MacBook Pro 15”

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  1. 1440P: https://www.lg.com/us/monitors/lg-27gl83a-b-gaming-monitor $370~ 1080P: https://www.lg.com/us/monitors/lg-24gn650-b-gaming-monitor $250 Personally, I would go with one of these one. It really depends on your price range though. You want to make sure you don’t skimp too much otherwise the picture quality won’t really be that nice. LG’s IPS monitors are nice because they have pretty good response times
  2. 300 minimum for me in a dark room, 350 minimum in a bright room. You can get much better for the price. I just bought this one for my GF and its pretty good. Its 350 nits, IPS, and up to 75hz. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1539982-REG/lg_27qn600_b_27_fhd_ips_1ms.html?ap=y&smp=y *Edit: the main draw of the Samsung one is the smart functions, but you could go with a better cheaper monitor and an nvidia shield to get the same function.
  3. if you have coaxial cable run through your house you can use moca adapters. I'm using a pair to get a gigabit connection to my downstairs Netgear Orbi satellite and its been rock solid since last summer. Its the best thing you can do short of running an Ethernet cable. if you have any questions let me know.
  4. Yea, it was more of a point that high end games are more demanding than any hardware can handle at high res and 144fps.
  5. My brother is borrowing my 3070 for his Samsung G9 and it runs great in most games. We haven’t had any issues, and games with DLSS ran crazy fast with the extra RT cores.
  6. Oh with that custom atx bracket it looks like it will fit! That’s good to know. I believe they are using a slim 280 though. The ATX adapter I had seen before had it horizontal like in the NCase M1.
  7. No I don’t. I believe the ATX position blocks you from using a side mountain rad.
  8. Like others have said change the input type/name to PC. You might also want to reduce the sharpening if text looks weird.
  9. They have contracts with the cities that give them exclusivity effectively making them a monopoly in each area. As Americans have switched from the terrible TV service they provided to streaming they've pulled out all the stops to squeeze every last penny out of us that they can. My Cox internet has gone from about $50 a month to about $100-$120 a month over the past 5 years. My speeds have only gone up from 300mbs to 500mbs in the same period.
  10. honestly, i would either go for a prebuilt or grab a used 1080 off craigslist for about $240.
  11. go with the new200. It’s the best it’s case i’ve ever used and fits a 280mm radiator.
  12. I’m glad you can tell me, someone who has the card and uses it to game on a lot of different titles, that it won’t work the way i’m saying it will. First off, you’re complaining about the previous comment’ video that it isn’t get high frame rates in these open world games and then suggesting he go with a 6800/6800xt, completely disregarding the fact that most of those open world games have Ray Tracing turned on to max and are running on Ultra. If you want to talk about low frame rate, look at AMD’s stuff with ray tracing. Second, those games were all running with DLSS turned off, a decision th
  13. It’s perfect for it. I’ve been using my 3070 with my 3440x1440 monitor for a couple months and have no complaints. This card is more than enough, getting me high frame rates in pretty much every game I play. Now of course, some games require you to turn down some settings a bit, but that is due to poor optimization and not the card being underpowered. Keep in mind, this card is pretty much as powerful as a 2080ti, no one in their right mind would have said that’s not enough for 3440x1440 last year. Also, the 8gb of VRAM hasn’t been an issue, although I do wish it had a bit more.
  14. Hi, I'm looking for a decent IPS monitor for my friend that is around the $150 US range. Does anyone know of a good option? She just does basic social media marketing so nothing crazy is needed.