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  1. Hi guys! I got a samsung g9 5120x1440x 240hz, an aoc AG241QX 2160x1440 144hz, and an LG 4k Tv. And when i try to use even my g9 and aoc monitor together my pc doesnt really now what to do, when i turn my pc on, and there are this 2 monitors plugged in, i got a black screen on my main (g9) monitor, while my secoundary works as it shoud, in horizontal, 1440p 144hz. And i have to pull my aoc monitor out from the gpu, and plug it back, for it to work properly, but when i do that, it works. If i try plugging in my 4k tv as well, basicly every monitor starts turning on and off. Im us
  2. ITs old, at least 10 years, and its only rated for 300W anyway, i just used my nas from it. So eather way, i have to buy a new one. Thanks for the tips, i ll chech them out!
  3. Hi everyone! I had an old APC UPS, and it died today so im looking for a new one. However i dont really now the brands in this area, so thats why i would like to ask you guys/girls to help. Sometimes i have block outs(not that often, but it happens), and i work home a lot of the time, and i lost several high priority works before, thats what i would like to prevent. What i need/dont need: I dont want to use my computer for long, after a blackout happens, just want to save my files, and turn off my pc. I have a preatty beefy pc, so i need a beefy UPS as well, at least a 1000W
  4. Budget (including currency): To be decided Country: Hungary Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: AAA-s, VR-games, CAD programs, 3D modelling Hi everyone! Im thinkin about a GPU upgrade, when the new NVIDIA 3000 series will be released, but im not a 100% sure, that my CPU will be a good choice to go with it, what do you guys think? I wanna upgrade, because RDR2 is not running the way i would like, some vr games is also limited by my GPU, and i still can sell my 1080 with a decent price. What i have now: Asrock Fatal1ty x470
  5. I live in hungary, the budget is not that straight, maybe around 670$ (we have an ssd and hdd already) But i have to buy a monitor and keyboard/mice, so the cheaper the better
  6. Can you tell me if does photoshop uses more single thread or more multi thread performance?
  7. Hi everyone! Im pretty good with coputers in general, but my friend asked me what pc should he buy for mainly photoshop. I never used photoshop, so im not exatly sure, what sould i recommend to him. Can you guys please help me out with this? (I mainly need a cpu, memory speed, and gpu recommendation, i can figure out the rest) Thanks in advance! ps.: im not a native speaker, so sorry for bad grammar.
  8. Well i reinstalled my nvidia driver, it doesent worked, i did a clean install after that, it works smh.
  9. yes vsync is off everywhere, and no, i dont use anything like afterburner. thanks for the tips tho
  10. Im not really sure how long i have this problem, not more than a month tho. Doesent matter what game i try, or what online platform (steam, ubi, ea, etc), or even stuff that i installed from cd. I tried Xbox game dvr, disable full screen optimalization, regedit, turn on and off gsync, checkd if my monitor is in 144hz, vsync off, borderless, windowed, full screen, newest nvidia driver, nvidia experience is uninstalled, everything i could find in google basicly. Does someone have any idea? my config can and did handle games easily before. R7 2700x
  11. Ohh i looked it up, and i think its not what i need. I want to play lan games online, not local coop games.