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  1. I've been eyeing this one for a while. But I guess this also meets your criteria. Both are curved though.
  2. You'd get better results by posting this to ServerFault or SuperUser instead. As for your question, you need to configure the MIME type for .run files in your apache config.
  3. If you have 2 8GB sticks, try taking out and reinstalling your ram. It shows up as hardware reserved if there's a connection issue.
  4. Oh. Well it looked like the Ethernet 10 Mbps cap looking at the speed.
  5. Yep. seems like bad ethernet cable to me too.
  6. I'll chime in my two cents. And I'll add that I haven't read all the previous comments. Most physics simulators that run on desktop grade hardware are just trimmed down (very trimmed down) emulations that get the job done good enough. If you need more accuracy, you need to consider much more data points and need that much more processing power to compute those data points. Processing power that you can't find in a desktop level computer. That's why people spend billions of dollars building supercomputers. You can essentially take the same models that supercomputers run, remove a
  7. I don't think they allow colocation of 1 or 2 servers. You'll just have to find some data center near you and give them a phone call.
  8. The tape cartridges are cheap but those drives are expensive af. I wanted to get one but had to drop the plan because of the price.
  9. You do realize that 124MB is not a whole lot of RAM. It's actually rather low usage I'd say.
  10. There are a couple of factors I can think of. 1) SAS drives are faster and therefore, need much better mechanics behind them. Better and faster motors, etc. 2) You pretty much expect SAS drives to run alongside tons of other drives, so SAS drives have to be engineered with higher vibration tolerances. 3) SAS drives have better reporting and monitoring built in. 4) "Enterprise" customers have tons of money. Might as well make them spend it.
  11. I also had this problem a while back. I'm not sure what causes this but I replaced the motherboard and that fixed it,
  12. Is showing an Intel CPU or an nVidia GPU or Tomb Raider gameplay unedited covered under fair use?
  13. Although it's good that LMG is quick to act and redact the claim, my personal opinion is that this claim should never have been made in the first place. A 1 minute clip in a significantly longer commentary/discussion video should automatically be covered under fair use. Imagine nVidia copyright claiming an LMG video every time someone shows an nVidia GPU or Intel claiming every time someone shows an Intel CPU; or Square Enix claiming the video every time Linux brings up Shadow of the Tomb Raider on screen. I know that creating IP is a tough work and so is protecting it, but I dr
  14. Those are the ones I found with a basic search. I'll look into the aio and memory you suggested.
  15. RGB is absolutely not important. In fact I try to minimize distracting lights as much as I can.