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  1. Maybe your installer is corrupted? Try downloading a new ISO from Microsoft.
  2. Is a GSkill Ripjaws 4000@C18 (18-22-22-42) a good option? Model: F4-4000C18D-32GVK
  3. Region: India Budget: Consider $400 just for the RAM (some leeway is acceptable) I'll get the ASUS X570-E and turn off the RGB in BIOS as suggested. Upgrading from an old DDR3 system so consider no current RAM. I'm looking around for 32GB (2x16GB) 3200 or 3600 MHz RAM. I found some non RGB GSkill RAM but they're out of stock. GSkill Trident RGB ones are in stock.
  4. Do RAM RGB configs stick around after reboots the way GPU configs do?
  5. As in, I don't want Aura Sync or whatever to hog resources on my system and I want the RGB to be off even if I haven't logged on to windows, for instance when I boot into a linux.
  6. Ya but I specifically want to turn it physically off. And not have to run a software to do that when it's just going to be off all the time.
  7. I'm looking around for an upgrade and I can't find any components available that don't have some RGB. Do RGB components come with physical buttons to turn off the RGB outside of the software? Specifically, I'm talking about ASUS Strix X570-E and G.Skill Trident Z RGB.
  8. In overly simple terms, imagine you have two numbers: 25 and 67. Now you can add them to get 92. Raid 5 stores these 3 numbers in 3 drives. So even if you lose, say, 25; you can get it back by doing 92 - 67. And, if you replace the drive, the controller goes to every number and restores the missing one. Now, actual RAID5 implementation is quite a lot complicated and it allows you to use pretty much all the storage of the 3 drives.
  9. I've been looking into getting back into ESO. Maybe we can play sometime.
  10. Not in the way you tried to. My best advise is to put the keyboard in a garbage can after what you tried to do. But I will tell you that you can get PS2 to USB converters in the market. You just have to properly reattach the PS2 cable you cut off. And hope that the controller on the keyboard and your PC is working at this point.
  11. I call BS. The USB protocol isn't compatible with PS2 protocol. It's a miracle your USB controller didn't blow when you did this. EDIT: And you should probably stay a light year away from that channel because their other videos are BS as well.
  12. How did you replace the PS2 connector with a USB connector?
  13. Looks good. I didn't find that one when I was looking.
  14. The VM basically does weird stuff with the mouse to create an illusion of a real mouse. When inside the viewport of the VM, it's not windows rendering the mouse, it's the VM client doing that. It then passes data about clicks and such to windows. You can break the illusion by moving the mouse outside of the viewport. The mouse disappears when you do this but an actual mouse attached to your PC can't move outside of the screen. Inside games, the mechanism VMs use to handle the mouse breaks down and it starts acting like how it's implemented (a touchscreen).