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  1. Actually yes lol, even people like me who were born in America and know literally nobody in China use it, since the cell service is so awful in my area my friend who is Chinese uses it to text/call me, despite living only a few streets away.
  2. Im just curious, would there be any issue if I were to host the APKs (android app files) of both on my personal site? Look, I don't love either of them, but im all for internet freedom, and this "ban" is complete BS, im not a company nor would I make any money from it so I would assume no issue.. (im in the US)
  3. Solved my issue, just returned the nvme and got a SATA m.2 instead, works perfectly and I can actually move my files around now...
  4. Hey, so I recently got a WD Black SN750 250gb NVMe to replace my old Samsung one which was having these same issues, so when I transfer a file from my downloads to literally anywhere else on the same drive (such as the desktop), it takes far too long and has a very noticeable pause, sometimes I even see the loading bar stuck at 0% for a few seconds then suddenly speed up and finish (it does not matter how big the file is, the file in the video was a 136kb jpeg), why is this, and why have I never experienced it with SATA? Here is a video of it (no loading bar, just slow): This also
  5. Thanks for all the reply's, guess ill just buy a samsung fast charging brick for my desk area heh..
  6. Hey so I have an ASUS tuf x570 (wifi) motherboard and I tried using the usb-c to usb-c cable that came with my new note 20 ultra to fast charge it, and it will show fast charging for a few seconds than suddenly switch to slow charging, obviously this is an issue with port not providing enough power, so I have decided to get a pci-e card to fix this, all of these seem to have a internal connector for SATA power, which I would assume would mean that these infact can fast charge, but im not entirely sure, I have found these on amazon and want to make sure: (I would *really* rather hav
  7. No, im not a bot. (ik my posts might always start off a certain way but meh)
  8. Hey so I recently got a hyperx alloy cherry mx blue keyboard and I really love it. The only thing is, the enter, backspace, and shift keys feel much more 'spongier' than any other keys and it just feels very odd. Is there anything I can do to fix this?
  9. Hey, so I am fixing and cleaning up an old Dell Dimension for someone else, and I decided to check the chipset to see if I could replace the thermal paste on it, well, clearly it needed it so I cleaned the old paste off the heatsink with a bit of work, but there is still a fair bit of it dried around the chipset die itself. I'm not really sure what to do here since I don't want to possibly damage it, but it would be great if I could clean up the old paste.. Heres a pic of the chipset:
  10. Hey, so I have a 1660 SUPER as my main GPU, its perfectly fine, but I remembered I had a GT 710 laying around so I decided to put it in the other PCIE slot so I could maybe use it for mining or something, I booted the PC back up, and there seems to be no issues. However I just want to make sure it wont slow the PC down or anything. I also use a samsung nvme as my main boot drive if that makes any difference. Motherboard: ASUS TUF GAMING X570-Plus WiFi CPU: Ryzen 7 3700x
  11. Alright i'll try that. (I dont usually install manufacturer software ever, unless its absolutely required for a feature, which in this case it is, since ASUS has no BIOS RGB control, even though all the software does is tell the BIOS what color to use.......)
  12. Actually yes, I have ASUS Aura installed to control the RGB (without it, it is just stuck on green).
  13. Ok so, I have a pretty much brand new ASUS 1660 SUPER that I got last December, and I have used it with various motherboards since then, however the motherboard I eventually ended up settling on is the ASUS TUF X570-Plus Wifi, I have not had this issue with any of the other boards I have used this GPU with, but heres what happens. I will boot up the PC, have no problems for a good length of time, several days or even a week, then randomly, any process that is being used will suddenly jump to 100% GPU usage, this means anything, Desktop Window Manager, Firefox, etc, and make my PC beyond slow a