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Optimize Drives feature broken?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

This feature is suppose to run weekly and it's even suppose to "increase priority" if schedules are missed. And yet it shows last optimization was 24 days ago. So it missed 3 schedules and never optimized the drive (ran trim since I have an SSD).


Control Panel -> System -> Storage -> Optimize Drives

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The SSD does that trim when the drive is idle and manages its memory chips automatically.

Even if you don't do that at all, your SSD will be fine.



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26 minutes ago, RejZoR said:

Systems seem faster when it's done, particularly weaker ones...

Systems with standard HDDs yes, SSD based system it isn't necessary. 

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Well, sometimes optimization or defragmentation on SSD may speed up system. But only for crappy drives like GoodRam CX serie for example that have degradation of data problem (like old Samsung 840 EVO without firmware upgrade). Most of problems with data degradation was misdiagnosed as system problem and people reinstall system then - and it "works" (because data was written again). I made a test once - I made image of system that was suffer from slow loading time (after few months) and then, after format SSD, I restore the same system on the same drive. And surprise - everything works 2-3 times faster, including loading time! I think people makes mistake by reinstalling system so often and then most of producers that makes crappy SSD are happy that nobody complain.


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