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  1. You shouldn't optimize the SSD as this will decrease it's life time. https://blog.exxactcorp.com/6-ways-increase-ssds-lifespan/
  2. I think iso file is corrupted.You can download Windows 10 iso file from official Microsoft website which will be of 5GB. Then you can try to boot it .HOPE THIS HELPS...
  3. when the pc is not going to sleep,mostly these fixes will help: Change Power Options Check for Power Requests Use the Power Troubleshooter Update your device driver
  4. You can download an iso file from official microsoft website.when you are booting it in your pc it'll ask the product key and you can enter it if you have or else just skip it and enter afterwards. HOP E IT HELPS....
  5. Hii everyone. I wanna get a certification for python which is free of cost.please,suggest any websites
  6. Hii everyone.I am using hp laptop that came pre-installed with windows 10 and actually it's an 250GB ssd.I am interested in Linux and i have used WSL.But i wanted to experience the graphical interface of Linux os.I have read in some forums that, it's not good for an ssd to dual boot and this will affect the life span of ssd.So,please give me clarity on this thing.....