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  1. AVI YV12 and AVI RGB24 are uncompressed formats. If I remember correctly, YV12 makes groups of 4 pixels, and uses 6 bytes to store the information about that: 1 byte for brightness information for each pixel so 4 bytes in total, then 2 bytes with color information (the color info is shared between the 4 pixels, so you lose some color information, it's not 100% lossless) So a 1920x1080 picture will use 1920x1080 / 4 (groups of 4 pixels) * 6 (bytes for each group of pixels) = 3,110,400 bytes per frame ... 60 frames per second = 60 x 3,110,400 = 186,624,000 bytes per s
  2. AVI is not a codec, it's a container like MP4 , MKV In the container, you can use various codecs to compress the video content and the audio content. Your file size was super large because Bandicam probably either chose no codec (lossess, lik saving a series of bmp pictures) or chose a default codec with very small compression. There are lossless codecs which can do good compression, probably one of the best these days if MagicYUV : https://www.magicyuv.com/ - the FREE version is fine for your needs. Other lossless codecs that are well known are HuffYUV or Lagarith. So you have to g
  3. Dude, did you even bother to read the datasheet on that page? https://www.jaycar.com.au/medias/sys_master/images/images/9484825722910/ST0505-dataSheetMain.pdf Yes, it's exactly what's needed. But you would have known this had you opened the datasheet to look at the pretty drawing.
  4. Ok , get a flashlight or something and visually check the slot, make sure all the contacts are at the same level, that one of them isn't dirty or bent too much. Regular copier paper is abrasive enough that it can clean contacts inside the slot, in case they're dirty/oxidized. Basically, cut a strip of paper, about the width of a credit card, fold it 2-3 times to get it the right thickness (about as thick as the circuit board of a ram stick) and insert it into the slot, then slide it left and right a few times - you want the paper to rub against the contacts in the slot.
  5. You can delete those using UNC paths .... something like \\?\\c:\folder\filename.extension It's also useful when you need to rename a file because you can't delete it otherwise due to the total file path being bigger than around 250 characters.
  6. Depending on what video card you have, it may take you more than a month to mine the equivalent of maybe 20-30$ in crypto like ethereum for example. Depending where you live, it could cost you more in electricity than the amount in crypto you generate. You may also need to produce some minimum amount like let's say 0.1 ETH (which is now 117$, as the ETH is traded at 1175$) or the equivalent in what coin you chose to go with, so it could take 3+ months to mine the minimum, which means you'd pay for extra electricity for several months before even getting paid back. .
  7. This is somewhat excusable ... it's a retail packaging, and it's probably big enough so they won't be stolen from shelves. If they make them in small size, and a store gets these stolen a lot, the store will put them behind a locked glass window and that just puts people off, they'll just go "meh, i'll just order one online" or they'll chose another brand. They're going for "impulse buy", easy to pick off the shelves, harder to steal. It's also cardboard, probably recycled paper, not blister pack (that hard to unseal plastic) Amazon's fault is that they didn't
  8. But how do you STORE 1601 in a file? You have to use a number of bits for every digit in 1601 so that you can decode and recreate original content Let's say your algorithm is this: - [ 3 bits = run length - 1] - [ 1 bits = the bit] So your 1601 would be stored in a file in 12 bits : [0 0 0 1 ] [ 1 0 1 0] [0 0 0 1] 1 : store 0 in binary, store 1 60 : store 5 in binary (101), store 0 1 : store 0 in binary, store 1 You compressed your 8 bits in 12 bits ... you expanded it, you didn't compress it. Your original input
  9. Encryption is supposed to take a stream of bits and a password of sorts, and produce another stream of bits. That stream of bits MUST be so generated so that when you can have a decryption function which takes in this stream of bits and the password of sorts and generates the original stream of bits. So by design encryption is NOT capable of compression, your output size should always be original stream size + password size + other data required by the encryption algorithm that's needed to be able to decrypt. Encryption is in general BAD for saving disk space, because it oft
  10. If you want something to last you a long time, get a soldering station with adjustable temperature control. You want one with an actual temperature sensor in the tip and proper temperature control, not those sticks or cheap stations that just control the amount of power sent to the tip, without actually measuring the temperature. Hakko 936 clones and modernized designs of that ancient soldering station are fine, you'll find replacement tips easily and spare parts. As a beginner you'll rarely change tips so don't be so concerned about it. In US, Newark (it's Farne
  11. You can buy pci-e x1 riser cables, so you can insert a riser cable under the video card and extend a x1 slot Example cable: https://www.amazon.com/Mustpoint-Express-Extension-Gold-Plated-Connector/dp/B07PMPDGGX/ The one above also allows you to insert a x4 or x8 card into that x1 slot, because there's no wall at the end (and pci-e is designed like that, the card will run with a part of its edge connector in the air, but will run at x1 speed) Cheaper designs : https://www.amazon.com/Tenext-Quality-Riser-Extender-Ribbon/dp/B0067WZH2Q/ https://www.amazon.com/GLOTRENDS-
  12. Just make sure it actually says SLI in the description AND two pci-e x8 or x16 / 2 x8 Or better yet forget about SLI, it's pretty much dead. Won't be supported with newer cards.
  13. if the system was running on battery and the battery was quite discharged, then when your PC suddenly demanded a lot of power the battery's voltage dropped due to its internal resistance ... the UPS detected that and shut down to protect the battery. For example, a lead acid battery in an UPS is maybe 13.8v when fully charged. Let's say the PC ran on battery and discharged it to 11.5v and maybe was consuming 100 watts or so, which is something the battery can continuously give even when quite discharged. but when you suddenly demanded 400-500 watts, the battery's voltage dr
  14. B350 and B450 chipset does not support SLI because SLI requires that each slot has a minimum of 8 lanes. The number of lanes is fixed , you don't get more lanes by going from pci-e 3.0 to pci-e 2.0 You get 16 lanes from a CPU but the B350/B450 chipset does not allow splitting the x16 slot into 2 x8 slots. x470 and x570 chipsets allow it, but it's up to manufacturer of motherboard to support / implement it - there are x470 / x570 boards that don't split the x16 into 2 x8 slots. The B350/b450 chipset also offers 8 pci-e 2.0 lanes, but pretty much ALL motherboards
  15. These days it costs less than 20$ to make a stainless steel stencil (for pcb manufacturing). instead of surface mount component footprints, you can easily cut letters or some binary code (small hole = dot, wide hole = line, there's your morse code) Example : 15$ plus shipping for a basic 190x290 mm (usable area) stencil ::: https://www.pcbway.com/stencil.aspx It can be stored in the same place where you keep your birth certificate and other documents like driving license copies, house titles, insurance, graduation degrees/papers/diplomas You can also rent
  16. Do you have any statistics about how many people in this world or how many applications create files that contain $i30 in their names or folders? How about we make it even easier and disable writing $ in the file and folder names or let's just say that anything with a $ has a virus in it ? Would that be acceptable for you?
  17. Also test it in another slot Also test it at a bit lower frequency - 3200 Mhz instead of 3600 Mhz for example If that problem keeps showing up, I'd return it.
  18. Why would you be afraid? Look in the manual to find out what that beep means and stop being a pussy. My guess, the game makes the video card run at 100% the moment it starts somehow, which means your pc suddenly consumes a lot of power (jumps from maybe 100w to 4-500 watts of power consumption) The UPS may think the device plugged in it is faulty, a short circuit, due to the sudden jump in power consumed and stops the power going to the outlet as a sort of protection. Could be your UPS is also undersized, and can't keep the computer running on internal inverter
  19. It can't be just that string, because it can be ANY variation of that string For example, you can say C:\$i30\$bitmap but you can also say C:\.\windows\..\$i30\\\\$bitmap and it would probably still work ( . is current folder, .. is go back a folder, the path is parsed and resolved and simplified). You could also randomly use / instead of \ because Windows supports both (as a sort of compatibility with Linux or programs ported from linux) ... so do you expect antiviruses to parse any text as possible paths and attempt to simplify them? The article just gives that path as
  20. You're both incorrect. The cable is still cable, the copper wires have resistance and therefore voltage drop. The longer the cable, the higher the losses, which makes individual bits harder to decode, makes the signal more "fuzzy"... at that high bandwidth each bit "takes" a much shorter time on the cable, and there's higher chances of bits to be corrupted and that can cause drops in HDCP encryption or bad blocks in the image. At longer lengths and high resolutions and refresh rates (more bandwidth), the cable quality matters more. They worked fine beca
  21. You worry too much. Board will be in a bag, in a box ... how much humidity do you think it will absorb? If you're paranoid, shove some silica gel packs in the bag. Condensation won't be an issue.... it will probably be enough to take out the motherboard and leave it on the desk for an hour or so to get up to room temperature before connecting it to power supply and the rest of your components.
  22. You have a water cooler, there's a pump spinning inside pushing water around through the pipes into the radiator where it's supposed to cool down. It's more or less a fan (a few blades) spinning fast and pushing water through very dense fins on top of the cpu then through the tubes. I thought initially that you're talking about coil whine, which is caused by variations in power consumption, in inductors that are part of VRMs (to power processor, or video card). As current changes, the coils of wires in inductors can rub against the magnetic core which can produce a sound
  23. If you can find a source and buy the ring of material, you can glue it (with a specialized glue), see this video : I personally don't know from where you'd buy the speaker "membrane" or whatever that is, membrane ..perhaps go at stores that sell speakers and ask if their service department can order such membranes or if they can order replacement speakers. May be cheaper or easier to just replace the actual speakers inside No, can't just glue the tear, anything you do will distort the sound and won't last long. The whole "ring" of material would
  24. I'd trust the WD drive a bit more. It's a good model with good controller and good TLC memory, with good endurance.
  25. Try going to any bank to withdraw even more than let's say $50k and nobody's gonna do it. Also, see what happens when people start to lose trust in banks (Greece, Ireland, other countries) and majority go to banks to withdraw their savings - banks run out of money or refuse to give your money. The current system isn't any better. As for $220m in bitcoin, he can slowly transfer a few bitcoin at a time to an exchange or several exchanges and trickle sell fractions of a bitcoin or a few bitcoin at a time when the price is above some threshold, then withdraw the money to re