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  1. Ok, I think it's enough. This forum should be renamed to live p2p chat. Week after week the same questions, the same answers and it's start to be boring. I understand that this forum have no rule about repeating topics, but I can't understand why. IMO if someone is too lazy to at least try to use search buttons, other people should be too lazy to answer. Was nice to help from time to time, but I think I'll stay with watching LTT videos. At least they're still interesting.
  2. ...or you can use some nice tools that helps you take ownership or even delete folders without any problem. It all depends how much imporant files you have on your old drive. If you change SSD to bigger one, you may just clone your existing installation and then format old drive, and you'll keep everything.
  3. Because you must change boot mode in bios from uefi to legacy. You can boot any Windows version (from xp) on any machine if you know how. And sometimes if you have tools like Paragon Adaptive Restore to adjust os (in case bsod). But basic knowledge is always required.
  4. After I read some answers here, I think we probably don't getting what OP mean.
  5. You can just plug and boot. And it's easiest thing you can do - just try! Faster than asking questions here.
  6. I heard that Microsoft removes classic system window because they trying to migrate everything into new control panel. Read changelog somewhere on internet about new version of Win. This may be just related to your problem. Maybe some bug in that update, who knows. You have many methods to do the same task in Windows.
  7. Microsoft says something different but hey - even moderator on this forum knows better, so maybe now is the time to write to Microsoft and ask them when they change their website and write information about free system.
  8. It works great, is free so it's good.
  9. Like MANY others topics on this forum, this time answer will be the same - Macrium Reflect.
  10. homeap5


    You can format part of your drive or whole drive. This is pointless anyway - that's why people using quick format, which do basically nothing except settings few parameters. If you mean full formatting like preparing all drive sectors for work, it's not necessary - they will work the same no matter if you format them or not.
  11. You need to install http server for that. Easiest to configure is Fenix (probably). link But it do not show your windows shared files. You must prepare separate shared folders.
  12. This look like quick actions, you must figure out how to remove it from list. Many options including registry but personally I don't use explorer so I can't give you step by step guide.
  13. It will take too long if you made it long. Normally it should be really fast if you have wireless AC and both phones are modern enough. You know - If you at least try and then say "it takes too long" then I would believe.
  14. You can install some ftp server on iphone and filemanager with ftp support on Android device (like Solid Explorer) and just copy files using network.
  15. You must decide - CLEAN install or copy your old mess.
  16. Best solution is - just try first, then ask. It's literally plug and play operation and results will be visible right after boot.
  17. Do not say that something is impossible if you don't know! Please! Built-in tool called mbr2gpt and your current installation will be UEFI. That's all. Tutorials are on internet. It may be done using windows installation media (with command line) or even from windows itself. CMS doesn't mean that your system is installed in legacy mode btw.
  18. Sound like some crap. Don't worry about it. Imo of course.
  19. As I wrote - you have 2.0 x4. And as I wrote, this give you 2TB/s which is slower than your ssd can operate. But that doesn't mean it's slow! It's still 4 times faster than normal SSD. And you'll not notice any difference anyway except when you start working with big files like video editing. If it's just for system and games, you may even consider save your money and buy good normal SSD. One small advantage when you're using slower pcie - your m.2 will be (maybe) cooler.
  20. Gen is generation, x4 or x1 is multiplier. So you have pcie gen 2 which means speed will be limited a lot compared to pcie gen 4. Gen 2 x1 has 500MB/s, gen 4 x1 - 2TB/s. For higher speed you'll need pcie x4 gen 3 or gen 4. But you also have pcie x4 gen 2 which means speed will be about 2TB/s (4 x 500). Not enough to operate at full speed of your drive, but still fast enough. If card is x4 of course.
  21. Well, if you don't want to extreme overclock your gpu then any Z motherboard will be fine.
  22. All that "lite", "small", "fast" or other system modifications have not much sense. Your system will be basically the same fast except functionality you remove from it. Look at Linux - all that small, fast, tiny or whatever distros works basically the same - programs do not run faster. The only difference is boot time and ram consumption. In case Windows ram consumption is not a problem (you can't run Win10 on 128MB ram anyway). So just install normal system and that's all you need.
  23. This is for Asus. For MSI is F12, for ASrock (if I good remember) F11 (or F12 too). Don't know for Gigabyte.
  24. Surprise But they (ram modules) do not work simultaneously anyway.