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Do I have to screw in all motherboard holes?

Not really, unless it's one of the ones on the top and you have a particularly heavy cooler (like and NH-D15).

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I was able to screw my motherboard into all the standoffs except for one, for some reason this last one just won't reach it just keeps going, but I've secured all the remaining screws. So now there are 5 screws, 6 including the one in the middle which holds it in place. Do I really have to get this last one? I'm starting to get frustrated by this :/

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Posted · Best Answer

Not really, unless it's one of the ones on the top and you have a particularly heavy cooler (like and NH-D15).

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No but the concern isn't so much that it isn't screwed in and more why won't it screw in?


If the standoffs are installed correctly and the board is installed correctly then there should be no reason why all screws shouldn't screw straight in. If one won't reach then the board must be twisted, warped or not sat down properly. You should check it's not sat on a wire or something.


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NO, you don't need to have all.

You would probably be fine with just two, on diagonal opposites on the motherboard. More screws just align the motherboard better with the case, so it makes it easier to add extension cards and everything.

Having standoffs in the first place is more important, because it's not good for the motherboard to flex when you insert extension cards into slots or cables into connectors

For example, you could leave the bottom right standoff out, because in that tiny corner there's no heavy components and you only insert light connectors, so you don't have to put pressure to insert those front panel connectors into the header.

But, you should have the standoffs in the area under the pci-e slots or near the 24 pin atx connector, because those are areas where there's pressure applied when inserting things, and there's potential for flexing the motherboard.


It's possible the thread in the case panel got damaged a bit or you inserted the standoff at a small angle causing the thread to not go right and damage the threading as you screwed the standoff, so now that standoff is just spinning as you turn the screw at the top.

Or maybe you accidentally used the wrong standoff ... typically there's UNC 6/32 standoffs used (which work with screws used on mechanical drivers and for screwing extension cards to case and psu to case)... but it's possible to have M3 standoffs which have finer thread and they're a bit smaller diameter (and they use screws normally used for optical drives)

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you dont HAVE to, but the ones at the top are very important because of you cpu cooler's weight

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Endeavor the best effor to fit all the screw, without compromising the torque balance. 

The weight of your cooler sits on your board; the tensile could be brutal if you are planning a twin tower air cooler. 

Insert/remove graphic card, IO cables, etc could have mislocate the board, if it is not at least triangularly secured. 

Part of the weight of your graphic card sits on your board too. 

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You can get by with just two or three depending on the build but more is better and makes plugging in cables and moving the PC about less scary

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Thanks, everyone! My computer works fine and all is good, so I guess I'll just leave it as it is then if it's fine since the only one missing is the one in the bottom left corner because it's really too much of a hassle. I'm not using any heavy cooler just a single fan EVO 212.

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