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  1. Yah should fit, I've got a 360 on the floor of mine and it's got plenty of space all around. My 240 up top is the same deal. Should work well, keep in mind I haven't measured anything tho
  2. "It's just a prank bro!" Hope the people behind the paper get yeeted tf out along with whoever approved this shit
  3. Wii U, got one, played it for a few hours and then went back to my laptop and never looked at it again
  4. Bananasplit_00


  5. I found 27" 1080p to be alright but would not go bigger. I was sitting about a meter away from the screen in that setup. 1440p is awesome at 32" tho
  6. I get to slam a 980 into my VM? Hell yah let's goo ooooooooo! This sounds unreal, I am incredibly happy, this solves so many problems
  7. Bananasplit_00

    I come home to see my cat (Meowster) sleeping o…

    This is how you can tell a cat owner from a normal, sane person
  8. Bananasplit_00


    [image slicing your limbs off]
  9. Bananasplit_00


    [image, making clear my elevated position]
  10. Bananasplit_00


    [image, for real this time]
  11. i mean id probably just add my own dark mode if that was the case, not going to stop using discord over something that small
  12. Excuse me WHO IS DOING WHAT?????????? Huh?????? Well... Uuu... Guess we'll wait and see what Googles new revenue stream is? This sounds incredible, honestly insanely good, so there HAS to be some sort of awful awful consequences or catch somewhere that isn't announced yet...
  13. i have a feeling its going to be fairly meh. Not especially exiting performance wise and probably expensive for that performance
  14. What the fuck i actually managed to forget my phone at home? How did that happen..

    1. FloRolf


      Always do the 3-Tap when you go somewhere. Phone, keys, wallet. 

  15. Have you tried anything Arch based? I've had a lot more success with NVIDIA drivers on Manjaro than anything else I've tried. Not flawless ofc because NVIDIA drivers SUCK ASS but livable and stabile. Just some graphical glitches that are honestly not that annoying.
  16. yes'nt it was actually working for a bit before epic bought EAC and since then there hasnt really been any breakthroughs as far as i am aware. There have been a coupple "Oh hey there is a CHANCE!" moments but thats about it from what ive seen. Maybe ive just missed some massive lets get EAC working again project but i doubt it
  17. If we could get EAC games running on Linux that would be great
  18. Unless you are a fish I don't think any protection is needed here
  19. Bananasplit_00

    If you could pick one part in your system (othe…

    id swap one of my 21" screens for another of the exact same as my 32" i guess
  20. Hey forum old ones, remember that thread where a dude tried a bunch of crazy shit as thermal paste? Great thread
  21. why does it specifically be that one? They work with any SD card afaik
  22. Is that a code 43 in device manager? If so i would re-seat the card first of all and if that does not help well... 43 is bad news
  23. So i bought a chopper some time back, pushed the deal way far and got a promise of some parts out of the whole thing too, great! Texted some with the seller after the sale and he said he was going to dig some parts up the week after the sale, cool. Obv that didnt happen, pushed the matter some and got him to do something with the whole deal after a bit and he sent me some pictures of some parts that were not going to work for me at all, replied with that and then got nothing from them until today, like two months later and the seller says he has the parts im looking for, which i also just picked up from the post office because i ordered them myself -_- Well, ill see where this goes, wouldnt mind some options and spares 😛

  24. Remember when UB wasn't a complete joke? Feels like a lifetime ago hahaha. This really reads like guerilla marketing from UB too, it's the funniest add I've seen in ages