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  1. To be brutally honest, what I'm seeing is a system with very little cable management, but also just about as importantly, lots of case fan locations with no fans, and no real plan for where the one case fan is. I don't see any provision for a filter, and I wonder if you just run with that side panel off all of the time, based on the decorative paint. If you want the best cooling, you need a good, clean path for air to flow. You also need your case to act like a wind tunnel or venturi. That one case fan with the open fan location and expansion slots are just creating a void for air
  2. The plugs in the pic do appear to be shifted one set to the right, as you have a bare set of pins sticking out to the left of the left connector.
  3. Gross profit is effectively revenue, and you're posing the question of net profit.
  4. OK, so interesting discussion here, especially mentioning Radio Shack, and how Fry's are so big. The two are very much connected. Radio Shack (then known by the corporate parent name, Tandy) started a 'big box' venture to compete with the likes of Best Buy and Circuit City, among others. It was called Incredible Universe. It was quite elaborate and impressive, and a clever kind of idea, but honestly a bit too late. They were only around 5 years, '92-'97. This was the heyday of 'computer shows' that largely consisted of wholesale approach to end consumer sales of computer components
  5. 'Bootstrap' drivers are usually enough to get a basic, functional system up and running, particularly in the display and networking components. Once you have the ability to access a network, you can access better drivers online. That's why they do the bootstrap driver thing for those key components.
  6. This doesn't sound good from step one. First off, I'm sure you don't mean CD, because what it takes to really install Windows 10 won't fit on a CD. It would take a DVD at minimum, and I'm not even sure that would work. Windows 10 can be installed from a flash drive, which is the normal way for most situations. Microsoft suggests an 8gb flash drive. A standard DVD is only 4.7gb. The disc would have to be a double layer DVD. Your best fix is to just download the installer from Microsoft, and use their Media Creation Tool to create a flash drive for installation. It costs nothing to download the
  7. Now this is a suggestion definitely coming from a generation of kids deluding themselves into thinking they can safely text and browse while driving. If only you could stick the content on the road, you could divide your attention better, with better results? Nope. If this technology were used in a windshield, sure, it could get road damage - but we'd take a page from cell phones, and there would be a protective layer of expendable, cheaper glass ahead of the expensive screen. Funny thing about the mention of drive-ins is that the pandemic has led to a resurgence in dri
  8. More metal mass in contact is more to absorb heat, and the extra surface area is more heat dissipation.
  9. Build aside, I hope his dad goes after mom for what is just being a thief. That behavior sounds suspect. As for the build, $100-150 isn't really enough to build anything.
  10. You say you disassembled it, and I'm going to guess you unplugged the fans, including the CPU fan, in the process. Blackscreening quickly could be the CPU heat spiking. Be sure your fans are plugged in properly. As for the booting on plugin, that sounds like swapped or incorrectly connected power and reset buttons, as others have noted. Shocking you is as others have noted as well, likely a grounding issue - but what part of the computer are you touching that is conductive?
  11. You mean the same guy who was making fun of AT&T by dismissing a whole swath of rural states, as if humans not in urban coverage are 'trash' from "dust bowl states". Yeah, don't care much for his perspective. https://www.theverge.com/2013/1/9/3853890/t-mobile-ceo-calls-att-network-crap-mocks-verizon I was originally replying to someone talking about how the US needs to commit to broadband ubiquity, as infrastructure. You and others seem to think that basic infrastructure is defined by how well you can game and stream multiple HD videos at once. Arguments like that are what get a lo
  12. As to the debate of old caps vs low quality caps - old caps tend to dry out, not usually burst and leak. That leakage is pretty significant, so I'm more inclined to think the electrolytes weren't top quality, but were still plentiful in those caps.
  13. It is only flawed if you consider gaming or streaming the 'necessary' part of broadband internet access. Consider what it takes to log in to your bank, your school, your government agencies for taxes or other services and requirements. Doing that on dial up has become basically impossible. That's the reason we see broadband as vital infrastructure, not lag time in games or the ability to start watching a video stream in HD. You quite literally have to use the internet to get a job, file for unemployment, and pay many of your bills anymore. 100+ years ago it was having an address. ~
  14. I can definitely see that this is a gamer biased forum (as expected, really), in that 25mbps down is 'not acceptable', let alone 3-5mbps upload. Most of us in truly rural areas are lucky to have 3-5mbps down, let alone up. To have 25mbps would be phenomenal. I don't want it just so I can game, I would just like being able to look at weather radar without waiting a couple of minutes at least for buffering. Stability would honestly matter more than outright speed, as my 6mbps DSL works passably for my critical needs, but is not reliable or stable enough to really call it solid. The p
  15. What kind of drive is the main one on your system now?