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  1. I posted on the Corridor Crew video where they used the old Mac with Photoshop 1 on it, but I'll reiterate here: Next collab with CC: They have to make a hacking scene that is both realistic and not completely boring. Linus judges it for both accuracy, and for enjoyment and engagement. Commenters have said Anthony should be CC's advisor, and I like this idea. We've all seen the cheesy hacking scenes, and some more plausible, but not many have been both seriously accurate and exciting to watch.
  2. If you want to simplify the process of installing your programs other than Windows to your second drive, once Windows is installed, change the Program Files environment variable, and Windows and installers for programs will automatically assume you want everything installed there.
  3. If you have the right graphics card, the capture function is built in. Not sure which models specifically do, off hand, but research will tell you. Even if you don't have such a card already, and can't afford or even find one right now, you can basically intercept the video you're already putting out via software, and capture that way. Yes, that will create more work for your system, but as noted you probably won't hurt it. A fair number of games are still single threaded, or won't use all of your cores, so there'll be resources free to do a 'soft capture' on the same machine. However, a secon
  4. I'm guessing you know how dual channel RAM is supposed to be installed, and that your system is configured properly. I get running Discord, but not so much Spotify. I do hope you've shut down/disabled the lines of OneDrive and DropBox from running all the time in the background, if you don't actually use them constantly.
  5. The sheer amount of people who think that falling for broadcast exploits like ads with malware, or games or apps with payloads, is being 'hacked' is staggering. They think if a device is compromised, there's some single person that did it, and that they are 'out to get them'. This ain't the movies, and you fell for a simple trap. Some sleazy company or group is just wanting to make money off of your ineptitude or naivete, not a villain specifically interested in attacking you personally. I think we need a better term for this kind of thing, and not abide people calling it being 'ha
  6. Considering you are under the impression the graphics card had 16gb of memory onboard, I'm guessing your specs are quoted from whomever sold you the system. Time to physically check a few things, like: 1. how much RAM you really have, and... 2. how many physical sticks of RAM you have, if you do show 16gb of system memory If you have 16gb of RAM, but in only one physical stick, the lack of dual channel could hurt you heavily. The other thing that should be obvious, is if you're not running a bunch of junk in the background, or at the same time as you ar
  7. Ian Malcolm Why add latency and complexity to a good gaming keyboard and mouse, for extra money? Just buy a wireless gaming desktop set, at that rate. They don't have to be bluetooth to be wireless, you know.
  8. Because Windows 7 has some serious functional differences 'under the hood' from Windows 10, I wouldn't suggest doing that. In some previous generations of Windows, you could do this by having both installs see the same partition with the Program Files folder pointed to it, but you usually had to install the program from within both OSs to set up all of the dependencies properly. A program doesn't just put everything it needs in its own installation folder - there are files that must be in the System folder, and registered there by the OS, to call on them properly. Even if a program can be inst
  9. Euchre

    Kernel Panic

    Kernel Panic is something I've never seen a Windows system show, and can't find a screenshot or pic of one. Do you have Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) installed?
  10. It wouldn't be a power spike, but a power loss (brownout) you're having, if you're adding a load to the circuit. Sounds as if your circuit supplying those wall sockets is approaching the max draw it can sustain, and your computer being a pretty power hungry beast, it fails first when the available watt/amp load isn't there for it to draw. I'm a bit surprised you haven't tripped a breaker/blown a fuse.
  11. Does it show up when you use Alt + Tab? What active programs are listed in Task Manager?
  12. I think you've got that backwards, it should be 1gbps down, 40mbps up. How about the motherboard, which could tell us what network adapter(s) you have. Based on how you put your answer, I'm going to guess you're on wifi, not wired.
  13. What sort of networking are you running, hardware and service-wise?
  14. If it really is unlocked (carrier unlocked), but is still limited to the bands Sprint and Verizon use, the only reason it 'do not work in USA' is if the IMEI is banned from the network for nonpayment of the account it was associated with, or is reported lost or stolen. This is why second hand devices from online sources can be dubious.