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  1. Unfortunately thats all what we could afford since only tier C or less of PSU's exist in egypt for reasonable prices. A tier A psu is like..480$ or more
  2. Thing is his PSU is brand new , he sent it for RMA for around 2 days where they said tested it and nope it wasn't doing any noise so they sent it back. So he never actually thought whats going on. They also said that if a psu rattles it RATTLES when the fan gets fast every time. Not once then stop for 2 weeks and return or a week since it doesn't make sense that's now how bearings work. (Thats what they said)
  3. A power supply that lacks the fan stop function , if the fan decides to just go bad (maybe the next day maybe 10 years later) I have heard videos of grinding and rattling noises and they were always consistent. They didnt go away wether if its idle or under load (some times both) My question is : IS the rattling noise always consistent? Or can it just happen for like a split second or like 2 seconds then go away for days then repeat after a week or two? It was never consistent according to what my friend described about his cooler master 850W bronze V2. Any ideas?
  4. To be fair i don't mind as long as it won't affect it in the near future or anything. i still have 3 years of warranty in Egypt so if anything FATAL happens to it as in fan stops or dies or overheats that's what they want so its their job from that point forward. i don't mind living with it like that. but one question. can it actually get worse in the future ? since its barely hearable tho and i have to put my ear on top of the case or next to the gpu to hear it.
  5. Nope replacement fans dont exist where i live. LITERALLY ANYWHERE. Warranty only replace the fans if the noise is THERE most of the time not at certain speeds. So..everything is blacked out
  6. Okay so around a week ago i got a new PSU which i was satisfied with because finally i can rest knowing my PSU is enough for my pc. not until my GPU a gtx 1660 super zotac AMP started doing...weird stuff. When i turn on the pc it makes a noise of someone pulling on a string (The fans) it doesn't sound like rattling. And at certain speeds from 58 to 63% the fans click and you can hear it if you put your ear on top of the case since i don't have cooling fans on the top. not loud but audible clicking. and once it goes to 64 or 65% all the way up to 100% it's fine.. And of course Warran
  7. Sorry this is getting long..i tried running the fans on different and sudden high and low speeds using msi afterburner and the noise wasnt there..only when its drawing 100% load or slowly drawing big power..would you say its coil whine and not the fans?
  8. Okay thats good to know about my CPU..but fast forward to my dad issue i didn't know if i mention that..he is hard headed and hot blooded..if he knew i have tk RMA another card he might end up selling my whole pc as punishment for "spending too much money" on it..and yes..warranty here take money
  9. You mean spark as in like a POP but no smell or acrual spark?? My cpu is i5 7400
  10. Also im sorry but did you mean noise like this??
  11. The thing is Zotac doesn't Exist in egypt..and i cant mail it because the warranty provider here is EGYPTIAN called kiro mina..and i am literally unable to RMA it due to college..i cant skip any of the lectures or skip anything since i use the pc the whole time..
  12. I dont have any case fans except for the exhauster..i tried stopping the gpu fans and it did it for once then never again no matter how many times i stop the fans.. I turned off my pc now because its just way too much stress for me Also by the way quick question can a gpu make electrical circuiting noises similar to those of a bad psu if the gpu is going bad??
  13. No thats the thing..i tried running heavens benchmark and i heard noises coming from the gpu and when i tried putting my ear next to it it did sound like coil whine more. And no it doesnt happen consistently..i tried running my gpu fans on different high and low speeds and NONE of the speeds made the fans rattle..i really dont know what to do anymore and i cant RMA it because it would take a lot and its a 2 hour drive since i cant send it online or in mail..legit had thoughts of selling my pc now since i cant properly enjoy it..
  14. I just bought a new gtx 1660 super zotac amp a month ago and when i turn on or off my pc the gpu sounds like it squeezes or pulls on something..my gpu fans run on 32 speed on idle permanently and slowly increase while playing games. Sometimes i hear rattles (high pitched) and sometimes i dont..so i tried to put my gpu fan speed on 78 from 32 to give it a headstart to see if it rattles and it doesn't. I tried increasingly it by 5 digits every time as well and nope...doesnt rattle.. Can coil whine sound like rattling or squeezing or pulling on a string? I don't know what to do and the whole
  15. The weird thing is i tried loading into another game after it happened once (or after i heard it since im not sure its even from the psu) i tried letting it rest then load to another game and it didn't happen. So idk lol..bought that psu for 95$ in egypt haha