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The text of Article 13 and the EU Copyright Directive has just been finalised

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People that use the word censorship about this either don't know what the word censorship means, or don't know what the directive does.

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17 hours ago, Lukyp said:

If political discussions were allowed here I would write like 30 A4 papers


We may...

Let's just say some center-right influent dude here I would say no name about it in Italy wants to lead the "changing spring" in the next European elections, and it is particularly focused on banning those articles, and is loved from the people even of other contries and hated from every leftist existing in this planet

But he also has to deal with the other "crazy" half of the Italian government, which is totally messed up in every way

The funny thing is he likes the memes about himself, which is something a lot of people does

I'm not saying if I'm going to vote for him...

tfw you had doubts about above mentioned figure, didn't vote for him, but in the end, so far, pretty content with how things are shaping up. Glad i lost.

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One of the big problems I have with these DCMA / Art13 laws is the one sided nature. I'm all for stopping 'true' copyright infringement, but these laws create a fertile environment for copyright 'abuse'!  Nothing should be passed without a clause that applies a double-penalty to the person submitting a notice that is found to be wrong. That's the easy way to stop a lot of this insanity.

Takedown Abuse

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On 2/15/2019 at 11:02 PM, Eaglerino said:

all the big American conglomerates need to just remove EU access to Google, Facebook, Twitter, and everything else for a while. It wouldn't take very long. But my guess is those companies would happily support censorship and strict copyright laws so they would have no reason to

I would assume this would backfire. Because they would have an easy time framing this as "big companies trying to use their market power to blackmail institutions into not passing laws that affect them". Not a good situation to put yourself in as a big company.

Besides those companies even offer their service in Russia which is (as of know) still a lot more restrictive than the EU and a far smaller market.

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