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  1. If that is enough to bring the market down the market deserves to go down. Even with the inflated price GameStop is hardly a lot of markett capital in the grand sheme of things.
  2. I was talking about Robin Hood stopping people from buying it in an attempt to save the hedgefunds.
  3. A broker app that manipulates the financial market probably shouldn't be on the PlayStore in the first place
  4. I just hope the redesign doesn't end up like so many redesign these days. Really bloated up and painfully slow even with a fast internet connection and PC.
  5. Funny how that works, isn't it. It's almost as if it is just about money
  6. I can't remember the last time I saw a LG phone in the wild. It's not like they have any market share to speak of right now.
  7. People are entitled to find other people annoying.
  8. This is a trade war and not just nonsense. This game has been going on for a long time and escalating the last couple of years. We should not forget that China is already and has always been severely limiting foreign companies in its country.
  9. I seriously thought until now that they alread released on Next Gen consoles. Anyways, I am wondering what hellscape this game would have been if they actually released it on shedule. Either way I will wait for at least another year until I will get it on PC.