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  1. I was very surprised they had this model Quantum Dot at 144Hz, but their larger 48" model instead uses OLED at 120Hz. They could've easily offered both with QD, just with size being the difference.
  2. Even if Nvidia put this down to a 25% LHR, I doubt it would make a dent in miners snatching them up at retail... The only way this will be solved is if all current RTX cards have no hash rate available. If they intend to carry out this stupid "crypto card" lineup, future gaming and rendering cards may even need an HoC on the board to avoid their use for mining.
  3. You may wanna consider hiding the RGB part inside a diffused ring around the top of the reservoir (like CM's Masterfan Halo design).
  4. I have to call James out on this - you WILL need a mask, goggles and gloves when handling Rockwool. Users should also wash their clothes thoroughly, to prevent its dust from causing skin and eye irritation. Whilst "not as harmful" as asbestos, it still has tiny fibres and dust that can cause problems if breathed in, so should be kept away from children and animals when being worked with.
  5. Yeah, Palette Gear was their preceding interface. Monogram is a general update to both the hardware and software, and is backwards compatible.
  6. I do a lot of work with Unreal and some with PS/AE, and have been seeking a control surface that is easy to respec and utilise... I know its pretty bulky versus Taran's desk space, and I know LMG focuses mostly on video editing for their channels. However, after LOUPEDECK CT's terrible review last year, and given how much Monogram costs, I want to know where it stands before I spend any money.
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g8oLycy8JQQ I noticed in the new video and some photos that ARGB LEDs are integrated in two of their own chairs... Not sure what the main seating material is, but I hope it's PU leather.
  8. Yeah, I noticed a bit of your renovations in an earlier video, so thank you for doing a full tour-refresher. Some of us might welcome your list of equipment, at least in the workshop.
  9. Summary YawVR has announced version 2 of their VR Motion Simulator. Full details of the project is expected mid-April, available for pre-order on Kickstarter. The new system is expected to be modular, utilising 360 degrees z-axis rotation, 35 degrees roll and 90 degrees pitch capability, and full RGB lighting. As an improvement over its predecessor, the system can also be purchased without a seat; offering users freedom to install a compatible gaming chair. Below is a recent, limited first look at the system from YouTuber, Cas & Chary VR: https://www.youtube.
  10. I have read multiple articles that predict it will take up to 18 months to increase production and restock retailers. At present, roughly 20-30 units of GPUs are being restocked to every outlet per month. I know solutions for scalping is a salty subject, but if manufacturers and governments can establish more serious sentencing than simply cancelling orders and issuing fines (perhaps prison time), it may better deter the practice and allow stock to stabilise.
  11. I couldn't help but notice that, during the $20K desk build, a whole section of the LMG offices had been cleared of furniture - suggesting building work or a studio remodel. Since many of us are still in lockdown, I think we would appreciate a video on what's what.
  12. The UK Government has begun actively proposing a motion to ban scalping and the use of bots, to purchase gaming and console equipment. The news comes mere days after Discord server Express Notify discovered a loophole in infrastructure on the Argos website, enabling users to grab thousands of Playstation 5 consoles before stock was even disclosed to customers by email. Amazon UK and John Lewis suffered technical issues for several hours, through 24th to 26th January when stock became avaialble, causing frequent failures to their storefront and mobile apps. Currys reported similar
  13. There's no way to do that on most motherboards, either. At the top you're flush with the case panels; at the bottom, you're blocking PCIe slots or GPU clearance, which is usually about 290mm+ these days. All that's needed on special edition RAM is the "business" end.
  14. This is just someone's fan art. To be practical, you could get away with just the blade design, without a "hilt" at all.
  15. yeah it should use the right-hand slots
  16. Saw this today (no pun intended) on my clan's Discord, and thought it would be sweet if they made actual RAM sticks based on Destiny 2 swords: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/715392443352219679/784528247207100476/EoPHQnfWEAAtEtQ.png https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/715392443352219679/784528282766671882/EoV_C0jVoAAFE1N.png
  17. I would've thought badminton shoes with removable bamboo insoles (or machine-washable bamboo shoes) would be a better use of Linus Media Group's money than a shoe dryer. Bamboo in fabrics is: Breathable (keep you cool in summer and warm in winter), Hypoallergenic (so they don't irritate your skin), and Are better for the environment as they are biodegradable. LMG are also looking for about 10 people to join the team - mostly for clothing on the Store - so you could easily sell them in LTT colours.
  18. I'd give real money to stop seeing non-Thunderbolt USB-C ports in ALL future laptops. I mean, seriously, it only costs about £20 extra per port to make them Thunderbolt3 capable? Most people would be happy to pay that.
  19. Huh? I wonder if YouTube has blocked it for breaking one of their infamous (and largely unfounded) restrictions.
  20. I'm having trouble playing this video on your YouTube channel. I can see people have made comments to it, and I can preview the thumbnail. However, whenever I go to its page, I get the following error where the video should be: "This video is unavailable on this device." Shortly after this, the page auto-switches to another video on YouTube. My machine is a laptop though I've tried other devices, and other browsers, but it just refuses to let me view it.
  21. I wonder just how many 3080s are kicking around out there with capacitors so substandard they shouldn't be on the PCB... I'm betting it's a lot.
  22. This video review kinda irritated me; not because of what was said, but the way Nvidia has marketed their 30-Series to potential buyers. I both play games and do 3D work for them, and indie developers like me are constantly faced with a problem. GeForce is great for playing games, but gets stuffy when you try doing CAD/3D animation work or programming, because for some of us, THAT IS "content creation". Then we have Quadro, which is great at animation or programming, but if what you are testing is a game project, it's obviously not optimised to mimic the requirements of a gaming
  23. I don't normally do this, though I saw this campaign on Kickstarter today that's over soon, and I thought it may interest people since it's being used in all sorts of intersting ways. Any LMG staff with tinkering young kids might also find it entertaining: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/petoi/bittle The campaign ends 8th October.
  24. It will, certainly, be interesting to see how their upcoming games, DEATHLOOP and Ghostwire: Tokyo, are impacted in the coming months. In particular, Ghostwire was intended to be for PC, and PlayStation-exclusive on console. With the acquisition, however, that may not be the case anymore.