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Is this $11.19 Windows 10 Pro a legit fully-featured, uncompromised copy ?

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36 minutes ago, D33P said:



Wait what!!!! SRSLY guys??? I just returned here and my gosh I didn't expect my OP¬†to bear this level of inter-aggression, shear complexity¬†and extreme judiciary! Thanks for calming those folks down M'lord Linus¬†ūüôŹ. So the¬†REAL ANSWER¬†to this is that it is¬†"SAFE TO BUY,¬†USE AND RELY UPON¬†WITHOUT ANY HASSLE"?


None of the extremes above.  When someone is wrong, they are wrong.  You can lead a horse to water (in this case repeatedly) then you have to beat that horse with a shovel to get it to drink.


The Real Answer was stated many many times, and you are correct - Extremely SAFE to buy, Extremely SAFE to use, Extremely RELIABLE. 


Without this Conversation taking place, OP, you would have never had your question answered correctly.


You would have had people telling you how they morally feel about this transaction, and left believing something wrong.


Personally, this conversation needed to take place, glad it did.


EDIT - Keys are much cheaper on EBAY, just check the sellers rating and comments and you will know if they are a legit seller or not.

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