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    Patiala, Punjab, India
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    Automotive Enthusiast, Pro Soccer Player ⚽, Future Riddim lover , pc geek, SPACE and ASTRONOMY enthusiast
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    Nothing to say other than I'm a curious bitch.


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    AMD A10 7890k Godavari 2016 Black Edition
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    Asus A88XM-A/USB3.1
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    G.Skill Ripjaws 8gbx1 1.6 GHz Single Channel
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    MSI GAMING X GTX 1050-Ti 4G
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    Deepcool Dukase v2 white 2016
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    128 gig Kingston SSD + 1TB WD Caviar Green + Seagate BUP Slim 2Tb Blue
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    Deepcool DE580 580W
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    Dell S2240L 21.5" fhd 60hz
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    AMD Wraith Cooler (stock)
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    Razer Cynosa Pro
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    Razer DeathAdder 2000 dpi
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    Classic 3-DvD Sony HiFi MHC-GN88D 5.1 channel Component System (Dolby and DTS + Prologic II
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    Windows 10 x64 build 1803 ver. 17134.81

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  1. So yesterday I cleaned up my PC internals after 3 months. Reinstalled the RAM Stick (slot changed) and GPU. Also the mobo battery was reinserted. Now there's an OS Load error everytime I start my PC. Before this, my ssd health had been hovering at 80% in Hard Disk Sentinel. It's also out of warranty. Your valuable replies are awaited.
  2. Hi. My mouse’s left switch is broken (pic attached). The switch just came out and won't go in. What switch types can be replaced with the stock ones of this Razer Deathadder 2000 dpi mouse (it came with the Cynosa Pro Bundle 2016 edition)? I don’t want to spend any further than $4 per switch. Please suggest the best recommendations available as of now. I am coming after watching the following video:
  3. I received the Android 10 update for my Redmi Note 8 Pro two weeks ago and there are a couple bugs and issues as expected. The foremost and most annoying of them being the utterly woeful latency or lipsync of 700+ms! That's not acceptable at all. Most prominent on YT, Twitch and basically every HTML5 embedded videos on any websites as well. But this happens mostly on Bluetooth irrespective of the device I'm using. Wired headphones experience no issue whatsoever. Other than this, media volume controls are not appearing most of the times. Have any of you else experiencing this? Is there a c
  4. problem solved (for now)...Will report back if it appears again. Thanks a lot mate.
  5. Happening since quite long (1 yr) now. At times it shuts down as expected otherwise it takes too long for it to happen, the monitor goes to sleep, and the system keeps running waiting for power off. What could be causing it? I changed several versions of Windows before this and I have no malware or badly-behaving apps, no BSODs so far since the latest official MSoft ISO build.
  6. @Kilrah Also, is this the case while buying those $3 or basically any <$10 keys?
  7. @Kilrah Could making an upgrade (keeping Drive C:'s data intact) help me with this issue? Otherwise fresh install is the way to go I guess.
  8. Nope. Uninstalled it completely from the system and restarted. No effect.
  9. Okay. But I will prefer repairing my taskbar's current status through any regedit tweaks or whatever knowledge you have in that regard. I won't re-install fresh OS just because of a taskbar issue as rest everything is working fine. Can you please guide me through?
  10. Where should I get it? Why is it so cheap? Is it a key for full-blown Windows 10 Pro? Will my cracked apps (which are working fine now) work perfectly as intended? This isn't the first time I've heard from someone to get a key that cheap but I wanna know all the caveats included in it (if any). So, it was just an account fix prompt as I changed my password few days ago. Here's how my Insider section looks...
  11. Oh my Lord! Sorry, my bad. I was too occupied by a household chore then. I know man. It's a long story but I've already opted out of Insider Builds but the fact is that my OS never rolled back to the last/latest stable build. What could possibly cause that? My Windows is activated using KMS, could that be an issue causing not to rollback? Also, I was in Slow Ring before I opted out. PS - It's saying the following... ...and I'm checking my Microsoft account right now. Will report back soon...
  12. It's the good old Net Speed Monitor which has been my most reliable tool to check my internet speed and is used by millions others. It didn't happen before so why now? I don't know what could that possibly mean.
  13. Windows 10 Pro Version: 2004 Build: 19041.172 Since the past 2 weeks I have seen the taskbar behave very absurdly. Nothing happens when I right / left click any of the following: Taskbar icons (only right click doesn't work) Volume Button (only left click doesn't work) Networks Button (only left click doesn't work) Time & Date Button (only left click doesn't work) Action Center (only left click doesn't work) Though I can right click on the empty space of taskbar to open it's settings. Watch this to see what I mean. I have found no system
  14. My SHPs are 32 ohm. So I think I'll def. need an amp for anything over 40 Ohms to hear its full potential.
  15. I don't think they even remotely approach the same amount of soundstage, details, imaging and wearing comfort of my SHP9500 so no, not this one, unfortunately. I could've gone for closed cans but I wanted to try an open-back as it was only gonna be my first-ever real headphone purchase with my first salary of my first job so there's that.