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  1. I'm assuming he is in the UK as he used £, the good news is that XBox All Access will be coming to the UK. I am guessing it will be £25 a month for a Series X and Gamepass. I would do that if I was worried about cost, Gamepass is the ultimate value in gaming, every exclusive from MS, soon including Bethesda, and EA play which wont have the latest EA games but everything else, and bundled with the console you save on getting both and have no large upfront cost. https://news.xbox.com/en-us/2020/09/09/xbox-all-access-expands-to-12-countries-this-holiday/
  2. With how performance varies per CCX, I wonder if this wont end up being good for Ryzen as Intel will have to push Windows to better understand core performance characteristics and how to use them optimally.
  3. MSI's response is basically an "Error let them do it". Once they had stock what else could they do but price gouge right?
  4. Yeah your CPU and RAM shouldn't be an issue. I doubt the PSU would be either, I think the recommended was 550.
  5. Where is a statement from the police? Where is a statement from their boss? Why should I believe these people? I have to assume Kotaku did not bother to verify any of these claims because this is just a hit piece to get clicks and champion people who share their politics.
  6. Well your GPU is definitely considerably worse than what the PS5 will have. Your CPU is probably roughly equivalent, better single thread but less cores. I'd expect PS5 to run games at higher detail level and framerates. Though with your modern CPU, the $500 PS5 cost could be used to replace that GPU with a 3070, which would spank the PS5.
  7. 7700k 1070 and 8gb of RAM. Yes absolutely. 1070 is slower than 5700XT, and the PS5's GPU specs alone show a clear improvement over the 5700XT. It also has 16gb of much faster memory. And while the Zen 2 cores are not likely that much faster than his old 7700k, there is twice as many of them. And then you bring in the specialized NVME storage. Yeah its not even close in my book.
  8. The detail level is quite good, and there are many options for the face or hair. But the body is always the same. 1 male body, 1 female body. Clearly aiming at human average. And there is only 4 voice options, 2 male, 2 female, and they are all quite standard. Just seems very bland to me.
  9. I'd go PS5, it will outclass your PC, and its going to be more of a cinematic narrative experience than a twitch shooter, so Gamepad control won't be that bad.
  10. Meh, I bought it. Yeah its buggy, yeah its not complete, but you will get it someday, and 25 hours of content is a decent starting point. So far my biggest complaint is that the character generation options are incredibly limited and boring. You cannot make a male character who is not 5'10 150 lbs, there are only 2 male voice options and both boring. No 6'6 Barbarians with a proper rage scream for you!
  11. I would get a B450 for a budget build as well. PCI-E 4 should not matter much in a budget build, and I don't think B550 gives you a good upgrade path either as I believe AMD's Zen 4 chips next year will use a new platform. So you could only go from Zen 2 to Zen 3 at best.
  12. Cheating has been, but back in the first couple years they would actually get banned within the day if they were full on aimbotting, wracking up 100+ kill games with 99%+ headshots. I used to see people banned in game and the server message in chat announcing it. It would take like 4 maybe 5 maps before it happened, and I would always curse DICE for being so slow, but it did happen. That doesn't happen anymore. I cannot even remember the last time I saw that game wide server ban message for someone.
  13. As a Samsung guy I honestly don't think its worth much. If I was going to be serious about listening to music on my phone I would get a good portable DAC/AMP for it. As it is I got a $15 adapter for my S20 and it sounds as good as what they were putting in the phones before. So for those rare times I want to plug in in a set, I can. It has wireless charging, so I can still listen and charge at the same time even. Removing the headphone jack really wasn't a big deal, and adding it back in doesn't do anything for me.
  14. For the last few months I have seen the same cheaters in Battlefield 1. Same names over and over and over again. Looking at Steam reviews it also is a massive problem with Battlefield V. I have reported them every time I come across them, which now is basically every time I play. Yet they do not get banned. I have seen cheaters running full aimbot, with 99%+ headshot rate, go from rank 1 to rank 150, logging well over 100 hours of full on aimbotting, and I am guessing at least 500 reports by players, yet nothing has been done. They are not banned. It is my belief EA has defunded th
  15. I came here to see if someone posted that. Looking to get one myself, and that looked pretty nice. They should have gotten it sponsored.
  16. We need a serious ARM contender in the PC space. Qualcomm has been 2nd rate to Apple for years now, and ARMs own designs haven't worked wonders. Nvidia throwing a ton of money and effort into creating ARM cpus for Windows and Mobile like they have GPUs is a huge win for consumers! Apple and Nvidia pushing high performance computing with ARM. AMD and Intel pushing high performance computing with x86. Bring it on!
  17. This is one of the big upsides with Halo Infinite's 360 era looking graphics, everyone is going to be so easy to see across the map, and the gameplay is going to be so fluid. Might not look cinematic, but it should work well for MP.
  18. So basically because someone might say a naughty word they are removing it all together. Censor censor censor, cut cut cut, everything to appease political correctness.
  19. I remember once their was ad in an LTT video for a company that made rugs to go under your office chair. I cannot remember what it was though. Anyway I am in the market for something to put under my chair and thought that sounded better than the hard plastic ones. Does anyone remember?
  20. Really? The 55 inch C9 has been rock stable at $1500 for like 6 months now. Seems strange they would jack the prices up so much you have the 48 costing the same as the previous 55. Especially since the feature set of the CX series isn't looking that much better.
  21. No game deserves it. It was a crap year. In any other year the GOTY finalists people are putting up this year would be thought of as just "good". Like Jedi Fallen Order, it was good, but it wasn't anything special. It wasn't God of War, or Spider-Man, or Red Dead, or Horizon or ... This was a year of mediocrity and corporate group think, a bunch of games that played it safe and followed a formula set by a far better game before it; with a little "Im a genius" artistic nutcasery from Kojima thrown on top. In fact I think its the worst year in gaming this de
  22. APUs getting a generation ahead number scheme is dumb. 7nm Zen 2 should be 3000 series, if its cpu or apu. Only thing their CPU division is doing that I am disappointed with right now.
  23. From a few weeks back. https://www.digitimes.com/news/a20190924PD203.html AMD took the retail desktop market from them almost completely, Intel still cannot meet DEMAND for 14nm. AMD has winning designs, and they took my business from Intel this year, but at the same time it appears Intel's largest problem is not being able to make as many processors as people want to buy.