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    Take me down to bearadise city where the girls are bears
  • Birthday 1868-05-28

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    Michigan in Same City as SirMrRyan :P


  • CPU
    Intel i7 6700k 4.7GHz @1.42v
  • Motherboard
    ASRock Z170 OC Formula
  • RAM
    G.Skill TridentZ CL16 3200
  • GPU
    Asus GTX 680 DCII 4GB SLI (1163/1752)
  • Case
    NZXT S340 (Black)
  • Storage
    Seagate 1TB x2 + Samsung 850 EVO 120GB
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    EVGA Supernova G2 750W
  • Display(s)
    Main - Acer H236HLbmid Second - Dell ST2310 Third - HP w2207h in portrait
  • Cooling
    NH-U12P SE2
  • Keyboard
    WASD Code v2 w/MX Clears
  • Mouse
    Logitech G500s
  • Sound
    ATH-T400 + Micca MB42s
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    Windows 10 Home 64-bit
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  1. Darkman

    What's the Deal with the Anti-MSI Circlejerk?

    Here let me just direct you to my experience made in a reddit post... They did not want the second board so it sits in my closet taking up space, really should use it as a target at the shooting range sometime.
  2. It consumes as much power as an electric space heater but you can do more than produce heat with it cause it's a computer
  3. Dammit Yoshi you're a few months late.. It's summer now not winter.
  4. Okay, my S340 kept my 6700k (1.42v 4.7GHz) with a Noctua NH-U12P in the 60-70C range with SLI Asus GTX 680 4GB DCII cards. The top card would peak at a whole 80C. Currently the case has an X62 cooling my 6700k with vardars peaking at a whole 800rpm pulling air into the case. My current gpu (1070 strix) stays in the mid 60s and peaks at around 72C. Airflow will not be an issue, especially if he gets a Founders Edition 1070 cause of the blower design not introducing heat into the case and just pulling air from inside. Also the 1070 outperforms a RX 580 while consuming much less power. It will not struggle with 2560x1080 75Hz but it might not be able to fully utilize the 144Hz of a 2560x1440 panel. My 1070 struggles in games to stay 75FPS or higher average with my 3440x1440 75Hz panel but that is a much bigger jump from 2560x1080.
  5. Darkman

    MSI... What are you doing...

    @WereCat Spoiler: I still have the board, it has memory issues and makes a useless waste of space that MSI wouldn't replace again..

    1. Jumper118



    2. Jack02


      You having any problems with your 680s on the newest Nvidia driver? I'm getting a ton of game crashes/freezes.

    3. Darkman


      @Savant82 I haven't updated my stuff on here in ages, I quit running 680 4gb sli a couple years ago, I even sold one of the cards. Currently running a 1070... I usually just find a driver that's the most stable on Nvidia and stick with it since Nvidia designs some pretty garbage drivers.

  7. Darkman

    Show off your setup!

    Such an easy fix...
  8. Darkman

    The Sleepy 8 Core Gateway K7-700

    I'll be waiting.. (RIP tmc's 7950 and borked 960 4GB)
  9. Huh that's pretty neat..



  10. Darkman

    The Sleepy 8 Core Gateway K7-700

    Update: Upgraded GPU (Thanks Asus!) What might this be?? It is a.... The card seems to be almost brand new, when I took it out of the anti-static bag the window still has its plastic cover over it and the I/O shield is spotless. Note: Dialed the 8120 back to 4.6GHz because for some reason this ram gets upset if I run it past this speed... Damn slow wams. On a plus note the blower style cooler has removed a lot of temperature issues I've been running into. Firestrike Run
  11. Darkman

    XFX HD 7870 Can't undervolt

    You have to enable voltage control in Afterburner's settings. EDIT: Some GPU's do not support adjusting voltage so you may not be able to, same with power limits.
  12. I think I've told you before but I also have been lurking on here for quite some time... Anyways here are some pictures of my truck too, it was just repainted over the winter and had a new box, passenger door, mirror, windshield, and passenger fender put on... Thanks deer for literally running into the side of it. Also have a couple older bikes (Old picture as I have yet to get it out this Spring cause I've had a week or two where the roads are free of road salt then we get dumped on with snow)
  13. Well my Regal is only ~3,500lbs, it's just more of the fact the suspension is like a cloud.
  14. My 03 Regal GS has a good ole 3800 with a supercharger. Yes it has rust, I live in Michigan https://imgur.com/a/VKnru