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  1. Toight is definitely the word A few bits came in today. Firstly, my Chinesium quality block. I'm a bit disappointed at this one, the measurements on the Amazon listing were all wrong, and it's actually nearly 5mm taller than advertised. Which I'm my world is a huge amount! So as a result.... It's a tad too tall to fit. Thankfully...it doesn't need to be as thick as it is, and I only need a couple of mm.... I'll have to find a way to accurately skim the top down a little bit, I don't trust myself doing it by hand for once! Thank
  2. @GDRRiley Cheers fella! I've got my pump and distribution block on order...once that arrives I can really start locking down my layout and where the piping will run. I still want to replace the plastic spine with a metal one, so that will be the next step after layout. Hopefully it'll make things easier to mount; I remember having issues tapping into the plastic on the Dreamcast, and here they'll literally be hanging off the standoffs
  3. The goal is to custom loop, both the CPU and the GPU. The first post would have told you that. A similar idea was floated in my Dreamcast thread, that I print a scaled up version of the case...Doesn't it go against the whole point of picking a certain case to build into? The idea of SFF is if you have a size goal, you change your internal plans to work with it...you don't just 'make the case bigger'. Not to mention the people that'd be intrigued by the finished product will definitely know the proportions of a PS2, and know straight away if anything is off. I
  4. So I did a little more trimming, and with the ram removed, and the fan from the GPU....I can test fit. Thoughts; the ethernet/usb section on the motherboard makes things an extremely tight fit, width wise. Also, I'll be using low profile ram, which was going to be a 'nice to have', but it's now a necessity. The pump-block combo idea is out the window, as I don't have enough verticle height. So a universal fit, low profile block will be going on. If you line the GPU up against the motherboard, there's a fair bit of space beneath it. Which is great for fitting my riser ca
  5. So my 200W Pico arrived....it's thiccc front to back...but strangely, narrower than the 160W item in my Dreamcast. I also bought the add2psu for it, not pictured. Which means even though it's designed to directly plug into a 24-pin motherboard, I'll be able to run it standalone. Also, the heart of the build also arrived; my NexXxos radiator. It's adorable!! And seems like a quality piece. Now to start refining my cuts, and planning out exactly how it's going to sit.
  6. Apologies for all the wordy posts, I don't have many parts at the moment so when they come in, hopefully I can be a bit more hands on with rear fitting stuff!
  7. So the seller sent me some more pictures of the GPU waterblock....looks like it won't fit; I mean, only the x4 bolt holes around the die itself will line up. I may buy it anyway, and use it for mocking up purposes. Or....I wonder if it could be modified to fit... I also removed the block from the AIO and I'm thinking that I may have clearance issues there. With the motherboard lined up with the rear edge of the case, the block would interfere with the radiator. I may have to go with a separate pump/res, and I'm not 100% sure that'll work either. Maybe some packaging may have to
  8. £££**KACHING**£££ GRAPHICS CARD PURCHASED. I think this one part cost the same as all the components of my last build put together... Although I knew this build wasn't going to be as cheap, so that's okay I suppose. It was on eBay which is why I didn't share the details, but now I can happily do that It's a Palit 2060 'StormX'. Standard 6gb of memory, but like I mentioned before, it's the only 'slot length' RTX card I've found. All the others I was looking at were ITX classified, but halfway between that and full size. Even better, all the I/O is single slot in height, which wasn't
  9. So I bit the bullet and bought the radiator I wanted, the Alphacool NexXxos UT60 penta(5) fan version. I've also started hacking away at the internal structure of the PS2; Dremel, pliers etc, at the moment it's not a very exact art. And if I'm honest, I see myself taking as much of the middle layer out as possible, and putting in a metal sheet to replace it, for more rigidity. Amazingly, I've managed to find a 2060 that's REALLY SMALL...only as long as the pci-e slot(145mm). I didn't think there were any RTX cards that size on the market, but apparently I was wrong. An
  10. So I did browse parts for a while back, but put this project on the backburner due to parts cost...£100+ a piece, for the GPU waterblock, CPU block, and radiator? Shit, I'm tentative on dropping so much cash at the mock-up stage. But I did find a solution to my worries regarding the cpu block; I was originally planning on using an Eisbaer LT, a pump/block combo with the ports on the side, not the top. Turns out that even though it's a low profile option, it's still too tall. I wanted the block to be the same height or near as possible to the ram sticks. Without using a separate pum
  11. @Belac F Hmmm interesting. I'll have to look into that, and water blocks of course. I think I'll want to have a little shaped bump in the mesh at the rear of the case, juuuust to give myself a little leeway length wise. I need to get myself sorted and buy the radiator, I can't really mock up much without it, and unfortunately it's not cheap! Like £80....you can get 360 rads cheaper than that!
  12. So I always liked the PS2 design, where it looked like slats around the edge... But it wasn't actually. Well, I'm not going to get trapped in the same thermal corner as I was with the Dreamcast, so I decided to hollow out slots in the top of the console. This part is only a vanity cover so not too structural, and I'll be honest it's still surprisingly rigid after trimming. Cuts will be tidied up at a later date. A couple of my Noctua fans also came in. This gives me an idea of how far through the central spine the radiator will protrude, and therefore, if
  13. After a lot of umming and aahing about what setup to go with the radiators, I think I've found the solution; I initially wanted to use normal format radiators, just the thin ones that're available. The ones that're sub-30mm deep without fans, and blowing out the large, flat area on the back wall of the console. But that wasn't as simple as I imagined, I could fit a single 140...but a 240 wouldn't quite fit height wise. And any more unorthodox fan-size like an twin-80mm, or 92's, weren't available with 'thin' options. Unless someone can link me to something I've missed... So the plan
  14. I would have to use an M.2 adapter, but thankfully this board actually has dual connectors so I'm not limiting myself when it comes to on-board storage
  15. @jaslionTo be honest, you're almost there with the broad strokes... I think? When you refer to top are you talking about the longer section, or the literal top? because I want the console standing. Without the stand though, personally I think they look sort of tacky I'm looking at three plausible layouts right now; - main boards in the larger half of the console - both at the TOP...that is when the console is standing - staggered, one in the larger half, one in the smaller I was thinking along the lines of under volting, using a Pico, things like that. But quite th