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  1. I wonder if he even remembers that he has this account?

    1. wkdpaul


      last visit was 2017 ... I doubt it! lol

    2. Grumpy Old Man

      Grumpy Old Man

      Maybe he’s just so in a busy to do EXCELLENT iFixit ads.

  2. You still remember the password? 

  3. People often forget that a view is a view.... the difference is how many views the outlet generates and the amount of time that those views are generated that dictate the rate
  4. Yes, that is the same dye I used in the PC Clear fluid. Im referring to whatever is turning the fluid/dye brown. I assume its a particle of some sort no? I wish I paid more attention in chemistry
  5. Dude, Im so glad to hear that... honestly. Then you know that the temperatures are indeed a part of the issue, but not THE issue. Since I was also under the impression that the heat and the nano particles might be the issue was my reasoning to switching to the PC Clear. I am still using Mayhems Dye though, and this could be the dye picking up the particulates and not the nano particles.... I think I may have to test this with straight distilled and see if it changes or has particles in it after time So just to clarify if you want to try to recreate this loop yourself for testing
  6. Im going to document all of this. Obviously my intentions are not to damage any brands. I am an advocate for the WC community and want it to grow, not cause damage. I am offering my radiators as well as fluid samples to both Mayhems and Hardware Labs to investigate completely. Have not received a response from HWLabs yet on whether or not they want the rad. They did respond a lot to the Pastel and Nano Particle issue, however I dont think they realized that this time around... there is no nano fluid in my system whatsoever.
  7. I have not, but one thing that Mayhems did tell me is that Orange, Red and Yellow are the most sensitive to color change. Blue us not likely to change. I have been leaving it running and checking for changes.
  8. Trust me, we want this resolved because the best outcome is that the industry will be left with a better product in the end. As for my fluid temps, the max I have seen it get is 30c using a probe while my GPU loop is under load. My CPU loop is a little cooler at 28c. As for the heat, its not the CAUSE but more of an accelerator... the heat is a key factor in what is happening, but we still dont know WHAT is happening.
  9. I am not currently using the Pastel. The fluid that changed this time around is the PrimoChill Clear with Mayhems Orange Dye. I also said in that video that it could be the Dye that is causing this, and Mayhems and I have been working closely on this matter to rule out the dye. VSG, you are not privy to the conversations and testing that is taking place both here in the States as well as in the UK with Mayhems, so what you just did is speculate as well, which is what you just said someone shouldnt do.... ironic?
  10. The most comical thing about this thread, is the fact that the OP thinks Linus and I dont talk. For the record, Linus personally gave me advice weeks ago and said he has no doubt that I will be successful. We also laugh at these kinds of posts, as it makes the poster look foolish, and not us. Second of all, moving to Vessel at the exact moment that I go independent is not the kind of shake up someone establishing a stable foundation needs. The OP can make this about me vs Linus if he wants, but thats just stupid. I have publicly given Linus credit for paving a way for others like mys
  11. If it was, I would have a Luke working for me, but I dont, so its only a partial rip off.
  12. My wife and daughters disagree with you... oh, and thats not nice. Im sure thats against some TOS and CoC...