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  1. Its been fairly meh , Also rip tacos .
  2. Hello people . I havent really watched that much anime but I do wanna say hello to the cool people on this thread. Howdy.
  3. Yeah I havent been that much involved in tech stuff . Stopped checking out linus channel and kinda dropped out of the forums gradually . You guys are gonna have to fill me in on whats up.
  4. Hey, look who's back! LTT addiction was too strong? ;)

    1. zappian


      Just checking in to see how things are going . Not that much involved with tech these days. Still have the same heap of junk pc:P

    2. Fooshi


      Ayyyyyy welcome back!

  5. Nvm misread. Just get the lpd 8 if you have the keyboard already.
  6. Hello , Welcome to the forums.
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    2. zappian


      Y u no answer on steam fox loli person.

    3. KemoKa


      Steam is misbehaving, it won't open for some reason.

      Am try fix.

    4. Xaring


      Thats the spanish flag? Are we finally invading portugal?

  7. Just use libre office or open office which is what i use lol.


    I am still very new at music production but heres a track i made.


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    2. zappian



      Its kinda shit I know.

    3. Ceatra


      dat begining tho 

    4. Ceatra


      kinda reminds me of pokemon

  9. Are you serious? I mean lets think about this that picture looks fake as f** and it goes over the character limit. If you use your brain you will reach the conclusion that that image is fake as hell.