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    Intel i5 4460
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    EVGA 750 Ti
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    Corsair 230T
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    Kingston V300 60 GB, WD 320 GB, Toshiba 320 GB
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  1. German Talk

    Wo wohnst du denn ? Bei mir ist der Postbote ein Deutscher, aber auch die auslaendischen Postboten reden Deutsch. Was ist dann ein FOR ?
  2. German Talk

    Gehoert die Detsche Post dazu ?
  3. German Talk

    Danke sehr, wollt ihr was diskutieren ? Videospiele, Studium, weshalb Macbooks eine scheusslische Lueftung haben ?
  4. German Talk

    Gebrauchte Komponente, wo kauft man die in Deutschland ? Wo findet man Schnaeppchen ? Ich kenne nur Hardwareluxx :-/
  5. German Talk

    Wohin seid ihr alle ausgewandert ?
  6. So 50 according to your memory it would take 50 minutes 10 more or less. As a worker I would get suspicious if refueling took more than 10 minutes or so. Furthermore the worker should've have lost the control over the pump so that he couldn't shut it down, wouldn't that be a reason to call the cops ? I just find it really suspicious that the cops weren't called.
  7. Windows Update KB4284835 - Causing Boot Loops

    Windows troubleshooter is shitty, I remember in Windows 7 where I had a networking problem and it recommended looking the problem in internet up.
  8. So it went for about 90 minutes and no worker got suspicious and tried to see why it's taking so long ? I think the worker was in on it, Gizmodo says that the worker wasn't able to prevent it, but like the station is near downtown Detroit and the police ain't gonna need a lot of time to respond to a call.
  9. After watching GNs video and reading more into it. It is practical to not having the NDA specific to one particular product. You mean the video from GN right ? And apparently they do exist.
  10. Woah, didn't know you came online 5 hours ago. Where have you been? Miss ya so much.

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      Also, great to hear about your academic progress!

    3. cesrai


      Thanks bro, I see that you still got that GIMP logo

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      Don't break it if it ain't fixed. Wait, gotta fix that saying...

  11. My problem is that the NDA applies to everything from Nvidia and not to a specific information or a product. The NDA also doesn't have any expire-date and it contains a lot of terms that contradict journalistic principles. I have no idea what these principles are, it would've been nice if heise mentioned them. Maybe I'll write them an Email and ask what these principles are.

    Ohhh.. I thought I saw an A. My bad my bad.

    The pronunciation of Aziz kills me.
  14. I'm stealing that. Eh.. They got like ~2.5 years of use out of them so it's not unreasonable to upgrade after it. Furthermore, I can understand why would they go out with iDevice considering their support and the whole thing they have for Enterprises.