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    basicly a lurker.
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    The nothern half of Brabant
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    photography, science, wondering about, screwing around with stuff you shouldn't play with, taking things apart without reason, oh and also woman are a kind of an interest.
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    full time student and screw around


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    4790K non OC
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    MSI z97s SLI krait
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    16 GB kingston hyperX FURY low profile
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    asus GTX 970 STRIX
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    CM storm stryker
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    250gb smasung 850 evo and over 2tb HDD space
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    750 Be Quiet powerzone
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    salora ??? asus PB238
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    Be Quiet dark rock pro 3
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    cooler master TKI, browns
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    razer naga(original)
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    creative 2.1 speaker set up
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    OSX and MSX

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  1. Hi there, Recently my system updated my Excel 365 proplus version to the latest version 1903 (build 11425.20228 ) but since then I haven't been able to create graphs or anything, I tried the IT helpdesk at school but they have been unable to do anything, does anyone know a way to revert the installed update to it's previous build version? my attempts at google so far seem to have been pointless in finding a solution, I only came across people with the same issue.
  2. looking for wallpapers/backgrounds that fit nicely on dual monitor set ups(2 1080p screens) feel free to drop nice thinngs or places to check below

  3. not ded, just inactive lurking

  4. drama within the team and the actual mind behind everything leaving them. Wendell had all knowledge and a background, where as most others where more personalities then people with knowledge, they could host pretty well but that was it.
  5. Sony has a bad past too here, this woudnt be the first time of them blocking crossplatform options. from 2017 https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2017-06-13-sony-defends-decision-to-block-cross-play-with-xbox-one-and-nintendo-switch
  6. yes it's kinda the same like that. @Sniperfox47I haven't been following the case myself really, but I believe it came down to the fact that manufacturers are freely able to use android, even without all the google apps(chrome, g+, the play store etc) However that is for the standard version of android, if I'm not mistaken it was mostly about the part where devs get forced to include all these applications if they want to make changes to stock android, like putting their own skin on it or their own app store. On one hand it makes it easier since you don't need to make another a
  7. and another video that didn't show up in my subscription box nevermind it just popped up
  8. people usually don't see the difference between white hat, grey hat and black hat hackers, you are learning to be a white hat currently(someone that hacks with permission and to gain money) which basically is digital security.
  9. companies mailing with "we care about your privacy" a few days before GDPR get's enforced is a total shitshow

  10. yes they do, they get a very small amount of money from people that watch their content while having youtube red. Before my old shit channel got demonetized I got around $0.01 total(!) from 2-3 youtube red viewers, without having any content on youtube red specifically.
  11. the british are crazy about their royalties and now someone form the colonies USA get's taken into it the murices paparazzi also eat their fair share of it, basically the two countries that idolize famous people the most made a mash up. they are mere political tools so to speak, they attract some tourism and are basically the highest ranking diplomats of a country. Outside that depending on the country they still sign laws, meaning if the king/queen refuses to sign something(although there ways to circumvent that) it already shows there are flaws in it.
  12. more, probably not, but more consistent in quality and general time taken yes, we also shouldn't forget that the complexity of the video(and the amount of shots used) also come into play, from something simple like this to monstrosities like this https://twitter.com/TaranVH/status/903480732563021824
  13. in the EU it varies by country, I can only speak for the Netherlands on this. Earlier this your the government tried to pass a law which would allow the AIVD(dutch spy agency) to tap all calls, messages and what not, this gave a huge backlash within the country and even let to a referendum about it and people voted massively against it(except the elderly who didn't get it) it lead to the law being retracted in it's current shape and being looked at, since the opposition(politicians who didn't get elected) and some elected officials saw flaws in the law after the tech sector pointed them out.
  14. it might be due to tech linked being news related, thus having a shorter release schedule