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  1. That 500 gb is for my os. I have 4 seperate drives remaining on the other hand.
  2. Hey guys, So I have run into a small issue. I just got a new nvme m.2 samsung 850 pro to replace my current 2 x AMD r7 ssd 240 gb raid 0 configuration. Now my issue is, for games, I have a 2x 500GB Samsung 850 raid 0 config. Is it worth to put the 2x AMD and the 2x Samsuing in raid 0? Bare in mind, data reliability/points of failure is not an issue. I am running an x99 motherboard.] To add to this, I have not even gotten close to filling up the 1TB yet. So the lost space is not an issue either Thanks!
  3. The surface book was my original "look" but it does not seem to be upgradeable, and is a bit too expensive, I think about 1350.
  4. Hello Everyone! I am going to be buying a laptop soon, I have a maximum budget of 1250 USD. Now let me make one thing clear, this laptop will NOT be used for gaming. I am going to be using this for casual day to day stuff. No editing or anything like that. This will mainly be used for browsing, watching videos, writing documents etc. Here are things I want prioritized - - Must be light - Good screen - Thin - Good keyboard - At least 8GB of ram? Something like that, suggest ahead!
  5. How will that help? I dont want to worsen my situation anymore then it already is ;-;
  6. Tried different cables, so probably the port
  7. Help needed!


    1. DevilishBooster


      Smash it with a hammer and light it on fire.

  8. Hello Everyone, long time no see ^-^ Anyways, straight to the problem. I have a Dell Venue 8 7840 tablet. The tablet works fine, but it has one BIG problem. The charging port, is well, broken or something. If I plug in the charger normally, the tablet does not charge. At first I assumed the tablet was dead, then I found out a way to get around this problem. If I keep a lot of pressure on the charging port by pushing the wire into the charging port constantly, the tablet starts to charge. A bit of wiggling while the pressure is applied is required for the tablet to charge. So I h
  9. I do not think you know what a monopoly is. A monopoly is not a company having a high market share, its a company putting down others to make them less successful through controlling supply and demand. And in this case, they are patent trolling, which is not considered monopolizing, but competition. Microsoft has been tried in court for being a monopoly, and the result was "False claim"
  10. Hey Guys! Had a friend who needs a new general purpose (bit of video editing laptop), any idea what he can get on a $650 budget? No specific features needed, OS must be windows. No preferred company. Thanks