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    Crowd control munitions manufacturer


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    Ryzen 7 3700x
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    Phanteks P400
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  1. I'm looking for a budget phone to replace an Iphone 5c. it needs to be an android and preferably under 200 usd
  2. I'm planning to get a new phone (most likely galaxy S8) and my parents and I have Iphones. We are currently using the find friends app to track our locations. I would like some suggestions on apps that are cross platform and that are preferably free.
  3. Are these voltages normal, the yellow voltages are while the drone is in flight and the green ones are while the drone is landed
  4. The Adobe website says I live in Uruguay but I live in the US, I need help fixing this
  5. Thank You, the solution we're going with is similar to your suggestion, we are getting two AVerMedia live gamer portable lite capture cards and connecting them to two video cameras, the Canon XF300 and Sony HVR-V1U. If the event we are live streaming goes well we'll look into getting a wireless HDMI system to the HVR-V1U since it is lighter so we can have a fully mobile camera.
  6. either in my pocket or taped to the side of the camera, it just ends to have a barrel connector
  7. I need to be able to carry it around with me
  8. I have no idea what category this should be in. I need a battery bank capable of charging this thing since it only has a 60 minute battery life. https://teradek.com/products/vidiu?variant=29318729997#box_hash
  9. Is there wireless webcams that have a decent range, I need to be able to move around at events and people not trip and die on cables
  10. 5Ds are the best cameras we've got, we've also got a T6i, T5i, multiple T3i's and a T2i