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  1. There's no Eth mining app that I know of, though there are some that mine other cheap currencies using the SoC's cpu. And it's definitely not worth it. Extremely low power, system shared memory and limited cpu usage, gives like a couple of H/s. Have fun trying tho.
  2. Oh, now I get it, you’re looking for a water aio for your cpu and gpu. I’m not really into water cooling, so I can’t help. Sorry.
  3. Well, most of them don’t even have the right caps and vrms to support strong video cards, so OP should either give up or spend a whole day looking for adapters, and then finding out which one is the safest for his mxm.
  4. STACK THOSE PADS IT GOTTA BE THICK /s Nah mate just do it the way the manufacturer did. Applying pads or paste to a chip that isn’t in contact with the heat sink is just pointless and a waste.
  5. Yes it does, but the adapter will have to be powered by at least one 6 pin connector and finding a compatible cooler might be a hassle.
  6. I don’t see why it wouldn’t, the PSU is largely enough for its original gpu that consumes more power than a 1030.
  7. So you’re not sure which components to buy, but you’ve already determined what cpu, gpu and how much memory you’re gonna use... What??
  8. Same thing lmao Years ago there already were several phones with external active cooling. The fact that OP doesn’t even know the ROG Phone series just astonishes me.
  9. It absolutely is. However, higher power consumption = bad. Also note that a lot of phones, notably iPhones and specific Samsung devices have 60Hz displays with accurate frame syncing.
  10. Phone cooling was already a thing since ages ago... Take a look at the iPhone 5 's shell. It's an aluminium casing that passively cools the internals.
  11. By "over time", do you mean per game session or your overall playtime?
  12. Common misconception of "heavy apps kill your battery faster" Your li-ion battery pack is constantly reacting chemically to actively feed power to your phone, therefore it is always degrading. After five years of use, my iPhone 7 Plus packed with a 2900mAh li-ion has a "battery health" of 75%. I've been playing codm since it's release and although it's a heavier use of power, the difference of TDP is only within 10W, which barely even "degrades" your battery.
  13. The s8 has the 'Extreme' frame rate profile present by default... which means that it'd probably handle the game better than a 6s Plus, which probably has it at High or Ultra. Also my 7+ shows apparent stuttering at >60fps, so I doubt a phone with a tad worse processor would perform better. tl;dr S8 is better than 6s+
  14. If the game was intended to be played with a controller then no, it isn't an exploit. And using a controller that makes you aim slower just puts you in a disadvantage