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  1. I don’t know for sure, but it seems like it’s thermal throttling… Since it’s a 3080 Ti, there’s a possibility it was built like complete sht.
  2. It's alright, I get that you were frustrated. The reason why it became 6GB once you turned it on is because all BIOS settings were set to factory default when you did the cmos clearing process. I assume you already knew this, just wanted to point that out.
  3. If your Dragon Center shows a GPU switch option in the general settings section and since you don't mind it consuming more power, you can switch it to the discrete GPU so it renders everything including your desktop with the dGPU and not the iGP, which usually bottlenecks the dGPU if it uses iGP passthrough. This way you can also go to the BIOS and give it a minimal amount of vram. As for disabling it, I'm not sure whether it'll work or not. I guess it's up to you to try it on your own. However, if your laptop does not support display output from a single GPU, then you can't do any
  4. This could be anything, frankly. >flex cable broken somewhere it's not observable/hidden >display clocked incorrectly >display defect >gpu defect You can for the least connect an external display and see whether it does the same or not. If it does, it most likely is a gpu defect.
  5. Tested with AirPods 2 on iPhone 7 Plus with song called “Darix Togni” by Digi Galessio. This only occurs with this song afaik and does the same with either the left side AirPod or the right side. With both being active at once, all frequencies are perceivable. What could be causing this?
  6. I have an R9 280 and want to use something like Optimus on my desktop due to getting scaling issues with HDMI to VGA adaptors. How do I do this with an Intel iGPU?
  7. As said in the title. Free and HQ with no watermarks, preferably with with variable frame rate recording.
  8. I've looked up in plenty of forums and articles but they all point out different locations; "it's inside the die" "in the CPU's socket" "on the motherboard" So where exactly are the temps sensors at for a CPU, a GPU, Nand chips, the PCH, etc.??? Does it differ between desktop and laptop boards?
  9. Was just wondering if that's possible software-wise with what I've got as a consumer with consumer grade features.
  10. But I thought CrystalDiskMark would max out to the highest speed?
  11. It's the case with my laptop, a G531GT that has an HM370 chipset and I have no idea why the SSD wouldn't reach the rated Gen 3 standard speed.
  12. It is known as a fact that these would never run at the speed they're rated at, and would usually fall behind to something like 75 to 90%. And even so, Asus gave us something from an even older generation. So yeah, pretty much what I thought, they paired a decent ssd with a garbage nvme controller, and advertised it as PCIe 3.0 when it clearly isn't... And false advertising is definitely a crime in Taiwan. Cool. Thanks for replying.