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  1. I got my second shot of Phizer last Saturday. Luckily, Denmark was able to aquire a huge quantity of vaccines from Romania, moving the schedule forward quite a bit. Honestly, that last shot hit like a fucking truck. I'm usually pretty resilient to being sick, but I really reacted to getting my second vaccine. My entire Sunday was spend feeling sore, tired and generally unwell. I'm just fine today, so I'm glad I got vaccinated. I can only imagine how hard I would been affected by actual Covid-19.
  2. I'll definitely look into new straps. Some nice rubber ones might be a good idea. Especially since the Navygraf uses 19mm straps, and I don't have a lot of those on hand. That Raketa Copernicus is dope. It's the exact amount of weirdness I can get behind, and it's very well designed, as well. Also, and open question, does anyone know a good 24 watch. I saw some vintage pocket watches with 24 hour watch faces once, and I kinda want that in a wrist watch. But the newly manufactured 24 watches all seem to be expensive gimmick watched with questionable QC, and the vint
  3. I do like the look of that shark skin strap. Unfortunately, I'm allergic to chrome, and as such I'm allergic to most tanned hides. I'm also quite hesitant about leather (or hide) straps in general. I can't imagine a wet or damp leather strap feels nice to wear. The femme Marine National watch is definitely the best looking, but I agree that 34mm might be a bit too small for most men. Hell, everything less than 38mm looks quite terrible on me. I also found it weird that there's no mechanical version of the womens' watch, only a quartz. But oh well. As to bronze
  4. Man, I would love to have a Mortima Mayerling. That's such a cool looking watch. Honestly, the Navygraf was the only current Yema watch I really liked the look of. Their famous Superman line looks a bit too much like an Omega to me, and their higher-end bronze watches are too gaudy for my taste. Although, their opcoming National Marine watches look really cool. Yeah, I know a lot of reputable straps and bracelets are made in Europe (or at least by European companies), but outside the Anglosphere it's pretty slim pickings. I guess there might be some German or French
  5. I recently bought a Yema Navygraf Heritage: It's pretty much a copy of Yema's original Navygraf from 1966, all the way down to the color scheme or yellow and burned orange. The main reason I bought is because it's the cheapest (and honestly most stylish) way to get a watch with Yema's newest inhouse automatic movement, YEMA2000. The bracelet it came with was not not really all that great, as the clasp used stamped steel. just seems weird to make the most moved part of the watch out of such a brittle material. So I replaced it with a black NATO strap. I do prefer m
  6. Damn, people are getting their shots early. Where I live they're considering reshuffling the age at which you're eligible for the vaccine. Currently, it's oldest to youngest, but now it might switch to youngest to oldest. Either way I'm pretty much stuck in the middle, and I can't expect my first shot until the end of August and my last shot some time in November. The government have floated the idea of offering both the AstraZeneca and J&J vaccines on a volunteer basis. If that becomes a reality I'll see if I can jump on that opportunity.
  7. If you use HDMI for sound, then you would bypass the soundcard, yes. In most cases, you would bypass the soundcard by using the Toslink, as well, as you wouldn't use the DAC and amplifier in the soundcard. With Toslink you would "just" pass the digital signal on to the DAC in the receiver. With DSD it becomes a bit more complicated. If you're doing the DSD decoding in software on your PC, then it wouldn't matter what output you're using. However, if ou rely on hardware decoding of your DSD content, then you might be tied down to a specific output.
  8. I know some AMD graphics cards have had issues outputting sound through HDMI, if there's no image being outputted. Although, you could always run a cloned display with no display and just use the HDMI for sound. You could also run the image through the receiver, but in my experience that introduces a lot of latency to the image signal. The best solution for PC use would be to run an HDMI to the TV and then run HDMI to the receiver from the TV via ARC/eARC. But I don't know if your supports ARC.
  9. It might have been better to ask this in the Home Theater sub, but here goes. If you plan on running anything more than a 5.1 setup, I wouldn't recommend using Toslink, as it can't do more than 5.1 lossless. For a home theater, especially if you plan on doing Dolby Atmos/DTS-X, an HDMI connection to the receiver is the way to go. If you only plan on doing stereo or 5.1, then I would recommend just using the Toslink connection, as using the analog outputs can be a hassle.
  10. There certainly is a lot of overlap in the R&D of consumer and professional equipment, but I'd wager that Sennheiser is mainly trying to get rid of their manufacturing cost. Sennheiser has to move a ton of headphones to make up for the up-front manufacturing cost, and my guess would be that they dust aren't moving that kind of product. Sennheiser might be highly regarded in enthusiast circles, but that's still a very small niche compared to the broader consumer base. This is the same reason why JBL have considered ceasing their consumer production a couple of times.
  11. Ripping the entirety of Game of Thrones in 4K might have been a mistake:


    1. Spotty


      Still not as big a mistake as Season 8

  12. It's officially time to experiment with ripping 4K Blu-ray movies. I've amassed quite a few 4K movies and it has bothered me that I haven't been able to make a digital backup of the discs.
  13. I really wanted to test the performance difference of Nvidia's implementation of resizable bar, but my CPU/motherboard was just too old for it.

    Until they weren't. MSI just released the first BIOS update for my motherboard almost three years, just to enable support for resizable bar. And it even seems to be working.

    Good guy MSI, I guess.

  14. The first three Harry Potter games on the PS2 and Xbox. I discovered them rather late, but I think they're surprisingly good for movie-tie-in games, but as games they're pretty terrible.
  15. Bought a 3080 at launch back in September and just waited six months.