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    Typho (You can Google Steam Typho and it will show the first and "original" Typho aka me ;)

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    I'm interested in economics, bit politics ( I know I know xD ), psychology, games, watches and stocks.
    Games I play in my freetime are: Battlefield 1, SW Battlefront II, Elder Scrolls Online and PD2.


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  1. Don't know about a little push, but judging from the first episode it might be good to give it a try, because it's probably among the "best" 10 anime of this season. Shokugeki no Souma s2, D.Gray Man Hallow (started watching D.Gray Man) , ReLIFE? (didn't give it a try cuz not sure if my type), Orange?, Danganronpa 3, Arslan Senki s2, Tales of Zestiria X. Anyways I think Danganronpa 3 is much better than Arslan Senki s2 and pretty mediocre Tales of Zestiria X (waiting for a change in story writing) > Based on "I've got this feeling" Zestiria may have a chace but Arslan Senki is done.
  2. I felt that it went kinda downhill after episode 8 or sth. I mean the story became expected (did not like the main "villain", typical one as far as I have seen), still going to finish it after some time probably. I've been busy reading Gamer, Tales of Demons and Gods and Doulou Dalu "manga". (Made by Korean) At first Tales of Zestiria seemed like a boring one but after 3 episodes or something it became more interesting. Btw does it follow the game "story" ? Is Tales of Zestiria originally game or VN?
  3. I was genuinely impressed when watched Hikaru no Go... Expected it to be boring and bad but I actually enjoyed it. Tbh I kinda downloaded go game on my computer and going to practice secretly (Chess is also kinda cool but I just suck at it and feels so difficult because different pieces have different moves and then building up a strategy feels too hard)
  4. "Powerful" can be relative to some companies. Some 199€ on-sale laptops have "powerful" processor.
  5. Well yeah it's pretty good but tbh I am fearing that the constant time traveling or going to "save point" might wear down the idea and make the anime worse/boring. Don't know Just hoping that now they will be more careful with it. 17 more episodes to go I think I didn't really realize the hype because I don't follow MAL forum that much.
  6. Dunno if this is just my personal opinion but I don't see hype over any anime in this season
  7. Personally I think this is pretty good (for english dub version) Only the background "sound" is sometimes little bit annoying but I know that they can't play too similar music because of copyrights and stuff.
  8. Woooo!! Finally watched Diamond no Ace season 2 and .... wrote a crappy review The feeling when you see growth in your mother tongue essays, but writings in english are still the same
  9. Boku no Hero Academia (I wanna be a herooo ~. Kind of refreshing, haven't really watched Hero things), Koutetsujou no Kabaneri (Like Attack on Titan in a nutshell), Re: Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu ("Time travelling" or going to "save points" Currently a lot of repetition, I wonder if 25 ep. will get VERY boring because of the strategy they picked as a main thing or sth...), Joker Game (Spies, episodic)
  10. Btw Watched this anime called Reikenzan: Hoshikuzu no Utage like 7 ep. Still know nothing about the main character ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ . (It has 12 episodes but maybe s2 coming?) I only know that the main character is genius and super talented . . .
  11. I did not like the last arc until we got to see that amazing battle between Meruem and Netero. I actually had like almost a half-year - year pause because I couldn't just go with the flow when the Chrimera Ant Arc started The very last arc was kinda rushed but I liked the ending. I hype over the HxH and I almost consider it as the "best" anime I have ever watched, even though It has many flaws. (For example Gon stays as Gon...) I still like FMA Brotherhood more because the story was more appealing to me and amazing considering that they only used like 60 episodes? Still on
  12. Oh nvm. I think I may have dropped it because I read some reviews and stuff
  13. Thank you for reminding me! I recall I was going to watch it but I kind of forgot Watched trailer and yeah, haven't watched it yet. That Conquer of Shamballa I have watched.
  14. Rip standards, 738 ep. of One Piece, Bleach 366, 220 naruto, 362 Naruto Shippuuden and both Fairy Tail *Couldn't handle Conan more than 25 ep.