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  1. Unless you get them to somehow touch and you short your VRMs I doubt it.
  2. Son, what are you talking about? This is perfectly normal. I have 16GB or RAM as well, I get to around the same usage as well. Chrome is well known for poor resource management, this is actually not even that bad. Now if it's at 80% or more then you most likely have a Windows 10 memory leakage, but 43% is perfectly normal for how many applications you have open.
  3. Nice. I just got serious about overclocking recently, was able to get to 4.8Ghz 1.35V on my 6600k. I want to push it further but at 4.8Ghz I go up to 96C. Waiting until I get my AiO in the mail to try for 5Ghz!
  4. CM offers I think a two year warranty and they also replace broken parts if need be I read.
  5. So what do you recommend? Return my cooler as soon as it gets here and buy another cooler?
  6. So I recently bought this cooler (MasterLiquid Lite RGB 240mm) and it's on its way right now. I looked at other coolers and I feel like I made a good choice because this thing is basically on par in terms of performance with other coolers according to several hardware reviewer's numbers, and for 60 dollars it was hard to pass up on. But i was thinking if maybe this wasn't a good buy and I should return it for an H100i or something in the 100+ range? Is it really worth it?
  7. Really nice case but I know if I got it I'd end up spending 100 on custom cables lol
  8. Yeah, I've decided not to go with this not even just because of the price. After reading about NZXT CAM software and how it logs your data, I'm probably never going to buy anything NZXT ever again. I think I'm going with the Define R6 when it's back in stock. I agree, the Pro M and Meshify are nice but if I got the Pro M It would be like just shrinking my current case (Enthoo Primo) lol. Still considering the Meshify but the TG is tinted so dark :^/
  9. I don't think there's any bundles for the Define R6 considering it's still out of stock in most places.
  10. Yeah, I'm not changing anything just swapping cases and upgrading a few small components.
  11. AF 120s. Not ideal, but I'll buy new fans with my new case so whatever.
  12. I've had the Corsair CX600M since early 2015 and haven't used anything else through like 3 major upgrades. I got it from Newegg as a refurb unit, should I replace it with another PSU, or should I just keep it in my build for now?
  13. These look like good options. Any thoughts on the H700i? People say it's priced too high but I don't really mind because I'm not going to replace this case for a while.