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    K1ng reacted to Jurrunio in Why Nvidia is so expensive?   
    If nvidia did, AMD will be dead pretty much. AMD has always targeted lower profit margin than pretty much everyone in electronics in order to compensate for their bad past and cost to their rep. Note that the RX 580 is technologically still worse than the 1060, drawing more power for its comparable performance. Global Foundaries is also probably cheaper than Samsung to employ for the manufacturing.
    they are only comparable in reality.
    GDDR5 is cheap now, basically left over stock since new cards use GDDR6 or HBM2
    doesn't matter, tech inside isn't better
    nm count is simply a name. They have long stopped representing an actual dimension in the process node
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    K1ng got a reaction from Hi P in Would the 3200g be okay?   
    Yeah 3200g will be fine but imho if you can grab a R5 2600 for around the same price i would do that. You dont need all those cores for gaming but it does help some like apex legends and battlefield games. when compared to the 2200g or 3200g. But a 2600 will offer a much better user experience if they ever want to do more than one thing at once.
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    K1ng reacted to AngryBeaver in Would the 3200g be okay?   
    With all the deals going on... I would look for a 2600. They can be found for around $99 right now and would be far better to use. I also would stay away from the any of the 2200/2400/3200/3400 processors. They are great if you don't want to use a dedicated GPU, but the moment you use a discrete card you are better off going to a 1600x/2600/3600
    Just did a quick google the 3200g is $99 most places. You can get a 2600 for $119 at a handful of places and for $99 at microcenter (even cheaper if you bundle a motherboard for $30 more off)
    This is the 2600 + a b450 Asus Rog motherboard. $225 after tax 

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    K1ng reacted to Skiiwee29 in Stuttery stream?   
    There is a bug with OBS that doesnt give it proper GPU allocation when your GPU is above 85% used and caused OBS to not have enough resources to render the frame. Try limiting your FPS in game or with Nvidia Inspector. I have to do this even with my 2080ti otherwise my FPS in OBS drops from a stable steady 60 down into the 20s and 30s during times of high movement or action as a result. 
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    K1ng reacted to BuckGup in Logitech g502 hero vs razer deathadder elite   
    They are fairly similar. G502 will most likely last 20x as long. Razer products are shit
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    K1ng got a reaction from NickToye in Monitor not working...   
    Glad to hear sorry i didnt reply sooner to help i had the flu and didnt even get on my pc for days. Pc can be weird sometimes. What i assume may have happened is the ram although not specifically compatible ryzen mobo typically have a method to test timings and speed until they find a compatible solution. It may have ended up finding one if you had tried to turn it on and just left it on for a really long time.
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    K1ng reacted to gbergeron in BSOD when playing demanding games   
    1200 watt PSU, Is this a nuclear central PC ?

    Anyway, hey is there any overclock settings ? Turn it back all to defaults. IF already done, try new RAM.
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    K1ng reacted to Zberg in Best 1440p 144 frames GPU   
    Right on.  Sad thing is, nothing can really reliably do 144 fps on EVERYTHING at 1440p.  My 2080ti only gets 144 fps on lower demand games (overwatch, apex, low requirement games).  The AAA titles on Ultra it wont consistently get 144, hell on a lot of them it stays under 100!
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    K1ng reacted to TahoeDust in Best 1440p 144 frames GPU   
    The best?  2080 ti.
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    K1ng got a reaction from eemunni in How to Flash the bios with no display   
    If the bios is really corrupted there may be no way to get a display period. Only hope would be if the mobo designers have a failsafe method/ dual bios/ or swap-able bios chip.
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    K1ng got a reaction from eemunni in How to Flash the bios with no display   
    If the bios is really corrupted there may be no way to get a display period. Only hope would be if the mobo designers have a failsafe method/ dual bios/ or swap-able bios chip.
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    K1ng reacted to Spotty in Need opinion on my Plan Build   
    It's imbalanced, I can't figure out what it would be used for. What's it for?
    Why 32GB of RAM?

    What's your budget?
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    K1ng reacted to dgsddfgdfhgs in Need opinion on my Plan Build   
    are you sure not waiting for Zen2?
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    K1ng got a reaction from Hydra453 in Is delidding worth it?   
    as far as some chips go it definatly can help you squeeze out quite a good extra bit of mhz or let you run MUCH cooler. But that also depends on how good of a silicon lottery you got with your chip so there is always a risk it may do very little for you in the long run besides thermals. Also there comes maintenance where it will degrade much faster so those results you saw 6mo ago or a year ago may be gone in that much time without reapplying. Which again can be easy or super F'n difficult if say you are full custom loop and even worse for the situation using hardline. But say you have a 7700k and $80 or more to blow on a delidder and liquid metal unless you find a good deal are you willing to do that for possibly no gain? If yes go for it if no than its not something to consider its advantages on at all. It is an ENTHUSIAST market item not to be treated as a necessary part of a complete build unless you like OTT stuff.
    That being said it is something i would do on again a 7700k and maybe a few other cpu im not sure there are much reports on stellar improvements on a 9700k i would assume it would not cool as more just due to the magnitude of cores pushing out heat so rapidly so you may end up with 50% the gain at best of other more traditionally delidded cpu.
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    K1ng reacted to Bitter in Whats best discreet gpu for an old rig.   
    HD 7570's are like $20 on eBay and would maybe do 720P gaming, certainly plenty for internet and Youtube in HD.
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    K1ng reacted to CharminUltraStrong in Is delidding worth it?   
    As far as delidding, yes it is worth it in many scenarios. On a 9700k? Not so much. 9700k's are a bit of a waste of money if you ask me, the i5 9600k is plenty fast. It has 6 cores and 6 threads and, personally, mine is OC'd to 5.2 Ghz without the slightest hiccup. i7's no longer have hyper threading, that's a feature that's only for Core i9 model CPU's nowadays. So yes the 9700k has 12 threads but it has the same amount of physical cores, perhaps you'd be better off saving for the i9 because the i7 doesn't have much more overclocking headroom than the 9600k and I'm not so sure that delidding the 9700k would yield benefits that are substantial enough.