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    MSI MPG Z390 Gaming Pro Carbon
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    ZOTAC RTX 2080
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    Lian-Li PC-O11 DW
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    2xAdata SX8200 250Gb, 1x Firecuda 1TB HDD
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    SeaSonic Focus Plus 80+ Platinum 650W
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    MSI MPG27C
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    EVGA CLC 280 AIO
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    Reddragon K550 Yama, G910 ORION spectrum, RK61
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    Logitech G 502 Proteus Core, Logitech G-Pro
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    Sennheiser HD8 DJ
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    Windows 10 Pro
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  1. PSU shouldn't be bad if it runs perfectly fine on a FULL system power draw test.
  2. SeaSonic FOCUS PLUS PLATINUM 650 Watt
  3. Lolol buddy it's not to do with DRAM, I'm talking about GPU Mem testing, so VRAM. Re-seating my RAM won't change anything unfortunately.
  4. Yes, temps are fine. Doesn't spike above 69 C. I want to isolate all issues that could be on my end before I go the RMA route, theoretically it shouldn't temp spike high enough that I shut down in a literal fraction of a second.
  5. For some reason my computer keeps hard shutting down in Ghost Recon: Wildlands if the settings go ABOVE the low preset. If I run Furmark GPU no crash, if I run GPU mem test no crash, if I run a CPU test no crash, IF I run Furmark + memtest simultaneously it shuts down just like wildlands. I start the memtest and as soon as Furmark boots up the computer will shut off and reboot. I believe it could be that my PSU simply can't handle my GPU CPU combo but I'd like some extra tips. Also, no there weren't any error codes thrown during my testing. I've done 0 overclocking for my tests and set all my
  6. Check the card manual and you should find a section that mentions the code associated with that LED.
  7. When did this happen? Last I checked most build guides were for just games and included RPG style, graphically intensive games alongside FPS games. Strategy games like that are very much dependent on your CPU, why would anyone build a computer that can only play one kind of game? Doesn't make much sense. Most build guides try to balance CPU and GPU within a given budget.
  8. Hello, A friend of mine has a Gigabyte 2080ti Aorus Extreme that's been watrer cooled, 64gb of Trident Z royal RAM, 1300 watt psu, i9 9900k etc. etc. We've been working on solving some issues with his card, we've managed to get it stable but it's severely under performing. His average heaven score is 3196, (extreme preset, windowed etc.) whereas the typical average is in the 5000 realm with a similar set up. Why could the card be under performing? I personally thought it could be the software conflicting with Nvidia drivers but I don't know that, that's the case at this juncture. Any advi
  9. Define screwed, sounds like it'd just be a pain in the arse to leave a GPU with them for months, to what avail? At that point he'd rather just buy a 3080ti when they release, besides downtime means no work because that puts a hole in his loop. The loop would have to be re-run for CPU only. Regardless, there isn't a way to test the card in another system, looking to determine what could cause these errors.
  10. They shouldn't hold ground here, but forcing them to do it is very time consuming and very difficult.
  11. They don't but when you put a water block on you have to go through warranty stickers. 650+ is fine according to PCPP but that leaves out 13 fans, d5 pump, lighting etc. For a regular i9 x 2080ti system a 750 should be sufficient regardless but perhaps the extras are pushing it. 1000w psus are, on avg. 170$ or so for a decent PSU which isn't a whole lot.
  12. That'd be great if putting a GPU block on your card didn't mean slicing through warranty void stickers.
  13. That's what I figured, he'll probably pick up a 1000w something or other to eliminate any possibilities. My main concern is this has only started within a couple weeks, it was a recent upgrade from a 1080ti. In the event it's an RMA issue, he's sunk because of the custom loop.
  14. PC Part Picker will allow you to calculate what you need when you put the build together part for part on their site. I'd probably say 650 watt, can't imagine you'd need much more than that. I'm running a 9600k with 5.2 ghz across all 6 cores and an RTX 2080, also oc'd with a 650w platinum PSU