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  1. I actually am using a single d5 atm and it is running at 90%. So not much if any gains to be had from flow. I think the biggest gains are the fact the exhaust rad is dumping heat before it hist the intake which is really helping keep internal temps down and thus making the other rad more effective. So my loop order right now is Res/pump > Exhaust rad (xr7 360) > Intake rad (xr7 480) > Cpu > GPU. All I did was just flip 2 hoses to make the top exhaust rad first. Now on to equilibrium in theory with enough flow you are right, but we still know that a rad with colder air
  2. So while I know that traditionally loop order doesn't matter... I have found that this isn't as true as it once was. Let me explain a scenario. With the new GDDR6x cards there is a LOT of heat being pumped into both the loop and into the case via the backplate (silly hot vram). If you are like me and run multiple rads (exhaust and intake) then this next statement is very important to you. When you setup your loop going forward make sure you are always having water flow to the exhaust radiators FIRST before flowing to the ones as intake. Other components don't matter at all, bu
  3. Maybe I am just a little salty, but I think newegg is crao and should be avoided. I have ordered 3 things from them (and/or their 3rd party seller system) in the past month and had problems with each one of them. 2 were the 3rd party marked items as shipped and took payment yet didn't expect the inventory for 2 more weeks (which was never communicated) newegg doesn't get involved despite their policy saying you are charged when item ships. Then to avoid the rules further the sellers just mark it as an RMA that they claim to instantly receive to issue a refund in 5-7 days. Min
  4. My poor x trio and even ventus 3x all stay at 100% power limit with some undervolting and I see low 2000 in clocks and both can do over 1000 on vram (without errors and ecc causing fps loss) Honestly the power limit on these can help, but apparently doesn't offer much for gains.
  5. The OC potential on these cards has seen ti be pretty limited anyways. Sure you can get a little more with custom water and a huge power increase, but people have seen good results undervolting these cards too. I mean if we are talking benchmark flexing sure there is a real advantage of the high end cards Supreme, ftw, etc, but none of these cards are more than a few percent of each other.
  6. I was running a 3080 ventus 3x before I got the x trio 3080 (huge waste lol) it was on air and honestly all the temps were fine. It would boost into low 2000s and the fans on it inside a glass case could be audible at times, but only barely. I landed a waterblock for it and the x trio from byskyi and honestly they are identical. The xtrio apparently doesn't take advantage of having more power limit (which is sad) So if the 3060ti variant is anything like the 3080 it should be fine. The difference between all but the highest end cards are so close in terms of performanc
  7. So I am going to chime in here. I have been mining when not using my gaming rig and it is something like a 2750% profit margin when looking at energy cost. Now that I have shown the wife the fact it is very profitable and relatively easy... I am going to invest between 8-10k on a mining setup. Which with current eth value my payback period would be sub 3 months at which h point it becomes all profit. 10k investment will land me enough to turn a little over 4k in profit monthly (after power costs) The hardest part is getting the gpus since I am limited to 1 per 30 days h
  8. If you have the game on a hdd then it can take a long time to load. Try giving it 5 minutes or so.
  9. It isn't that they don't even overclock much. The problem is they are more reliant on undervolting and pbo. I mean when I can have 4/12 cores hit in the 5.2ghz range that is nuts with the IPC on these chips. Honestly, PBO as it stands is great. It is very effective at using the capacity of a user's hardware. Means that with a single setting any user can see some gains. I mean sure you can tweak it to get a little more out of it, but that is only really noticeable in benchmarks anyways.
  10. Best way to overclock is tweaking pbo. I would first undervolt as far as possible with the curve optimizer. From there I would try raising the max pbo boost value to 200-250 ish. Now if you want to get more advanced to that you can tweak the above and run a lower curve offset like -5 in your first and second best cores. This allows your all core and single core speeds to perform much better. My 5900x can see core boosts up to and sometimes slightly over 5.2.ghz on my best 4 cores ( 1st and 2nd on two ccxs) and the rest of my cores all break 5ghz from time to
  11. @OP are you using a riser cable?
  12. Most microcentera do not release stock from trucks on Tuesday. Tuesday they open an hour early and try to keep that day less crowded as it is setup for people who are at a high risk for covid.
  13. Seeing I gave an old 780ti to a nephew and he can still play without issues at high settings now... I mean sure 3gb of vram isn't much these days but at 1080p it isn't an issue. All goes to show you will probably be fine. Also worth noting the 780ti is like 8 years old now. So for more apples to apples look at the 1080 it is right at 5 years old and doesn't struggle at 1080p at all
  14. Looking at the rad it is atleast a decent thickness with a high fair (good for high airflow), but as it is still sub 40mm push pull 3000 rpm fans aren't really worth it. Now if you were going for low noise, lower rpm usage then there is a real benefit to push pull, but if you plan on running high rpm fans then the returns are going to be greatly reduced or even not present at 2k+ on a rad with that thickness.
  15. My mining temps with 1002mhz on memory can hit 88c from timd to time. I double checked and my memory all has thermal pads making contact with the block. The back plate gets hot as F, so I know it is doing it's job. The only thing I can think of would be to water cool the back too, but so far all of those options us tiny tubes to connect it and seem to be a disaster to make look clean.