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  1. I still have a 2600k machine that is used by nephews/kids that has been overclocked to 4.6-4.8ghz pretty much since it came out (about 9 years ago). Heck I think it was a 3.8ghz chip so that is a pretty huge overclock. It is still as stable as the day I got it.
  2. Normally a 3 sec black screen is a sign of a driver crash. If it only happens in that game though then it could be corrupt game files. Is your card an OC edition? If so maybe try reducing the clock speed a tad and see if that helps.. I have also seen OC cards who were unstable at their increased speeds.
  3. Sounds like a driver issue to me.
  4. This is a hard one to answer. It depends on what level you want to operate. Are you wanting to just run a few programs to scan and look for vulnerabilities or are you wanting to craft your own so you can operate at a higher level. Then it comes down of your understanding of the entire process. You will need to know how to code/script, how multiple OSs operate and their inherent weaknesses, you need to understand networking in great detail, then understand how a pc/server works and the function of all the components. When you go into the infosec space you pretty much nee
  5. Checking your cpu temps is easy and free with software like HWInfo. That said this error can also be thrown for a few other common things. Outdated/ corrupt drivers Malware. I would check temps, if they aren't hitting thermal limits then I would run a malware scan with something like malwarebytes... of that doesn't solve the problem then it comes down to updating drivers. You can also try running. Sfc /scannow from an elevated command prompt.
  6. The fact you are having this many questions and issues mean you need to do some good solid research and studying. Rushing forward to create a vpn without understanding everything needed along the way is only asking for an unsecure disaster.
  7. I mean dramless aren't ideal, but unless you run them close to full capacity they will still be much faster. Don't forget that you can steal us your current HDD for storage... just not as an OS drive Here is the info from the site. 1 x Ultra M.2 Socket, supports M Key type 2242/2260/2280 M.2 SATA3 6.0 Gb/s module and M.2 PCI Express module up to Gen3 x4 (32 Gb/s) (with Matisse, Picasso, Summit Ridge, Raven Ridge and Pinnacle Ridge) or Gen3 x2 (16 Gb/s) (with Athlon series APU)* The Apacer SSD M.2 SATA AST280 480GB is a sata 6 m.2 which would work, but will be slow
  8. So those items do get stored in ram, so having more will increase the amount of items you can open quickly. That being said it doesn't change the fact that in this day and age using an HDD for a OS drive drastically reduces the speed of everything. Anything now in ram takes time to seek then load into ram, when your ram is full or needs to move items to and from you page file... this will also be much slower due to using an HDD. The result is you run into a scenario like you have now where things feel sluggish.
  9. I see two things that could be done. Ram to 16gb would be one of them, but another one is getting an SSD. That HDD is going to make everything feel sluggish in comparison. I mean you can get a 500gb ssd for like 45 bucks and a 1tb for less than one hundred now. That will by far give you the most noticeable speed increase.
  10. I second this. Go wit the Synology. I had owned both and it really is no comparison. The WD units are slow, the web interface likes to free, the units random restart and/or lose connectivity, and in my experience they all use much cheaper 5400rpm drives.
  11. I do think they will eventually be back on top, but I am not sure if it will be even in the 11th or 12th gen chips. Right now AMD is on a much smaller process, with a lot of manufacturing improvements. They have a great architecture, which is a little limited on max clocks, but have pushed IPC to the point it has compensated for it. They aren't stuck on a monolithic beast that drastically reduces yields and increases cost. They aren't used a huge process and can more dies per wafer. I mean right now they are going to be winning in every possible way. All they have to do is keep using better ma
  12. I can count the number of times I got a new CPU and used the same motherboard on one hand, oh and one finger. If I am replacing a CPU and not the motherboard with it then chances are the CPU died and I just want a drop in replacement. With the way technology is changing upgrading to a new gen cpu should also mean upgrading to a new motherboard else you miss out on some of the improvements and benefits to that new gen cpu. I mean we are talking an extra 80-250 bucks depending on the quality of the board you want. I guess for some people that is a significant investment, but if you
  13. LAwLz is correct on this. If you had deadspots you either need more AP's, powerline to ethernet/wifi, or a combination of wired and wifi devices to maximize speed. I can't really dig right now, but some of the higher end wifi routers come with 3 bands... 2.4, 5ghz, and a 3rd for a mesh system. As an example we purchased a house we plan to move in to next summer. It is about 4800 sq/ft. I had thr bedrooms and office all wired to ethernet to a wall plate. Then to maximize through put placed multiple wired wifi APs in the house with one room having to much wiring in the walls it was b
  14. Most consumer routers are meant to be mostly good out of the box. The only thing I would recommend changing would be the wifi name and password. If you run into issues with something not working then we can troubleshoot from there, but in general you shouldn't need to actually do much.
  15. What kills me is people like this will be quick to make fun of others who get scammed, but the moment they have someone do it to them they will cry the loudest. They will be on ebay, forums, anything they can find screaming about it and demanding everyone else is to blame. The fact is wrong is wrong. If someone is scamming others then they are the ones to blame NOT the victims. The only reason they do this is because of people like this poster. They find out they were scammed then read people telling them it was there own fault so they give up or don't press the issue with ebay lik