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  1. There are several. They are going to be a decent jump in price though. https://www.newegg.com/corsair-sf750-cp-9020186-na-750w/p/N82E16817139080?item=9SIAM3UCRZ8872&nm_mc=knc-googleadwords-mobile&cm_mmc=knc-googleadwords-mobile-_-power supplies-_-corsair-_-9SIAM3UCRZ8872&source=googleshopping
  2. This is why I no longer use craiglist and why most people have moved to facebook market place. At least there you can prefer people that look like they have legitimate accounts and in the case they scam you, you have a recourse for going after them.
  3. People focus too much on the whole bottleneck thing. The truth is it is an optimal situation to have the gpu be the bottleneck. Now if you were to run that test again at 720p then your CPU would be the bottleneck. This mostly comes down to draw calls. Your cpu has to do the calculation for the game, some potential physics, background tasks, and then on top of that do draw calls which are dependent on your fps in the game. So as frame rates go up the work is more cpu dependent, when the resolution goes up and fps decreases then the work is placed on the gpu more and it becomes the limi
  4. I'm going to repeat what was said earlier. For radiators Hardware Labs or Corsair (rebranded hardware Labs) would be my choice. You just cannot beat their radiators. The Corsair variant is slotted between the GTS and GTX. It has good low and high speed performance and is always within a fraction of a Celsius of the top.
  5. Depending on where you work this is a big nono from a security practice POV. For example where I work it would set off alarms and you could be instantly termed.
  6. My r23mc is right at 23000 My r23 sc is around 1630. My temps were hitting mid 70s on mc and 45-50 ST, but when swapping out video cards I noticed the tension bolts on my cpu block weren't bottomed out... so not sure if the new springs after a few days had more play or if I just didn't do it the first time, but since my temps are 3-5 c cooler so I barely hit 70s under MC. Now my chip after undervolting and PBO adjustments is hitting 5100+ single core and 4.7-4.8ghz MC.
  7. Ya, but reportedly the increase didn't do much to improve clocks. I meant on ln2 it might help a bit, but even on water it doesn't look like it is making much of a difference. I am sure a bios hack or flash can help bring it up a little for most cards, but it is still to early to know the full extent.
  8. For me it is all moot since I slap on a waterblock anyways. It just comes down to power limit and all of them are pretty limited atm.
  9. I think you are mistaking it for the ventus. Though not sure it matters much when the maximum power limit on these cards range from 350w to like 380w on thr higher end cards. I mean truthfully all the 3080s are beast and perform within a few percent of each other when overclocked. For me the real difference comes down to support and EVGA wins that by miles. I dont think the 10gb of vram is going to hinder it at all. I mean maybe at 8k, but you would already have to reduce settings enough to make it playable that it should still be under 10gb. The area it would matter i
  10. I am a little paranoid. This is the first card I have purchased that wasn't EVGA in a very very long time (MSI 3080 X trio) So far I am not overly impressed. I have to wait my 30 days then I will probably start trying to snipe an 3080FTW (though I will have to get ANOTHER water block then).
  11. I talked to someone at microcenter who was returning a card barely outside their window (and they let him) because MSI told him his RMA card wouldn't be shipped for approx 6 months!
  12. Can you show us what the vcore is too. It could just be a bad mount or you forgetting to take the plastic strip off the cpu block
  13. First off freezing isn't going to happen as long as your temps are above 0c - 32f. As for the temps a single 360rad should be ok for a gpu and cpu as long as you aren't pushing crazy voltage. Yes, more rad space would be desirable, but the biggest problem I see is that it is just blowing into a closed container. I do see those 2 fans which I am hoping are exhaust, but if so how are you getting fresh air into that box? Ideally you want to create a wind tunnel with your radiator as close to the fresh air source as possible. This would get you temps closer to ambient and make sure you aren't
  14. I am going to take another guess and say it might be voltages. I mean if the load temps are good which it looked like they were then there isn't really an issue with those temps other than maybe your ocd.
  15. I mean there doesn't appear to be much you can do. Just let the system run it should eventually bleed all of that air out. I mean just because you think all of the air is out doesn't mean it is. I've had larger rads where the fittings had to be on top take several months to finally get out all of the bubbles despite tons of tilting.