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  1. Sweet !!! I just ran a benchmark for GPU Superposition from Unigine See results with gpu stock And result with gpu with +460 on mem and +115 on the core Which is like 8-9% gain over gpuboost 3.0 pretty sweet
  2. I'm good for now there is no need to upgrade for me the 6700k runs my 1070 perfectly and I don't need a more powerful cpu for anything else really But in a couple years I might consider ryzen
  3. im not upgrading soon but was curious about ryzen thanks
  4. I've move from 1080p 60z to 1440p 144hz with my gtx 1070 and gotta say its the best feeling ever Been using it for a year now... its smooth, most games gotta put you know shadow to medium couple things like that and you're good, if you want full 144 fps in competitive fps or else you know you just go to whatever low settings you need to obtain it still many games run full ultra too I tend to see it that way : Monitor last ~10 years CPU ~5-7 years GPU 3-5 years
  5. So what is your experience of Ryzen so far what about the + and the - ??? I need more personal opinions Any bothering situations like drivers or games crash or etc
  6. It looks nice why the i version tho ? I think the only difference between RMi and RMx is the link fan control ? I bought the RMx but I still have 10 days to return it with no fees so let me know maybe I'll reconsider lol it was like 40$ more for the RMi 850 Yeah it's a sweet OC I can go up to 115-120 on the core mhz tho, I was getting artifacts/driver stop working crash @ 130 mhz on the core and for the memory Max I could get with no crtash was around 475-480 I went for a decent long term OC @ 100/450
  7. Wish I had that good plans.. In canada here I get 9GB internet + infinite voice/text for 80$ CAD which is like 50 euro ??
  8. Most likely they will both run @ 14-14-14-34 3200mhz (the 3866 will slowdown to match the 3200 one, in other words)
  9. Not true again I did uninstall AVG not too long ago with zero problem. Free anti virus are the exact same as paid anti virus except database is updated every 2-3 days instead of every 3-4 hours for paid anti virus. thats all. ah yeah free anbti virus have ads which is annoying.. To me, any antivirus is annoying.
  10. Anti virus are not magic, all they do is maintain a database of virus names/files, and when you download/execute a file, it scans that file through their database to see if it recognize it as a virus. If yes, it will block it. Thats all. PAid anti virus are a bit better b ecause their data base are updated daily and faster
  11. That is possible. I am not a pro in anti virus as I never used one myself... I download shit tons of torrents and cracked games and never had a problem. If I am unsure of a cracked game I would just install it on a VM to test first. I have been in the game since 1990 so maybe I am not a good example as I would say I am a Super User or actually a computer technician by profession lol That being said, OP --> If you consider yourself more than average user, just a windows defender and awareness and being careful should be enough for you Not true.
  12. Best anti virus is don't use internet at all. Second best anti virus is a good and careful user third best anti virus are paid antivirus softwares (the only main advantage paid antivirus over free antivirus are : no ads, database updated quickly as soon as new virus are discovered fourth best anti virus are free anti virus softwares (they get their database updated less quickly than paid antivirus, and have ads, ) fifth best anti virus is windows defender
  13. If the OS installed on the SSD was installed from a different computer, with different chipset, it won't work. You have to reinstall windows on it from scratch. Load a W10 USB key installer and see if it's detected if yes just reinstall windows brand new on it.