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    Intel i9 9900k; 5.1 GHz
  • Motherboard
    Z390 Gigabyte Aorus Master
  • RAM
    Corsair LPX 3000 MHz, 32 GB
  • GPU
    RTX 3090 - EKWB
  • Case
    Define R6
  • Storage
    970 evo+ 2tb
  • PSU
    EVGA Supernova 850
  • Display(s)
    Acer Nitro XV3; 4k 120hz
  • Cooling
    Corsair Hydro X loop
  • Keyboard
    Ducky One 2 mini
  • Mouse
    Razer Viper Ultimate
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    Sennheiser HD 6XX headphones
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    Windows 10

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  1. if thats a real deal, I would take it in a heartbeat. TUF is a good card, and 540$ is very reasonable given the insane market.
  2. Most are aware of what theyre getting. If you do some big renders and can make use of the big VRAM, it is actually a great deal (compared to past Titan RTX which was 2500 MSRP). If anyone is getting it just for gaming its obviously not a fantastic deal, but most are aware they are just getting like 10% bump. I will say now the zotac card I got for 1599 is looking pretty damn good with people paying 1600+ for a 3080. Though that is of course due to the terrible GPU situation.
  3. Some of the reason everyone loves it may be that 1.0 was sooooo bad, so it might be the vast improvement. But esp at higher rez, and on demanding games (control, cyberpunk; 4k) it really makes all the difference in the world. Native 4k just isnt possible at a great framerate. Add dLSS and the hit (esp at this high rez) is not bad at all, and the fps gain is enormous. You go from quicksand to super smooth, and only a few minor things get blurred. DLSS at 1080p is worthless it is very noticable to the eye, and at 1440p its pretty OK. The higher rez the better it looks. 4k is sw
  4. 3080 def not overkill for 1440p. For esports only at 1440p, yes (or other non demanding games). For AAA max? 3080 is appropriate and frankly required if you want 60 fps. Same as pluto above, my 1440p rig has a 3080 and multiple games I play dont saturate the 144 hz monitor. Some of them almost get down to 60 fps (AC valhalla) at times. This puts it at a perfect position for 1440p in my opinion.
  5. if they wont budge from ultra, 3080. AC, one of the first games of the new generation AAA title, ultra will buy you 70ish frames on a 3080. So if that is important to him, 3080. 3070 would definitely be doable, but might need to turn down some settings to (gasp) high
  6. def an intel integrated GPU on one of the pentiums on the early 2000's. It was our fam computer. At the time I was only a console gamer. I remember specifically trying to play morrowind on it because a friend was all about PC gaming and said it was an awesome RPG to play on PC. I had no idea about PC specs or what a GPU was, I remember buying it and installing it and of course having the absolute worst gaming experience one could have. Aside from the super underpowered iGPU, this box (was a gateway we got from good ol circuit city!) had a single RAM stick, of an extr
  7. Wow this is just bananas. Out of curiosity I checked out the Rx 580's as well, and 400-500+ buy it nows in some cases. I hadnt looked into the GPU used market other than the high end stuff recently. Feeling like a sucker for selling my 1660ti at around MSRP now (I am actually quite happy about it and feel bad for those getting squeezed) I had a nice little LAN box a while back I built with used parts from ebay. Ryzen 2200g, cheap B450 board, and Rx 580 that I got from ebay for 100 USD at the time. The entire rig cost me less than 500$ and was a perfect 1080p LAN box. The cu
  8. I would probably at minimum aim for a 3060ti or 3070 for a decent gaming experience (or 6800 from AMD). 1440p ultrawide is pretty demanding. Maybe a 3060ti if you were just going to do esports and less demanding stuff, def a 3070 or 3080 (would be my preference) if you are going to play some demanding games.
  9. You could maybe skimp by with an 850, but I would probably not run a CPU intensive task (and dont mine with the CPU...it barely does much anyways the GPU's are your money makers). Might want to run the cards at a slightly lower power level as well. I personally would grab a 1000 watt for 5900x/3080/3060ti all together. But I also would shift more money into GPU's for a mining rig. Get a cheaper CPU with lower TDP. I would get a 3600. Cheap, available, does the job. And use that money saved to get 2x 3080's instead of a 3080/3060ti. Just my opinion.
  10. I like the 16 series for where they perform: a super solid 1080p card. Good 1080p 60fps gameplay and can do some streaming, at a (should be) reasonable price. I had one in a LAN 1080p rig, it did very well at. One good argument for it (compared to 2060) is that, IMO, the 2060 RTX capabilities are so weak, you really cant do too much with RTX without the performance tanking. It just doesnt have the horsepower. If priced similar to a 1660 super/ti then definitely, as you will get a slight performance boost. I will say now that DLSS 2.0 is a thing, the 2060 has a st
  11. By the time the 3080 doesnt have enough memory the 4080 will be launching. Id bet money on that. As has been said so many times, you will run into FPS limitations in terms of what the GPU can actually do before the VRAM is touched. The most hardcore of games still haven't been an issue for the 10gb on the 3080. A game that would actually require 16gb VRAM would likely be unplayable on the 6800XT or 3080. They just dont have the GPU horsepower to do 4k, 5k, 8k with those extremely demanding textures....and those are far above the consoles (*which limit progression o
  12. That is really it. For the most part. Basically, hit the tab to allow the GPU to be removed. Make sure the power cables are disconnected (and power is off) first. Click the retention clip, pull out old card. Set aside. New card slots in right where the old one was. It will click when inserted. Screw the screws on the IO shield/bracket into the case (that you removed from previous GPU). That is the hardware portion. Also plug in appropriate power cables of course from PSU. Then update drivers (software side). You can just use geforce exp
  13. def a good 1080p card, esp 1080p 60fps. Very capable
  14. As a final note, in terms of my 3090. I will say I am happy with it. The clocks are low. No doubt about it. The zotac is basically stuck at FE levels. However, I was able to get a very stable +100 core / + 700 memory OC, which is honestly better than I thought I would get for a card that has the power limit locked to 100% with only 2x 8 pins. It is crazy smooth, and I am very happy at 4k gaming. Games run great, and hitting a little above the FE benchmarks (by 4-5 FPS in games) at 4k. Wish it hit higher clocks and had more power, but happy it is ki