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    Intel Core i9-9900K
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    Asus Strix Z390-F
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    Corsair Vengeance LPX 32GB
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    ASUS GeForce RTX 2070
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    Fractal Design Define R6
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    Intel 660p 1TB / Samsung 860 EVO 500GB / WD Green 2TB
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    Corsair RM650x
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    BenQ BL2420PT
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    be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4
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    CM Storm Quickfire Ultimate (MX Blue)
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    Steelseries Rival 600
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    Sennheiser Game One
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    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. My old i5-4670K was holding back my 2070 a lot in a number of games, at 1440p. So my guess is that, at 1080p, you could even be holding back that 2070 with the 4790K, let alone a 2080Ti. I believe that you'd notice a way more noticeable difference by upgrading your CPU now, and sticking with the 2070, than going with the 2080Ti and the 4790K, especially at 1080p.
  2. Hi forum, I'm looking to upgrade to a Z390 platform in the future, with an i7-9700K or an i9-9900K. I was wondering how my Dark Rock 3 would handle either of these, especially the i9. My guess would be that it would handle the i7 quite well, even overclocked (though I heard Coffee Lake run fairly warm compared to the last few generations), but I really don't know what to think about the i9. The TDP listed on the spec sheet is 95W (stock) but I've heard it actually uses way more power than that, especially when turbo boosting, and runs super hot, even without overclocking. So, do you guys reckon I'd have to upgrade my cooling for these two CPUs, and if not, do you think I could also overclock a fair bit (at least the i7)? Cheers! Edit: Just realised this should've probably been on the Air Cooling section of the forum, rather than over here so I apologise
  3. Mateyyy

    Upgrading my personal rig

    Nice! Have you overclocked them also by any chance?
  4. Hi there forum! I'm looking to upgrade my rig, which is primarily used for gaming, but also, occasionally, for various photo/video editing. I'm currently running a Core i5 4670K currently clocked at 4.3GHz, 16GBs of DDR3 RAM and a Radeon R9 290. My graphics card is starting to show its age (although I never expected it to last this long) even in 1080p gaming, and I'm also looking to upgrade to a 1440p panel in the near future. For example, I'm not really having a satisfactory experience in the just recently released Battlefield 5, but there's another problem with that game, the fact that it's really CPU intensive, and I'm not quite sure if my i5 is really bottlenecking my GPU in that game (reason why I recently overclocked my i5 again to 4.3GHz, I wasn't going for anything crazy since I'm air cooling it, but I also wanted to try and gain some extra performance). My two options would be: 1) Upgrading the CPU, that meaning also upgrading the memory and the motherboard. I was looking at either the i5 8600K or the i7 8700K (which would probably be more "futureproof"), the advantage of this current-gen i5, compared to my older Haswell i5, being that it now has 6 cores, though I'm not quite sure how long it would last me, one reason being how much CPU intensive games are starting to become. The motherboard would be something on the Z370 chipset, and 16GBs of DDR4 memory. The problem with this option would be that pricing seems to be absolutely crazy right now for me, not just CPUs being super expensive but also memory, and I really wouldn't risk on buying any of these components used. 2) Upgrading the GPU. Here I'd probably be more confident with buying used, though I must be certain that whatever I'm buying wasn't just hammered 24/7 for mining, and also because, again, pricing is absolutely ridiculous, with a new GTX 1080, for example, going for at least ~750 USD, if you can even find one. Meanwhile, I managed to find used 1080s for about 425 USD, and even 1080 TIs for around 550 USD. Then again, the problem with this upgrade would be that I would most likely be bottlenecked by my CPU. How much? I'm not quite sure. Probably quite a lot, especially depending on the application, but I'm sure it would be better that my current experience with the R9 290, and I believe it would be more beneficial if I decide to upgrade to a 1440p monitor. Finally, what do you guys think I should do? Either go for the GPU upgrade, or the CPU, motherboard and memory? Thank you! And also, sorry for the long post .
  5. Mateyyy

    Good phone under $200?

    Moto E 2015 and the G 2014 have pretty much stock Android Lollipop (Moto E comes with Lollipop out of the box where as with the G you have to update manually) and are quite decent in terms of performance.
  6. So I've had my R9 290 DirectCU II for a while now, and all has been working great, except for some pretty scary temperatures. In demanding games, my GPU temperature would be hovering around 75 all the way to 85C - not really good, but it also doesn't mean the card will just die instantly in games. What I'm more worried about, is the VRM temperatures, specifically VRM 1, as it says in GPU-Z. Again, in demanding games, it can go up to even 100C, and probably even a bit more when I'm not checking it, and this really doesn't seem normal at all. I'm pretty sure they are rated at 105C, but I really don't want to test them out. I do have fairly decent airflow in my case, I would say. I have 2 intakes at the front (Noctua NF-F12), 1 of them directing air directly to the card, and I've got 2 exhausts - one in the top and the other in the back. Cranking the graphics card fans up will reduce VRM temperatures a bit, but that means that the card will be uncomfortably loud, so that's not really a solution. My question is, do you think I could find some heatsinks or something to make the VRM run a bit cooler? Thanks.
  7. Mateyyy

    XSplit Broadcaster Premium License Giveaway

    I want to start streaming some time this summer and this would make my job a lot easier
  8. Mateyyy

    HTC one m9, worth it?

    From what I've seen so far, the One M9 looks like a really great phone. The LG G3 seems ok, but personally I really wouldn't get the S6 when it launches, because of THE PRICE, and, from my experience, Samsung phones are really not good at all. Had an S4 Mini which used to overheat all the time, and my current device, an S5, which overheats, has some ugly scratches on the screen that I don't even know how they appeared, has a bent volume rocker just by normally using it, and the list goes on. Other good choices are Nexus 6 or 5 if you can find one, Moto X 2014, Droid Turbo, and some other flagship phones.
  9. Mateyyy

    Scrapyard Wars Episode 1c

    Linus should get an award for the most ghetto CPU cooler :lol:
  10. Mateyyy

    Scrapyard Wars Episode 1b

  11. Mateyyy

    New Laptop (Macbook?)

    It might be super slim and super sexy, but, at its price, it really isn't a good value. You should check out, at that price, something like a Dell XPS 12. It looks really great, and I've seen really good reviews of it. And it's a convertible, which is a pretty nice value add
  12. Mateyyy

    NEED ADVICE: Stuck in Silver 2 (CS:GO)

    Wow, I've never been in a Silver league before, but I really wouldn't have said that the players in that group are like that. All you can do is play with similarly ranked and skilled friends. You'll get to help each other, and the game will be much easier if you communicate with your friends. In regular matchmaking, I really don't know what you should do. My first rank was GN3, and, at the time, players were quite nice, but now, at DMG, there are still quite a few players that are just dumb. So, play with friends, and you'll all rank up gradually. For playing better, just watch some demos online, try some aim maps, and just play. Play, and play, and play even more. Personally I started playing matchmaking at about 150 hours, before that, I've only played Casual, to just train. It might sound quite silly, but it did help a lot. Or maybe I could rank down to Silver on my smurf account and help you guys out hahaha Good luck, I hope I've helped you a little bit!
  13. Mateyyy

    CS:GO. What's with it?

    You don't need to buy items at all. The game is quite fun, especially if you play with friends, but a large part of the community is just crap and there still are a fair amount of hackers in the game. But it's nice, you should definitely give it a try.
  14. Mateyyy

    February 6, 2015 - The WAN Show Document

    It starts at 2:30 AM in Romania.. I tried, but I failed to watch it live... Hopefully it'll be up soon!