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  1. Either of the following should be good picks, for under $200: https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/product/9htQzy/be-quiet-straight-power-11-750w-80-gold-certified-fully-modular-atx-power-supply-bn283 https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/product/6Y66Mp/corsair-rm-2019-750-w-80-gold-certified-fully-modular-atx-power-supply-cp-9020195-na https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/product/79tQzy/corsair-rmx-2018-750w-80-gold-certified-fully-modular-atx-power-supply-cp-9020179-na https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/product/VgQG3C/corsair-rmx-2018-850w-80-gold-certified-fully-modular-atx-power-supply-cp-9020180-na
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    Running out of space 😬

    Just noticed you love wasting people's time. Don't.
  3. Yet there haven't been any new GPU releases since Intel launched Rocket Lake-S. Could you give some actual examples as to what you mean by "C-O-N-S-T-A-N-T-L-Y featured as a default testing platform"? Ryzen wasn't even a thing to the public 5 years ago.
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    Hi, guys 🙂

  7. ...do you? Spending $600+ on a platform upgrade for a performance improvement that you won't even notice, unless you constantly have a frame counter up and compare it side by side to what you used to be getting before, doesn't sound like the smartest way to spend your money. At least if you ask me.
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    $25 Steam Gift Card Giveaway for status-dweller…

    @seon123because Seon good :seonpat:
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    My eBay delid tool arrived today! It looks to b…

    Devil's Canyon was really just a fairly minor refresh of Haswell (4790K/4770K, 4690K/4670K), hence why they're both referred to as 4th gen generally. The main improvement over Haswell was the better TIM used underneath the IHS - Haswell CPUs were notorious for their piss poor TIM, leading to them running unnecessarily hot. At least comparatively to previous generations, like Ivy Bridge or Sandy Bridge (though I think Sandy Bridge CPUs also had larger dies, which help with cooling, but my memory's not exactly the best so I could be wrong on that).
  10. It's going to be a pain to delid, and if you actually manage to put it all back together without breaking the chip, you'll only see, at best, a minimal temperature drop. The 3700X is a rather cool running chip anyway, so I really wouldn't bother with LM. A good thermal paste will work perfectly fine (TG Kryonaut/Hydronaut, Arctic MX-4, Noctua NT-H1/H2, etc.), just like the paste that comes preapplied on the stock cooler will. If you're absolutely set on using that liquid metal, you can also use it on top of the IHS; though again, don't expect too notable of a difference over a
  11. In theory, they should work pretty much exactly the same to the end user - they're both very good Gen3 NVMe drives. That being said, if I recall correctly, several people have recently been reporting issues with the SX8200 Pro, so because of that and ADATA seemingly changing the controllers and NAND like socks in said drive, I would get the WD SN750. And you even get a bonus coffee on the side, since it's €2 cheaper.
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    u prob dont but, do you play fortnite?

    I know @Haro loves Fortnite dances
  13. I would only pick the 11700K if the deep learning work you plan on doing does actually benefit from AVX-512. Otherwise, I would much rather take a 10900K/10850K or 3900X/5800X/5900X over the i7.
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    Managed to snatch this Canon 100mm f/2.8 Macro for a little under €200. I've got to say I'm pretty happy.