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    Astronomy, electronics, computers and technology in general. I also dabble in calligraphy in my spare time.
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    I'm an astronomer and in my free time I like to play around with electronics and computer related things.


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    Intel Core i7 7700K
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    Asus ROG Strix Z270F Gaming
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    GSKILL Trident Z 16GB@3200MHz
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    Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti FE
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    Corsair Crystal 570X
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    250 GB Crucial BX100 SSD + 2TB Seagate HDD + 1TB WD Green
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    EVGA SuperNOVA G2 1000W
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    Asus VG248QE 24"
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    Custom loop
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    Corsair K70 RGB
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    Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum

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  1. Crypto? Maybe. Bitcoin? Hell no. Too many problems in its current form. Yep, and then you end up with things like this: https://cointelegraph.com/news/kraken-users-demand-refunds-over-flash-crash-liquidations
  2. Lol flash "crash". It's a 4% dip, for crypto that's hardly a crash. It's funny though. Besides this it has also caused a ton of margin trades being called I read, losing "adventurous" people (don't trade margine folks) a lot of money
  3. tikker

    Gold Boom

    It's very easy. We've done it in about a century. If it could feel the planet would probably be delighted if humans left.
  4. Not a website, but I like the book "Learn Python the Hard Way". Despite its title, it's a beginners book.
  5. Well yes, but that's up to you to control those urges. Not to say it's easy for everybody, but I have no issue not eating until I'm actually hungry. That takes time though. No one over eats lettuce because it's more than 90% water. It contains around 16 kcal per ~100 g. The recommended 2500 kcal per day for men would require you to eat (2500/16) * 0.1 kg = 15-16 kg of lettuce daily. Good luck with that Plant aren't nutritious compared to meat, which is extremely calorie dense in comparison. If I take the value here for steak you are at almost 300 kcal per 100 g, 20 times that of lett
  6. tikker


    So COD and BF (mostly BF I guess since COD seems to still have a compaign) are now just going to be yearly $80 battle royales for the next decade? I'll probably give this one a try. It looks nice, a bit of a weird inbetween of cartoon an realistic style.
  7. Who knows, maybe you'll be in the EU in the future. It's being discussed/negotiated for Bosnia to join apparently. Anyway, I'm not saying it's not easier in the EU. I'm simply being realistic. If there are no local or national ways for you to obtain it and you are not willing or able to pay the cost to import it, then that is the unfortunate end of it. Whether you like it or not you'll have to accept that those kind of cheap faux leather things will break down after a few years. As has been pointed out it's thin, fragile material that is not designed to last more than a few years. That's not e
  8. If local companies don't stock the relevant replacements and nothing else ships to you then that's unfortunately where the road ends. International shipping is expensive for everyone in every country. At that point it just comes down to how much you value replacing just the pads vs buying a new pair locally. P.S. people won't check your previous threads just to see if something ships to or is available for you. That's not to make you angry, it's just how forums operate. Signatures have more of a chance of being seen, but don't expect it to change much.
  9. I can really recommend it. It has its quirks, but Village takes the best entries of the series for me and combines them. The atmosphere of 1 with the gameplay of 4. I think (hope) they're setting up for an RE4 remake.
  10. Probably as much as you go out every day to forage your own veggies. I completely agree our farming practises have gotten out of hand to e.g. satisfy our hunger for those wonderfully delicious $1 McDonald's burgers. I did, and the emphasis is on exotic. That still doesn't imply that meat is bad for you. Things like mad cow disease are monitored and potentially infected meat discarded. Plenty of veggies we eat aren't good for us raw, but we don't scrutinize mushrooms or beans if they're properly handled and cooked. If we can say to not forage your own mushrooms unless you 100% know what
  11. Because you wrongfully claim meat is unhealthy, but as you later elaborate you meant our farming practises give rise to risky environments where pathogens can thrive. You have to be careful with wording, because things in this sentence are wrong: HIV cannot be transmitted through food [WHO] H1N1, doesn't spread through eating meat. It spreads from animal to human for the inital jump and person to person contact for the strain that resulted [CDC,WHO,Springer] COVID19 also has nothing to do with simply eating meat. It's specifically eating exotic animals (e.g. bats) t
  12. Binance is getting shadier every week... Now they're investigated for alleged insider trading and even credit cards don't work for deposits anymore after slowly removing every viable payment option for me. That's it, I'm moving house.


  13. Can't cure human stupidity unfortunately. Watching a single LTT review is as bad as watching any other single review and calling it a day. Yes, they have a big moral responsibility to try and give an objective review. The one click mentality is also why sponsors are great for companies. You'll see your favourite "influencer" cover it and hopefully go out and buy it afterwards. They did sponsored content for Nvidia showing off the 3090 for 8k gaming. Should we now instantly never believe any GPU reviews from them ever again? They have a big monetary incentive after all to keep getting sponsored
  14. I don't think you can define something to be a closed system. You can prove or disprove it, but you can't just define it as such. The Universe being a closed system makes sense though from criterion for being unaffected by the outside. As you say an infinite system has not "outside" after all. a is just 1 / (1+z), so we're saying the same thing here Yep, you're right. I refreshed my cosmology a bit and it does seem to cancel out with the other energies indeed. I deal with galaxies, which are "slighty" smaller scale my cosmology has faded over the years.