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    I am where used PC parts are.
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    Ryzen 7 3700x @4.375ghz @1.4V
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    Aus rog strix B550-A
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    Trident Z Neo rgb 3600mhz, ov to 3733mhz. cl 16-19-19-39
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    Asus rog strix 5700xt +50 core + 50 memery +10 power
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    Phanteks P500A Digital White
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    250gb Samsung 850 evo and 1tb Toshiba P1 hdd 5400rpm
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    Thermaltake toughpower 750w grand rgb
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    Asus 144hz 1080p, AOC 60hz 1080p, Oced to 75hz
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    Cooler master ml360rgb 360mm aio
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    Asus Rog Claymore
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    Asus Rog gladius II origin
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    Asus rog Theta 7.1
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    Windows 10 home 64bit
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    Asus vivobook 15
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    Samsung Galaxy A70
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  1. DDR= douple data rate. 800mhz=1600mhz No. it hs to be compatible with motherboard, but im 100% sure it will be compatible with your board
  2. False. you got it the other way around.
  3. for higher fps at 1080p rx 6800 is better than 3070
  4. yes it will. I have runned gtx 1060 3gb with 6pin connector with 240wpsu for 4 years and ran pretty well
  5. Okay. it only has 1x8gb ram Ask seller which exact ram it is (model, speed and latency). buying similar 8gb stick of ram will greatly improve gaming experience overll. Also 240gig HDD is very bad. Those games should fit on the drive, but i would get more storage later on.
  6. r9 380 is better than rx 550. r9 380 is as good as rx 560/ gtx 1050 if i remember correctly.
  7. r9 380 is better.... CSGO and minecraft will run nicely. GTA 5 might need dual channel ram (is the ram 1x8gb or 2x4gb?) or more ram to run better, but wil run decent enough. World of tanks will also run pretty nicely. Things to ask seller: What is the ram configuration? Are the drivers up to date? what powersupply is in it? What storage is there? Things to upgrade: Buy A SSD and clean install windows in it Buy more ram
  8. Drivers: Nvidia had more driver problems at start than AMD had on this generation. AMD also has better game optimization or atleast good one. since rx 580 once was little worse than gtx 1060, now it is better by noticable amount GDDR6X: That is why 3080 is better than 6800XT at 4k or up. but 6800XT is just little better than 3080 at 1080p and 1440p since the cores clock much higher.
  9. the formula gold is lttle better. both will be fine with your build.
  10. True AMD has poor availibility right now.
  11. well yes. mayby more like 3700x vs 9900k back in the days. You could get 3700x 25% cheaper and 5% worse gaming performance with the same workload performance. Of courxse we will have to see if b560 boards and 11400/11600k are decent. i feel like 11400/16600k will be only good value intel chips in the 11th gen. 11900k will be priced the same as 5900x, with 4 less cores and 8 less threads. 11700k seems like direct competitor to 5800x. Also AMD has the platform value right now. cheap b450/b550 with stock or cheap aftermarket cooler will do. At
  12. Does not seem that good IMO. only little better than 5800x on single core. probably will be more expensive chip. if it is cheaper than 5800x sure, but it probably will not be. I am kinda dissapointed with this intel generation. + it seems that 5800x has little better multicore. so this is probably going to be the situation between 3700x vs 9700k.
  13. probably not. full specs please. also latest gpu, chipset and bios? XMP on ram enabled?
  14. 1700x cant really run 4x8gb stick over 2666mhz. probably not. I cannot open the file.
  15. The ssd has veru slow write speeds anyway, it passed the test so no problem there. the cooling fan thing is odd. i would update the latest chipst and bios to see if the issue is still there. also when swithing systems like you, it is recommended to reinstall windows, since problems liek this may start happening