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  1. I don't really want to deal with returning the card, do I just go with the 710?
  2. I am buying a gpu for around 50-60€. I don't need anything crazy, but it won't hurt if it's good. This will be a replacement gpu 'till I can find a 6800 online. So I was searching Amazon and found this deal on Sxgyubt GTX 750 Ti for 55€. Is this a rip off? I also found a Coomir GTX 960 4GB for 56€. Is this a rip off? If these are rip offs, I'm going to go with Zotac GT 710 2GB for 58€.
  3. So I found that for both, B550M and B550 the first bios that supports Ryzen 5000 is 1.20, so hopefully I'm going to be able to at least boot to bios so I can update it
  4. No, the number that's printed on the motherboard is the bios revision, but I can't get into the bios since I didn't buy all the components yet.
  5. I recently bought a B550M Steel Legend and I want to pair it with r5 5600x, so I have to have at least bios 1.20. It says on my mobo that it's 1.10, but this mark has a black sharpie line over it. Does that mean that the information that it's 1.10 is false?
  6. I disabled momentum cache and now it's even faster
  7. so these are results after turning on momentum cache. It's not really different, I think you might be right and it's probably just a bug that keeps this feature turned on
  8. I just installed it after you asked if I have it installed and after I tested the speed