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  1. I'm not opposed to the idea of undervolting, but 1130mv is the lowest I can go without decreasing the core clock speed.
  2. LOL, is there really no option other than this? hahaha
  3. Here is my fan curve, my bad for not putting it in the post above. And i think 88°C is really hot.
  4. i was kinda looking into NZXT kraken G12 for cooling, is it even worth it?
  5. as you can see on the image attached, the max. rpm of the gpu fans reaches 3600 rpm.
  6. hahahaha, i live in the philippines and it's summer right now.
  7. But that temp. is WITH an ac. xD
  8. Good day everyone, as the title says my RX 570 temperature reaches 88℃ and forces my games to shutdown. It is overclocked at 1386mhz core clock at 1130mv with an aggressive fan curve. I can normally play in the evening when it is quite colder but can't during afternoon when the ambient temp. reaches +32℃. I've got 6 fans in the case already and removed the side panel but doesn't really affect the temperature that much. So what I'm asking is what can I do to reduce the gpu temperature so I can play during afternoon? Rather than the obvious undervolting and playing only at night.
  9. i was planning to do so but my case fans speed is only at 1100±10%, as for the cpu fans speed is at 700-2400 rpm.
  10. this is the cpu fan : it's a ygt cla4200 https://shopee.ph/CPU-COOLER-(CLA4200-PLUS-4-PIN)-WHITE-YGT-MOVING-LIGHT-4-HEATPIPES-i.76994263.3953443014, i think it doesn't have any manufacturers website. as for my case fans :a darkflash C6MS https://www.lazada.com.ph/products/darkflash-c6ms-3in1-pack-combo-aurora-spectrum-argb-5v3pin-fans-i1043032559.html
  11. Good day guys, I'm planning to buy this specific cpu fan http://imgur.com/2eOPVN7 for aesthetic purposes. But as the reviews says it's rgb fan is not programmable. So what i'm asking is what fan can I use to replace the cpu fan that can be synced to my case fans. I got already a 6 http://imgur.com/Rge81bw. And my case is a deepcool macube 110.
  12. Ok thanks, i'll try my best to update this if it all works out fine.
  13. It's an SF-600P12A korean 600w superflower. Is there any chance that it's not the cpu? Because it works fine, just without the gpu.
  14. I tried booting with gpu again, still no luck even after I uninstalled the gpu drivers. Now my pc won't boot again even without the gpu. I have to clear the cmos for it to works ( no guarantee of working, will be stuck at boot loop first ).
  15. Kinda update to this, my pc turns on but without the gpu. And it takes a lot of POST before it gets to work.