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    Gaming, programming, editing, diy
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  • CPU
    I7 3770
  • Motherboard
    Dell 0yxt71
  • RAM
    16gb ddr3 4x4 1666mhz
  • GPU
    Sapphire nitro plus rx 470 4gb
  • Case
    Generic front grill rgb case
  • Storage
    1tb and 250 gb baracuda hdd
  • PSU
    Thermal take tier2 600
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    Viewsonic 19 inch led 720p
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    Akasa heatsink lga 1155
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    Access-is mechanical keyboard cherry mx black
  • Mouse
    Logitech g102
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    Monitor speakers
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    Windows 10 pro 64 pro
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    Tecno cammon 12 air

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  1. sry it was ( so i want to know why gigabyte added this feature like i have the maximum support cpu i7 3rd but i7 3rd has max speed of 1666 mhz ram but why h77 have ram oc it will crash the system if the cpu doesnt support
  2. hello i have a gigabyte h77 d3h motherboard in my PC with i7 3rd with 3 sticks of 1333mhz rams and one Stick of 1666mhz ram total 16gb so i want why gigabyte added this feature like i7 3rd is the least thing for this mobo and that CPU max support 1666mhz ram so plz tell me can i oc my ram to 1888 MHz ddr3 or my system crash
  3. hello guyz i bought thje game today i have 30 days for returning so tel me what sould i do cuz i scene very bad hate and little bit good things found in internet of this gam,e also i saw its gameplay it was good but i want to know what should i do i own bf which i like but i was shifiting to new bf and thingking what should i do now wait or just download and play omg (90 GB download!!!)
  4. if the cpu is going to like 80 to 90 on every single task then its time other than else nope no need of it
  5. If there is any update of the gane then also can be issue
  6. Then it is the game issue so be fair set that experience as normal with you and play or delete the game thats it broo i dont think it is your hardware issue ( maybe try reinstalling windows i think you have ssd like obviously you have )
  7. I didn't ever played warcraft but i saw this game issue is its big in download size but from your question and experience i willl say it will be unoptimized game or like unoptimized for your system also if your gpu max temps is around 80 to 90 degrees then it will be thermal throttling issue and if cpu has more than 100 degree of capacity then it can be gpu issue check it throught msi afterburner Tip if it is thermal throttling go to msi afterburner settings and go to fans option and select manual fan curve and set the graph line to 0% to 100% as like a slop in increasing like 0 to 100%
  8. Aeiiiii mine also supra with big turbo 1000hp broooo
  9. Bro just wait till i customized my case and it look lit not shit
  10. Ok i will test and check basically i am getting experience in all things freelancing and web development so i have to be financially well i am 16 now so i want my high end pc in at least 20 years of age or dead line is 22 thats it
  11. Nope bro its not broken i was cleaning it and i am going to do custo things on this case also i will never go to intel cuz i am done with it my lastest choice will be ryzen 5 1500x or 2600 And its not trasg bro its is close to my heart liek your rig is close to your heart
  12. If you have an ssd i will 100% recommend to reset or install new fresh windows i was getting 60 to 70 fps in battlefield and cod warzone and others game i have i7 3rd and rx470 in my rig but when i reinstall windows or i say i accidentally removed kali linux and system got crroupted so there is no second thing to do so i reinstalled and omg getting not even single lag and fetting 80 to 85 fps cuz there is a major reason hdd is f***ed by all type of program when using it for 1 year and intense and it is a good practice and security to reinstall new windows even if your system is updated it is g
  13. Country: pakistan Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: gaming,editing, photoshop, multitasking (like installing a game then using chrome then playing game??) Other details i built my is pc and it took me around 1 year till i just added ssd in my system now i want to know how much time it will last for me to make money And also how much time till it will be like as same as core 2 duo system you know wut i mean Specs : i7 3770 oc to 4.2 single core i know in task manager but it is 3.7 ghz on all cores which is default 16 gb ddr3 t