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    Life long martial artist and recent gamer
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  1. Lived like a troll, died like a legend


    never forgetti



  2. RIP



    It's unfortunate that I won't be able to have my day brightened by the rantings and ravings of an old man using the internet for the first time...

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    2. iLostMyXbox21
    3. iLostMyXbox21


      He’s prolly on his couch thinking “it’s cause those kids were doing illegal things on my post”

    4. imreloadin


      Holy shit, Linus himself came to pay his respects to our fallen comrade xD


  3. godtier.jpg.e86dbe814ccaec0ccf81a42360692e0c.jpgThis is scrappy doo. He cheers up people. Have a nice day!

    1. King Poet

      King Poet


      Reported for trying to lowkey summon dark web Shaggy.

  4. GG bro 🤣

  5. drinklime

    My Grandma needs tech support

    Linus Posted a video on recovering a hard drive, but if you follow the instructions you will lose all your data. So don't watch it. You will have to hire the company in the video instead, which makes me think it may have been some kind of viral video advertisement.
  6. what CPU's did you try and did you try both cpu's with both motherboards ? that is 4 combinations and only 1 stick of ram (try different stick each time) do not run the CPU without ram it will not suffice
  7. I just said I don't post my face online and why would I fill my pockets with silverware at a restaurant?
  8. Don't panic you can sell them if you are in financial trouble. Don't fight back on the mouse you have to try another one and another keyboard (or just unplug them)
  9. Dont doubt anything this is a full investigation you have to follow all leads.
  10. Your mother is wise, I got harrassment online that is why I never show my face, anyone could pin you for a mugger. It bears no advantage and it places you at risk. People are so offended at my posts that they started to phone my house telephone.
  11. drinklime

    Why is system32 accessable?

  12. Don't worry about fying that is the devil on the left shoulder. You just need to concentrate and you will solve it. You must have missed a part somewhere. Also what you said is impossible. So there must be a solution nearby.
  13. I did PC repair. I would do an interview but my answer would be: Do not become a PC repairman. It's better to become a System Administrator. They are more advanced and bring home more bacon.
    1. drinklime


      What is there to explain I Made peace with fishingtime years ago, he runs a club called Biking for Jesus now

    2. King Poet

      King Poet

      o0o neat. Congrats.

    3. drinklime
  14. I pay LifeLock to protect my details and I have yet to have an issue but my nephew warned me not to use a credit card online or on a pump