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  1. Way to just take half of my quote and run with it... I said: Meaning if that is what you care about first and foremost then that's something you're not going to compromise on. Obviously, your use case is more niche than that of most people considering the only pieces of software I've heard of on that list are Outlook and Lightroom. All you did was support my argument in the end however because that means software compatibility is above freedom on the list of things you're not willing to compromise on, hence you use Windows. As I stated, if freedom was your number one on thi
  2. I'm sorry but Microsoft has always been "my way or the highway" not sure where these people have been. Anyone who has ever bothered to read their EULA knows this. Windows has never been "yours" it's just been licensed to you by Microsoft. If your entire argument is based around freedom then you should be on Linux because that's what you get there, absolute freedom. There have always been caveats so I'm not sure what the big deal is.
  3. I'm guessing this is because Teams is not integrated into the OS so it enables that functionality.
  4. The snowflakes are offended by how people use language correctly I guess? Always trying to make shit political for some reason.
  5. Quit trying to politicize something that's not political? It's how grammar works lmao I mean I get it if you went to school 40 years ago or something but then they also believed in things like not allowing women to open bank accounts and shit and I'm sure you're ok with that now...weird hill to die on but whatever
  6. Someone needs to educate themselves... https://www.thesaurus.com/e/grammar/they-is-a-singular-pronoun/
  7. It finally happened...Den was the only person on here that I followed.



  8. Been using this for almost 7 years now and haven't had any issues whatsoever. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00QZLV03O/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o09_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  9. When you win an SSD from @Den-Fi but receive this in the mail...




    1.   Show previous replies  1 more
    2. imreloadin


      Yep definitely got it😁

    3. Moonzy


      7 minutes ago, FakeKGB said:

      Did you?

      SSD prob on the inside

    4. imreloadin


      23 minutes ago, Moonzy said:

      SSD prob on the inside


  10. How long did you leave the CMOS battery out? Pull the laptop battery and CMOS battery out and then press and hold the power button for 15 seconds and then leave the batteries out overnight. In the morning just put them back in and boot into BIOS and see what happens.
  11. Either an '03/'04 Ford Mustang Cobra or a '98 Toyota Supra
  12. If it requires physically swapping the individual flash chips then it's not really "upgradeable".
  13. When your doctor says you should get the Covid vaccine because you're extremely vulnerable to it but then tells you that you need to make an appointment in order for him to take two minutes to fill out the single page form for you to get it and the "soonest" he can get you in for that is the END of May...


    Yet people say that American's shouldn't do socialized healthcare because it would create "rationing" of care😑

    1. lewdicrous


      There are ways to find available vaccines near you, right?

    2. imreloadin


      Not without that single page form filled out...

  14. Sorry but if it reduced accidents by 48% then it sounds like the job was being done rather unsafely before hand...