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  1. You must be one of those climate change deniers to have that level of doesn't give a shit...
  2. My original comment was in regards to Bitcoin being a blight on our environment. All of that energy used and wasted solely for some electric fiat currency. I never mentioned blockchain, not sure why you decided to get all up in arms against me with that... Also in regards to your GTA comment, people aren't out buying dozens of GPUs to play GTA 24 hours a day now are they? That comparison is completely nonsensical. This is the type of thing I'm talking about regarding cryptocurrency: https://digiconomist.net/bitcoin-energy-consumption/ The energy e
  3. It's 220 million dollars NOW. He got them in 2011 when the price fluctuated around 1 USD per bitcoin.
  4. Since when do you build computers in a Computer Science degree program? That shit is all math and programming
  5. As has been mentioned, Ryzen CPUs are soldered so there is no point to delidding as they don't use thermal paste. Intel CPUs are the ones that need delidding.
  6. Open up Event manager and take a look at the system and application errors. Also post your system specs: CPU, GPU, PSU, RAM, are any overclocked, etc.
  7. Well shit you might as well load up XP if that's your mentality
  8. That's all the proof I need. Fuck covid and the previous election, congress needs to get on this asap!
  9. It's about time parents of toddlers around the world stopped letting them freeload and make them get out there and earn their own Gerber mashed carrots!
  10. It never will be in my opinion. The network isn't very fast in processing transactions so it's never going to take the place of companies like Mastercard or Visa or be as commonly used. It's relegated itself to an existence as a "commodity" in the loosest sense of that word.
  11. Speculation, that's all it ever is. If people see it going up then they'll believe it will keep going up, which in turn causes more people to believe it will go up. Only when they start getting worried and selling will the prices crash again.
  12. That moment when your neighbor's house has 14 cars parked at it during a pandemic...


    God I fucking hate Florida.