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    NZXT Noctis 450
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  1. Zotac has the worst customer support so far.

    Sure, and they'd probably do that, after he's followed the system they have set up for his country.
  2. Please List all the SUV's in North America

    Yet you list 4Runners and Hummers
  3. Transit

    I wonder if Translink will adopt those fully electric buses they're testing. Interesting technology.
  4. Upgrading an AM4 Mobo

    It won't make older CPUs unrecognizable. That'd make absolutely no sense.
  5. Engine Swap?

    Seems like a very stupid idea As others have said anything is possible but....why? You'd get more performance out of a V8.
  6. Please List all the SUV's in North America

    You completely missed BMW, Audi, Mercedes....
  7. What's you budget? Don't bother with the Alcatel phones. They're utter shit.
  8. Oled and 120hz

    No way. You need 8k, 240hz, and RGB lights strobing everywhere.
  9. I don't see it happening, mostly because there are a lot of companies that would stand to lose a lot of money, and when that's possibility, such things are stifled; whether or not they're better for everyone.
  10. Cheap 4K tv

    There isn't really much HDR content, so I wouldn't worry about HDR on a TV. Make sure it's not a completely shit unit; some cheap TVs have awful color, and aren't worth anything TBH. The 49" is a much better deal, and about as small as I'd want to go for a TV. Good find though!
  11. NAS part list

    Use PCPartPicker. No one wants to open attachments.
  12. British members! A question.

    Haha, definitely won't have an issue with height. I have always wanted to go on a double decker bus though, so that'd be cool. There's one out here for Strathcona County but I don't want to get stuck out there. Haha, why do they need tables?! That's insane. Are buses pretty frequent out there?
  13. Corrosion on X370-F

    That looks hideous. It's definitely a manufacturing defect. I can't see them giving you a hard time about that.
  14. Corrosion on X370-F

    If you have your receipt it shouldn't be too hard. If the CS person says no, ask to talk to a manager. If he says no, go for the store manager. Once you go that high, you'll usually get what you want. Not necessarily because you're right, but because they don't want to deal with you