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    Intel 7600k
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    Corsair Vengeance 16GB 2400mhz
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    Nvidia GTX 980 Founders Edition
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  1. I'd also look into a SATA SSD. You'll generally get way more capacity, especially over a 970 Evo, and I highly doubt you'd notice a speed difference in daily use.
  2. I've thought about building a rig just to fold or do some other kind of computational work like that but....I've never gotten around to it. One day.
  3. Then you can probably do just fine with a 3600. With the money saved, get a larger SSD. If you only have a 250GB drive, it'll be filled before you know it.
  4. SD865 has some impressive camera improvements.

  5. The Evo 212 will likely not be good enough. AMD recommends an AIO. The last time they recommended an AIO it was because they're chips got so hot they'd melt motherboards. I'd probably get at least a 250w air cooler, or an AIO. Don't cheap out on the cooling. If you can't afford it now, wait.
  6. Better for what? You never mentioned what the rig is for. Also, I wouldn't pay that much for a 250GB SSD.
  7. I bet they just bought the FlexPai stock, rebranded it, and will sell it at a "loss", in a way to launder drug money. Pretty smart. At least this way it's somewhat legitimized. Their marketing is...interesting to say the least. Nothing like some see through bras to say "I'm a serious business."
  8. Phone SoCs performance wise are rather nothing. I'm always more interested in the other advancements that come along with the new chipsets, like the much larger fingerprint sensors. Plus two finger authentication will be a nice added touch. It's odd how there's no integrated 5G on the 865, yet there will be on the 765...a midtier chip. Also, Qualcomm is apparently only offering the X55 with the 865...so flagship will be more power hungry than last year. Looks like a year to skip unless the 865 offers enough energy savings to offset the additional modem. The 8k video capture and image processing are nice improvements. Coverage has nothing to do with the advancement to 5G...different parties. Haha why is it annoying? I much prefer the 18:9 aspect ratio. I highly doubt the gap will ever get that big. The SD chips can easily handle everything thrown at them today. They've always been behind Apple's silicone. Perfecting 4g, perhaps, but they have nothing to do with rollout. That's a carrier problem. It's better to be ahead of the curve than have people saying "we need faster speeds!" and the tech not being ready. Who has a 3" screen? No one's pushed to 4k except Sony on a phone. 1440p is better for larger displays when reading text, and there are people that can tell the difference.
  9. I don't think she's the hugest fan of being on camera lol
  10. You'll get nothing from simply emailing them. You'll also get nothing by talking to frontline staff. You have to go higher up.
  11. Wow. I think this is the first time I've seen you ask an actually well thought out question that's not something bizarre. Congrats If it's an area you frequent I'd ask for a discount on the bill. If it really bothers you, I'd switch providers. How long is long term?
  12. There's no way Linus is beating MK at sub count.

  13. I haven't watched the video but just the title annoys me lol They're simply too large to be considered better.
  14. I'd wait. We're on the cusp of a lot of things coming out and your setup is still quite strong. Have you tried overclocking the CPU?