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  1. I wonder how much of California will burn this year.

    1. aisle9


      The question at this point is how much of it won't burn this year.

    2. dizmo


      Haha, yeah. It's getting awfully close to some larger cities in LA. Should be interesting if they can stop it or not.

    3. Grumpy Old Man

      Grumpy Old Man

      Pretty likely less than 99.99%, but even one percent is TOO MUCH !!!

  2. Haha, yeah. People love to ride AMD, as if they've never had availability problems at any of their launches Not all. I do it from time to time if I know there will be demand, like when OnePlus used to make you get invites to buy their phones. I bought 4 of the original OnePlus phones and made about $250 off of each. Same thing with the PS4 launch. I mean...the definition of MSRP tells you part of the reason. Suggested retail price. Even the stores that had limits in place ran out of stock pretty quickly. That wouldn't have stopped people from being unable to get the cards. Most retailers sites would have crashed regardless of having limits, since they're not made to withstand that much demand. It's basically like Black Friday.
  3. Heat isn't the same as cool.
  4. They're not randomly selected. They choose the ones they think are best. Putting in more entries isn't going to help you, and frankly, if they see you've put in 45 entries and it's only slightly better than a person who tried really hard on one entry, they might take the person that put in that one entry. No one likes spam.
  5. As have I. If that's how it works, that's a really poorly laid out supply chain.
  6. Or, we could go with reviews. People that have experience testing hardware. My numbers provided below are based on 1440p performance. 1080Ti SLI Didn't work, or had severe issues in almost half the titles tested. Other titles saw an average of a 50% increase. Some were significantly lower. Of the 25 titles tested, only 2 showed greater than 60% scaling, and one was a synthetic benchmark. https://babeltechreviews.com/gtx-1080-ti-sli-performance-25-games/3/ 1080Ti vs 3080 Most titles see a 70% - 100% increase over the 1080Ti. Since SLI only gives you an average performance increase of 50%, no, 1080Ti SLI does not offer equal performance to the 3080...and that's when SLI is working well. That's ignoring the roughly 50% of titles it doesn't work in or has issues with. https://babeltechreviews.com/rtx-3080-arrives-ampere-performance-revealed-35-games-benchmarked/4/ So, is SLI an improvement? Sure, if it works. But it's nowhere near what you claim.
  7. ...that's not really how store stock works.
  8. Asking for monitor suggestions is pointless if you're not going to give us specs you want As for the PC, @Mister Woof pretty much nailed it.
  9. Bestbuy probably wasn't a top tier seller, so they wouldn't have been highest on the list to receive stock. October should see significant gains in stock levels. Just wait.
  10. Ahhh joy, more conspiracy drivel. Yes, they had stock issues at launch. Yes, it sold out. Happens pretty much every launch. There's already been many, many news articles on this, and GN did an excellent video on availability and why it's so low; the demand has been outstanding. Which makes sense, tons of people have been waiting for this card, and tons of people are now stuck at home making it an even more tempting purchase. Include issues with customs and products made overseas, and you've got another bottleneck. Nvidia certainly doesn't look worse. At least not to themselves, and not to investors. If Joe Blow wants to complain about how the card isn't available at launch, sure that's unfortunate; wait a few weeks. It's not life and death. They also didn't misrepresent their cards. There are titles that see 2x improvement. To think that goes across every single title is asinine. I highly doubt Nvidia cares about the consoles. It's an entirely different segment. They only started mass production in August. Even if it was thousands a day, say 6, that's only 270,000 cards. That's not much. Apparently their process is pretty strong. So, I don't buy that either; it's probably from the same people just spouting off that it's 8nm so it sucks, ignoring the fact that it's a custom process. I don't think they under produced; that doesn't make sense from any kind of business aspect. Especially since it's at launch, where you have the best chance to sell through whatever you produce. Air freight, especially now, is extremely expensive. Ship is of course cheaper, but you're looking at a month to three month wait.
  11. Performance with CPUs doesn't take as much of a hit as GPUs. It wasn't until the last couple of years that that CPU wouldn't be within spitting distance of the newest offerings, plus some people don't want to/can't afford to upgrade their entire kit to run new stuff so buying an older, top tier CPU makes more sense.
  12. 1995 - 2004, and 20011 - 2017. Mostly for cold weather states, but it covers half of them, so unless you can 100% verify that the truck was only a Cali truck it's worth looking into. I know the US has a huge problem with flood salvage vehicles being given unbranded titles and sold in states on the west coast, so it wouldn't surprise me if these made their way there too.
  13. Not really helpful, but personally if I was doing anything like that, I'd do it properly: back up all data to another location, wipe everything, start fresh, bring the data back over.
  14. There's something oddly satisfying about clearing a clogged toilet.

    ...however, now I must begin the cleanup.

    Thanks, roommate's dad and/or brother.

  15. "Can be" being the key phrasing. They can also be a total nightmare. My dad was a mechanic at Ford for decades. He wouldn't buy one. Dodge pickups are great powertrain wise but tend to fall apart in other places. The real old ones are beauties though. Tundras are nice but they too had the frame issue. It's really not something you should ignore. It'll destroy the truck. The main frame rusts, and buckles in on itself. Haha, I'm the opposite. I hate manuals. Since COVID I've been plotting a future LS build mated to a BMW DCT transmission.