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  1. first time gun buying

    Take a look at the Smith and Wesson SDVE. It's a pretty decent, budget weapon. Don't go for bottom of the barrel guns. You want something a little more reliable than that. Sure, except for the much stricter licensing and the fact that they're about 40x to 80x his budget...
  2. Intel revisits 22nm amidst 14nm shortage

    It didn't. They were planning to have 10nm out, so the chipsets would be produced on the older 14nm node. Yet, that didn't happen. So they have both chipsets and chips on the same node, which is too straining on their resources.
  3. do i need any upgrades?

    Add a 1TB SSD, though I'd just wait for Black Friday and grab something then. Other than that it's not bad. Maybe swap out the 7600k for a 6700k/7700k if you can find one for a good price.
  4. Try pushing down on the monitor while you're loosening the screw. Or, find something to pry the stand up as you loosen the screws. Have you tried just giving the mount a good tug? Are you sure the screws are still engaged?
  5. Building a PC

    It's a good card, and it might be bottlenecked slightly by the processor. It's not a good platform, however if you already have it and you're on a budget it's not the absolute worst thing in the world.
  6. Mx master 2s for gaming

    I hated the original MX Master for gaming. Didn't get nearly sensitive enough for me. It also didn't have the real feel of a mouse used for gaming; it's more about comfort. That said, mice are very personal and you might have a completely different experience. Welcome to the forum.
  7. mini-ITX Motherboards

    To be fair, depending on the board you get, you might have the same number of M.2 and USB ports, and perhaps even SATA (never really bother looking as I don't use more than one or two drives).
  8. I don't think it's accurate at all. My friends that buy 1080Ti's keep the cards for years. People that truly have too much cash to burn don't spend money frivolously. They plan upgrades and keep cards longer. The x70 also seems rather insane. I don't think anyone keeps a midrange card that long. You missed the xx80 series. The high end card most people buy.
  9. Price estimate

    Check your local classifieds. Compare pricing. Price accordingly. Sell. Profit.
  10. should i update from 391.35

    To have the most up to date version. It improves some games. If you play them, might make it a better experience.
  11. What to do with Fried M.2 Drive?

    That doesn't make much sense. It has a 3 year warranty with Samsung.
  12. BEST BUY wont sell you a Google Pixel 2

    Why wouldn't you just wait a month and buy it when it goes on discount after the new one is released?
  13. Are You a Computer Expert? Take This Quiz!

    Haha, hurray for 66. Never used Linus, likely never will.
  14. Best Monitor Stand

    Why don't you just get two stands? It makes worlds more sense and you'll have the ability to mount them in a better position. Putting them on one arm is seriously limiting.