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  • Birthday Feb 02, 2007

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    MS-DOS Guy#0787
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    MS-DOS Guy

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    Tampa, Florida
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    I like audio. I like programming in C#, Java, C ( only compiler for GBA I could find was for C :P ) and C++. I am applying for a job as a game developer and currently am a indie game developer releasing my first commercial game project although I have made games before and have commercially released projects before to publishers and as a individual. I sometimes make cryptography tools with said programming knowledge. I know a bit of back end programming so naturally I have a little bit of networking knowledge which I like to take advantage of alot. Besides programming and listening to classical music, I game seldomly.
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    i7 3770k @4.5 OC
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    Asrock Xtreame6 Z77 Mobo
  • RAM
    16gb 8x2 generic green pcb probably chinese set of ram clocked at 1600
  • GPU
    GTX 1070 FE ( might side mount it with a riser )
  • Case
    NZXT H510 Black
  • Storage
    2TB Dell SAS drive w/ a LSI megaraid controller ( plan on getting another 2tb drive in RAID 0 :P ), 500gb Crucial MLC sata ssd
  • PSU
    Corsair CX600M
  • Display(s)
    Spectre 1920x1080 75hz
  • Cooling
    CoolerMaster MasterLiquid ML240L RGB V2, EK GPU waterblock I got for a good price with a 240mm rad 2x corsair af120 fans with a soft tubing custom loop and the extake fan is some RGB Corsair fan I got for a good price
  • Keyboard
    Ibm model m custom bolt modded and new pbt keycaps
  • Mouse
    Logitech G502
  • Sound
    CM MH751 + Philips SHP 9500, AR Turntable ( I know, I know ), AIWA F660 Cassette Deck ( I'm into some old sound formats what can I say :P ), Yahama CR-220 Reciever w/ Infinity Primus 150 Bookshelf Speakers
  • Operating System
    Windows 10

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  1. I got Titanfall 2 for $9.00, Dishonored for $3, Hunt Showdown for 20 bucks and Mount and Blade Bannerlord for 40 bucks
  2. In my menu, I have a "#" symbol which moves absolute to the CursorPosition(xcoord, ycoord). Depending on the case switch ( e.g uparrow or downarrow key ) the xcoord will move. The ycoord is a constant, since this is a menu and not a player moving on a map within a game for instance it is not necessary. Now, xcoord decrements by 10 when the uparrow is activated and increments by 10 units when the down arrow is activated. However, I have to make a system that detects when the xcoord is at a certain position since I don't want the user to be able to infinitely go down or up on the buffer screen.
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    2. InMiseryWeSeekPancakes


      @firelighter487 Have you seen how many keyboards I have lol? 

      I don't need anymore! I actually just want to know your opinon on it since a buddy of mine actually wants one and you have one. 

            Firstly, do you have the blue, red, brown or cherry mx speed varient of the keyboard? 

    3. Ashley MLP Fangirl

      Ashley MLP Fangirl

      i have the version with brown switches. 


      i will say this though, i've only ever owned 2 mechanical keyboards. this one and a K65 with red switches, so i don't know a lot about them. 

    4. InMiseryWeSeekPancakes


       Fair enough :)  


  3. Also, that 500gb m.2 ssd isn't really worth it if your gonna get a 1tb sata ssd, there's only noticeable performance in certain applications. Either get a 500gb m.2 ssd and those hard drives or a 1tb sata ( which I recommend ) and those hdd's.
  4. 1. It would be better to go quad channel if your motherboard supports it 2.If you can, liquid. 3. Pcpartpicker.com can determine your wattage for all the listed componuts, all you have to simply have to do is make your build and it will give you the needed credentials however right of the bat it looks like your system will probably draw 800w when playing games or doing any intensive work so I would get a 900w psu or even 1000w if you plan on doing sli in the future. Remember to not cheap out on psu's though, get a good 80+ certified one. You can cheap out on a
  5. Yeah, I've been using that setup for ages and it runs completely fine, on idle it probably draws just as much as a high end system on idle, and regular usage is basically fine, no proprietary wall outlet's, a standard 750/650w 80+ psu works like a charm. I even became generous and I put a gtx 280 1 gb and overclocked it to 770mhz and 1340mhz memory clock, that shows to prove how much headroom I had for overclocking despite the "MASSIVE power consumption", if your running a much bigger server such as something like Linus's or even bigger than quite frankly, power consumption would
  6. quick question: you don't actually use msx right? 

  7. InMiseryWeSeekPancakes


    That looks delicious
  8. But you would probably want to spend that extra 100 bucks on ram, also some tasks could be valued with some cpu backbone but @Electronics Wizardy has a good point, I would spend alot of that money on ram.
  9. You can get an Xeon x5660 ( 6c/12t ) for around $20.00 USD / 17.63 Euro, It uses one of the classic lga 1366 socket motherboards and those are also additionally cheap. I made this build not to long ago... CPU: x2 Intel Xeon x5660 @4.0GHZ ( overclocked ) RAM: 16GB DDR3 1600MHZ NON ECC RAM MB: SuperMicro X8DTL-IF Dual LGA1366 ( you can find them everywhere on ebay and there ridiculously cheap ) GPU: Onboard IGPU STORAGE: 3TB Western Digital Blue 7200rpm, 1TB Seagate Barracuda 7200rpm COOLING: Noctua NH-D9DX i4 3U
  10.       Y'know, I'm not really a sorta watch kinda guy. I don't like hats, glasses, necklaces, or any additional, unnecessary wearables of any sort. But I swear to fuck, this nixie watch is the fucking bomb. 



    except for this...1833698101_ScreenShot2018-11-22at2_54_19PM.png.5bf6019af8f0d0aaca12d73ff879abb0.png...





    yeah no. 

  11. was going to get a i7 2600k as my main pc but I'm just going to use my server with my xeon I guess for now and plop in my gtx 280 later into it. 

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    2. InMiseryWeSeekPancakes


              Besides, the price to performance ratio on the i7 2600k compared to the xeon chip is actually impressive. 

      You can't find an i7 2600k ( 4c/8t ) for under $100 bucks anywhere while an Intel Xeon x5660 ( 6c/12t ) is easily found for under $30.00 USD. 

                Currently I'm benchmarking my server running cinebench, passmark, 3dmark and also overclocking it and i've gotten it to go to 4.0GHZ which is pretty nice considering the base clock for this sucker is 2.80GHZ which shows that this processor is very diverse and spacious regarding clock speed. And for $30 bucks maximum as for the price of the cpu this is easily remarkable. 

    3. NoxiousOdor
    4. NoxiousOdor


      I will always be a fan of the x58 xeons

  12. Yes, unfortunately I've had one of these *cough* absolute blasphemous abominations of mankind. >macbook early 2008 >macbook mid 2007