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  1. I don't know what he talking about. Who are these cloud people? Alien?
  2. You meant people already in the heaven?
  3. Good choice my brother. Stock AMD cooler can handle mid overclock fine too.
  4. Because doctors will lose $$$ without tobacco products and same with the government and tobacco company.
  5. But e cigar is the solution to heavy tobacco smokers. Nicotine gum and patch don't work all the time. One of the reasons why the government is so strict on e cigar is because e cigar could impact tobacco economy.
  6. Job Stock market trading Sell your kidney. I think your kidney worth up to $50k? Sell your soul to Satan. At least it comes with a few toys like Kanye West said.
  7. I hate waking up early in the morning because it does remind me my high school bus waiting time where you have to wake up like 5AM in the morning feel like you are on drugs then walking down the street like you are in The Walking Dead tv show.
  8. School shooters and terrorists also want their rifle to be like an IPhone too.
  9. vlc-record-2019-01-20-19h04m24s-Tom and Jerry - Episode 87 - Downhearted Duckling (1953).mp4 HD.mp4 HD.mp4 HD-.mp4